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Gift Cards

Your E-Gift Card Amazon

By September 28, 2022No Comments

Buying a bad gift can be worse than not buying a gift at all because it sends a clear message that you do not know the person or you did not bother to find out about what they like. Who needs that headache? You can prevent any pain or embarrassment by sending one of the many Amazon gift cards.

With more than 150 designs to choose from for nearly any occasion you can think of, gift cards are a great alternative to cash. Did you know that you can even customize a gift card with a photo or a video? Your special touches will make this a gift they will not forget and one that they will appreciate whenever they make purchases.

How do Amazon Gift e-Cards work?

Amazon Gift e-cards work like any other gift card. You purchase the card, send it to the person of your choice on the delivery date you specify, and then they can use it to purchase eligible goods or services on the Amazon website.

Instead of a regular, plastic card, these are completely digital and arrive by email.

How long do Amazon e-Gift cards take to arrive?

In most cases, your gift card should arrive in the email of your choice within 5 minutes of the order’s completion. Sometimes the email may take a few extra minutes to arrive. As the purchaser of the gift card, you can track its status from your Amazon account.

If you think that you may have entered the wrong email, you can cancel the order but only until it has been received or used. After that, the card is considered to be delivered and cannot be refunded or returned.

How do I buy an Amazon eGift card?

You can buy an Amazon gift card of your choice on the Amazon website. If you are buying a card for someone in a different country, you should buy the card from the correct website.

There are several choices that you will have to make when you purchase your card including when you would like it to arrive, how much the card should be worth, and the design of the card. You can add a personal photo, a video, or animation to the card when you purchase it.

After making these decisions, you can add the completed card to your cart and checkout like you would for any other transaction.

Do Amazon gift cards have a fee?

There are no fees to buy, send or use any of the Amazon gift cards. They do not have an expiration date and can be used until the remaining balance is gone. Some cards can be reloaded so that the balance will never have to reach zero.

Are eGift cards safe?

eGift cards are safer and faster than cash in that you can email them but you should know that Amazon has had more than a few complaints of cards being redeemed by someone other than the intended recipient. Once the card has been “delivered” the company will not do anything to help even if you can prove that it is being used by a scammer. According to the terms and conditions, Amazon will not reimburse or replace a card once it has been claimed, even in the event of fraud.

Depending on the payment method that was used, you may be able to dispute the charge and get your money back that way.

How can I get a free eGift Card for Amazon?

You can earn a free gift card to Amazon or hundreds of other retailers, restaurants, or even just some Paypal cash with a free account at Swagbucks. Use your account to earn SB for simple tasks like taking a survey or playing a game and then use the SB to get rewards. Rewards include gift cards in different amounts. You can also use discount codes and coupons from Swagbucks to save money on your purchases so that your gift card balance goes even further.

Final Thoughts on Amazon eGift Cards

Gift cards are a fast and easy way to send a gift without service fees. While they are usually fairly safe to send and use, problems can happen. It is important to make sure your card is getting to the right person and not a scammer. As with any purchase, read the fine print and the complete terms and conditions before you complete your order. gift cards are easy to shop for and even easier to redeem. Gift cards never expire so they can be held until they are needed.

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