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Gift Cards

How to Check Your Target Gift Card Balance

By March 31, 2022April 15th, 2022No Comments

A Target gift card can be just like cash-in-hand, so knowing how much you’re working with is essential. Fortunately, it’s easy to check your Target gift card balance to avoid unexpected or stressful situations later. And, since a gift card is just like money, you’ll want to protect those funds.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are currently among the easiest, most appreciated, and most affordable gift solutions. Popular gift card options can range from Amazon gift cards to Visa gift cards and everything in between.

Target gift cards are at the top of the list in popularity for those who buy gift cards and those who want to find great deals.

Buying a Target gift card can be done in a snap, either in-store or on But you don’t always have to purchase a Target gift card. In fact, sometimes you can get one or several for free. How can you do that?

Tip: You can get free Target gift cards on the free rewards app Swagbucks. Get free Target gift cards for online surveys, playing games, using coupons, watching videos, and other online activities.

1. Shop at Target

Target’s known for posting special deals and promos in-store and online, and some of their biggest promotions offer a free Target gift card just for completing purchases on specific items. Check your favorite Target stores or visit their website for the current deals and the relevant promotion expiration date.  

2. Join Survey and Reward Programs 

Certain sites and apps like Fetch, InboxDollars, ShopKick, and Swagbucks offer their members free gift cards just for participating on the sites. For example, you can earn a free Target gift card for doing simple tasks such as signing up with a free account on the sites, doing specific tasks and surveys, playing games, purchasing special items at particular stores, and scanning barcodes. 

You’ll always want to make sure the Target gift card is activated and confirm its balance before attempting to redeem it at a Target location or online. If your Target gift card is not activated or you discover the balance is incorrect, contact Target customer service or speak to a representative in-store. You won’t need the original receipt for this, but you will need the gift card in question. Likewise, if you receive the gift card from a website or app and the Target gift card balance is incorrect, contact the customer service department immediately. 

Check Gift Card Balances Carefully

A gift card works just like cash does at a specific retailer or vendor. So you should always check your Target gift card balance before using it, at least the first time. After that, you should be able to redeem the entire amount your gift card is worth. But there are a few common reasons you might not be able to access all the money the card claims to hold. 

Note: For a Target Visa gift card balance, follow up with information printed on the back of the card.

1. Someone tampered with the card.

Gift cards are treated like money in-store and on websites that accept the cards for payment. If someone gets access to your activated gift card, they can easily save the numbers and use the card online for their own purchase. Even if it’s not accessed by someone you know, a hacker can potentially get the numbers if you’re not careful. So keep your gift cards safe until you’re ready to redeem them. 

2. The card was issued used.

This is a rare occurrence, but it does happen, especially on sites and apps that buy unused or unwanted gift cards. Ensure the card you receive has the balance stated on the card before using it to avoid unexpected stress or embarrassment. 

3. The gift card expired.

Many gift cards have specific expiration dates listed right on the back of the cards or in the packaging materials. However, certain gift cards like Target do not have an expiration date, and they also don’t lose value over time. So if your Target gift card claims it is expired, contact customer service asap because that shouldn’t be the case. 

How to Check a Target Gift Card Balance Online 

If you’re wondering how to check Target gift card balance, don’t worry. Fortunately, it’s easy, and the action only takes a couple of minutes to complete. 

If you’re attempting to pay for items on, enter your gift card as payment, and it should tell you how much it can cover. If you just want the balance online, you’ll need to sign up or access or log into your account on the Target website.

How to Check a Target Gift Card Without Redeeming

Go right into any Target store and ask a cashier to check your gift card balance. Of course, you’ll need to present the card so they can scan it, but you definitely don’t have to redeem it at the time. 

Target gift cards also have a 1-800 number posted on the packaging material of every gift card they sell. So if you’re away from a store and can’t get online to check right away, you can always make a phone call to check your balance.

In Conclusion

A gift card shows you care about the receiver’s interests and the companies they prefer. When you ensure the Target card you purchased has the right balance, it can be the perfect gift at any time. 

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