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Gift Cards

Using a Target Apple Gift Card

By April 1, 2022April 14th, 2022No Comments

Here are some practical tips and solutions on how to use an Apple gift card from Target for top deals latest trends on iPad, AirPods, and accessories.

You can buy Apple gift cards in Target stores. Use that Apple gift cards for for the Apple store, iTunes, iPhone, iPad, or other Apple products and services.

And you can get free Apple gift cards on Swagbucks. Get free Apple gift cards for online surveys, playing games, watching videos, and other online activities.

Featured Products

An Apple gift card can easily be the perfect solution for buying Apple devices like AirPods, Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPads. If you’re going to use a gift card app store purchase for iTunes, iPhone, iPad, AirPods, you may be able to use it for music, movies, TV shows. It’s a good idea to read guest ratings reviews beforehand. Before running out and trying to use it wherever the Apple emblem appears, understand an Apple gift card may only be used at specific locations or Apple properties. These include:

  • The Apple Store
  • The Apple Online Store–website only
  • The Apple Store app
  • Sometimes in the App Store

An Apple gift card isn’t accepted for all purchases via the Apple App Store. So, it’s best to first make sure the specific app in question accepts the gift card as payment. However, an iTunes gift card may be used for Apple-based digital content purchased through the App Store, including apps, games, music, movies, TV.

Many reputable retailers selling Apple products want to continue their contracts with Apple since the merchandise is a strong pull for Apple’s loyal customer base. Instead of heading to an Apple Store location, or using the Apple Store app, visit a Target store. Target often offers significant price breaks and sales on their gift cards. And the Apple gift card is included in those special purchase opportunities.

Can I Use a Target Gift Card to Buy Apple Gift Card?

You cannot use a Target gift card to buy other gift cards. But, you can use the Target RedCard for your Apple gift card and product purchases.

By selecting the Red Card as a payment option, cardholders receive an instant 5% off all their purchases through or Target stores. Target customers can also purchase up to eight Apple gift cards in a single purchase.

More to Consider

There are rules and limitations to consider when buying a gift card anywhere, including a well-established and popular retailer like Target. One major limitation is that a Target gift card may not be used to purchase an Apple gift card or any other gift card. You can also only get the 5% Red Card savings on gift cards if you use your Red Card or other approved Target credit option as payment.

How Can I Save Money on Apple Products at Target and Elsewhere?

There are also other ways to save money on Apple products and Apple gift cards at Target and other retailers.

1. Wait for the annual sales.

Target has an annual gift card sale. This once-a-year deal offers 10% off the regular price of their gift cards, but they set a $500 purchase limit. That results in a $50 savings if you buy in bulk.

2. Let Apple take the bite.

The Apple Store makes it clear they don’t price match. But if you show a sales representative a better deal elsewhere on one of their in-store products, they will sometimes knock 10% off the price right then and there.

3. Sign up for discount programs.

Apple and other stores offer special discount rates to students, teachers, government employees, and often military members, medical workers, and other first responders. Many retailers also accept AARP discounts or offer discounts for seniors. Always check with the Apple gift card app and other reputable gift card apps, even those in the Apple Store app, to see if those discounts are honored. Even if you cannot purchase Apple Store gift cards through most apps, you can still get iTunes cards for digital goods like Apple Music and Apple Arcade.

In Conclusion

Gift cards are always a practical and often appreciated gift, especially when it comes to specific interests, needs, and high-tech goods and services. But always look for the deals. They’re out there and easy to snatch up. They’re just waiting for their next target.

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