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Susan James

EntertainmentWin Money

Prime Gaming Rewards

Gamers are so serious about video games that the average U.S. gamer spends over $200 on loot boxes alone. Of course, if you have a Twitch account, you already know how fun and addictive it can be to watch game streaming channels or stream your own gameplay. Even the free loot is…
Susan James
August 23, 2022

Prime Gaming

There are over 2.7 billion gamers worldwide, and Americans account for over 200 million of those. That translates to 65% of adults and 70% of kids below 18. There are plenty of websites and apps that host games, but finding full PC versions of games you really want without ads and…
Susan James
August 23, 2022
InvestMake MoneyPersonal Finance

How Does Robinhood Make Money?

Investors and stock traders now have their pick of online websites, apps, and physical brokerages to combine or choose individually for their financial growth needs. Online investing has become quite popular in recent years for those looking to trade stocks, sell securities, explore hedge funds, and put their uninvested cash…
Susan James
August 17, 2022
Gift CardsSaveShop

Discounted Lowe’s Gift Card

Home Improvement hobbyists and fanatics throughout the U.S. have an array of retail options at their fingertips. Lowe’s is one of the top choices for its extensive product line, convenience, value, quality brands, and deal options. While both stores carry similar essentials and product lines, Lowe’s actually shines for those…
Susan James
July 28, 2022
Gift Cards

Audible Gift Card

Reading enthusiasts have several options to enjoy the seemingly endless source of stories and new worlds they can experience via the printed page. And one option is to bypass the physical books altogether. Whether you simply don’t have time to read and absorb stories and details through physical media, or…
Susan James
June 22, 2022
Gift CardsShop

Barnes and Noble Gift Card

There are approximately 9,000 physical bookstores nationwide, and Barnes & Noble accounts for 600 of those stores. Barnes & Noble caters to readers and pop culture fans of all ages, but most adult buyers are within the 18-29 age group. A gift card will bring a smile to the face…
Susan James
May 20, 2022
Gift Cards

How to Sell Gift Cards Online Instantly

Giving and receiving a gift card can be a fun and rewarding experience, especially when the recipient can actually use and enjoy the card. After all, a gift card is basically money towards future purchases at a specific vendor or business. But if that card isn’t used or it’s forgotten…
Susan James
April 19, 2022
Make Money

Free Cash App Money

Not too long ago, digital money services like debit tied to your bank account and credit cards eliminated the need to carry cash everywhere you went. Today, mobile cash apps have replaced debit and credit cards for many people. These mobile apps have barely caught on in the U.S, but…
Susan James
April 13, 2022
Gig EconomyMake Money

InboxDollars Review

It's easy to go down a rabbit hole looking for solutions for earning extra money at home. Fortunately, InboxDollars can help if you have the spare time to play online and the right mindset to make the most of the opportunities available. InboxDollars is a Minnesota based online rewards club…
Susan James
April 7, 2022