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20 Items to Always Buy on eBay for Cheaper than Amazon

By February 3, 2023February 6th, 2023No Comments

Amazon is a go-to for shoppers worldwide searching for an item they need to buy. From underpants to acne patches. No matter how obscure (or popular), Amazon has it. And it has the reputation of being the cheapest prices and quickest shipping.

But that’s not always the case. When comparing eBay vs Amazon, eBay is the clear winner for prices on tons of items, even with shipping fees. (Spoiler alert: eBay sells acne patches and underpants for cheaper.)

While it’s known as an auction site for selling used goods and memorabilia, many eBay sellers sell brand-new goods. Just like you’ll find professional sellers with official store pages on Amazon, the same is true on eBay. And millions of brand-new items are added every single day.

Next time you’re jonesing to tap “Add to Cart” on Amazon at 3 am in the morning, make sure to check out eBay too. Many times, eBay sellers are also Amazon sellers and they will list their goods cheaper on eBay. And as the ultimate digital cherry on top, you can get cash back for shopping at eBay through Swagbucks!

Cash back rebates are usually 1% or 2%, but on occasion, you can score better. And if you’re new to Swagbucks, or making your first purchase from the Swagbucks shopping portal, you can get a free $10 gift card. Make a purchase of $25 or more at or other featured stores (over 10,000), and you’ll get a free $10 gift card for Amazon, eBay, or another store.

Now let’s get straight to the list. Here are the goods cheaper on eBay than Amazon.

20 Goods Cheaper to Buy on the Ebay Marketplace than Amazon

1 | Carabiner Clips: 11% Cheaper

The same rainbow set of 10 multipurpose carabiner clips (3″) goes for a buck cheaper on eBay than on Amazon. Snag a set for $8.99 vs $9.99. That’s an 11% discount, plus cash back bonuses for shopping at eBay.

2 |Mighty Patch Pimple Patches: 30% Cheaper

A set of Hero Cosmetics Hydrocolloid Acne Pimple Patches (36-count) goes for $9.97 on eBay vs $12.99 on Amazon. Plus eBay coupons and cash back.

3 | Amazon Fire TV Stick: 17% Cheaper

At $46.99 on eBay, the Amazon Fire TV Stick (4K Max Wi-Fi 6 with Alexa Voice Control) goes for $8 cheaper there than on Amazon. Yes, you can find some Amazon brand products cheaper on the eBay store. And get 1% to 2% cash back.

4 | Apple Brand 20W USB-C Power Adapter: 13% Cheaper

Save a little over $2 when you buy a genuine Apple adapter wall charger for $15.99 on eBay and you’ll get cash back rewards from eBay too.

5 | Silicone Colander Set: 78% Cheaper

Get a 3-piece, collapsible silicone colander set for $10.06 on eBay vs $17.95 for a comparable set on Amazon. (Same weight, same design, and functionality, same materials and size, but differently branded by the Amazon seller.) Save nearly $8 and get eBay cash back.

6 | Over the Sink Expandable Colander Basket: 8% Cheaper

Get the Janska brand over-the-sink expandable colander for a buck cheaper on eBay than on Amazon. On top of that, you’ll can get eBay coupon codes and cash back rewards.

7 | Dish Towels: 27% Cheaper

Get this identical set of Utopia dish towels with retro red ticking stripes for over $4 cheaper on eBay and up to 2% cash back. This set of towels goes for $15.68 on eBay vs $19.99 on

8 | Metal Picture Frames: 13% Cheaper

Save over $3 on this set of 4 Fkvat gold thin 5×7 metal picture frames. Score this set for $26.59 on eBay vs $29.99 on Amazon, along with eBay cashback.

9 | Merino Wool Short Sleeve Tee: Save $1.10 on eBay

The same light-weight, merino wool t-shirt is $54.99 on both eBay and Amazon. But when considering Amazon vs eBay, eBay is the savvier deal.

Online shoppers can score cashback rebates of 1% to 2% for their purchases from eBay, making the shirt at least $1.10 cheaper. It’s the same product and the same free shipping. Not opting for eBay is like pulling a buck ten out of your on-sale wallet and taking a match to it.

10: Crosley Record Player: 40% Cheaper

Get a Crosley Portable Record Player (Voyager 3 Speed) for $20 cheaper on eBay. It’s on eBay selling for $50 vs $69.99 on the Amazon Marketplace. Save $20 on the eBay site and get free cashback too.

11 | Satin Bonnet for Curly or Frizzy Hair: 70% Cheaper

For many, sleeping in a satin bonnet is a must for your hair beauty regime – IYKYK. Both the eBay Marketplace worldwide and Amazon are exploding with generic-brand satin hair bonnets. You can find a double-layer, adjustable satin bonnet for $5.29 on eBay while similar (virtually identical) listings start at $8.99 on Amazon.

12 | 6-Pack of Undies: 50% Cheaper

Get a 6-pack of basic, black cotton briefs for $8.99 on eBay vs $13.50 for a virtually identical set on Amazon. The 6-pack is listed as an Amazon-branded product (translation: it’s a commodity good manufactured abroad that Amazon has selected to brand as one of its “house” products).

At nearly $5 cheaper, next time you’re stockpiling brand-less, basic cotton undies, think eBay.

13 | Multi-Purpose Double-Sided Tape: 31% Cheaper

Get heavy-duty EZlifego mounting tape for $4 less and free cashback rewards for eBay. Ebay customers pay $12.99 vs Amazon customers paying $16.99 for the same item.

14 | Gold Toe White Cotton Men’s Socks: 26% Cheaper

Get a 6-pack of men’s Gold Toe white cotton socks for $17.6 on eBay vs $22 on Amazon. That’s a savings of nearly $5 – plus get cash back rebates for shopping at eBay.

15 | BIC Multi-Purpose Lighters: 31% Cheaper

Save $5.21 on a 4-pack of Bic long-handled multi-purpose lighter You’ll pay $16.74 on eBay vs $21.95 from Amazon sellers, and get free cashback too. Your bank account thanks you.

16 | Stanley Classic Thermos: 12% Cheaper

It’s nearly $5 cheaper to get this awesome, old-school Stanley thermos from eBay. I dig its cool retro vibes, and just looking at it makes me want to down a mug of steaming clam chowder or hamburger bisque. Pick up the 1.5 qt, vacuum-insulated widemouth thermos for $39.99 on eBay and get a free cashback bonus. Or buy it on Amazon for $44.95.

17 | Silicone Ice Cube Trays: 8% Cheaper

You can score a 2-pack of silicone ice cube trays (21-cube molds per tray stackable with lids) for a buck cheaper. Ebay offers a set for $12.95 vs the $13.99 pay you’ll pay on And through eBay you’ll unlock a cashback reward free too.

18 | Corkscrew Bottle Opener for Wine and Beer: 88% Cheaper

Get a restaurant-grade, stainless corkscrew bottle opener for nearly $6 cheaper on eBay. And add on free cash back rebates onto those savings, too. While there isn’t an exact same brand comparison (both sites sell unbranded versions purchased direct from the manufacturer), you can find this for $6.39 from an eBay seller vs $11.99 from an Amazon seller.

19 | Plain White Kitchen Apron – Cotton Adjustable

Need a basic, white cotton kitchen apron with a pocket and adjustable straps? Ebay shoppers can buy it for $5.80 vs Amazon shoppers who’ll pay $5.97. With a 17-cent price spread, it may seem like they’re basically the same price. And they kinda are. Except on eBay, you can get cashback from your purchase.

20 | Digital Spoon Scale with LCD Display: Get it For Half the Price on eBay

Digital measuring spoons are far more accurate than using measuring cups and tablespoons. It weighs the ingredients for you in grams and converts them to cups, ounces, and other cooking and baking measurements. In many instances, you can use it instead of a scale. It’s designed to measure up to 500 grams or 2 cups. You can purchase one for half the price on eBay that you’d pay on Amazon: $8 vs $15.99. And top off your savings with a sprinkle of cashback rewards you get for shopping on eBay.

Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping eBay vs Amazon

This article has outlined 20 goods you can buy for cheaper on eBay, even when you factor in shipping and other similar fees.

  • Third-party sellers (and site algorithms) regularly adjust prices. An item that’s $11.30 today could easily be $13.00 next month and then $10.95 a couple months out.
  • Shipping can take longer on eBay. You’re commonly looking at a window of 3-4 days, not the famed 2-day shipping Amazon is known for. But both Amazon and eBay sell many products that can take weeks (or even months) to ship – typically items that are being shipped directly from the manufacturer from third-party sellers with a dropshipping business.
  • eBay accepts a wider range of payment methods, including PayPal.
  • It’s possible to buy dated, expired, or counterfeit goods on either Amazon or eBay. Both sites offer buyer protections and encourage you to do your diligence. Look at product reviews and seller reviews, read warranties, read return guidelines, and look at product images.
  • eBay tends to be cheaper when it comes to shelf-stable home goods and Amazon tends to be cheaper when it comes to health and beauty products, pantry foods, and new media (books, vinyl, movies, music).

How Do I Get a Free $10 eBay Gift Card?

Here’s a walkthrough of how to get the free $10 eBay gift card mentioned at the start of the article.

  1. Sign up for Swagbucks. It’s free and takes 30 seconds to join.
  2. Visit the Swagbucks shop portal. Select the merchant you want to shop at, and then visit the merchant from a link on Swagbucks.
  3. Shop as usual on that retailer’s website. Your visit will get tracked.
  4. Spend at least $25, and you’ll get $10 free.

You can see the visit and reward in your account summary. It will appear as a “Pending Activity” in the top section. And after it credits to your account, you’ll see it in the second section “Activity” on your page.

Any cashback reward will credit to your account here. And the $10 free bonus will also credit.

After you have the $10+ credited to your account, visit the Swagbucks rewards page to cash out.

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