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10 Ways to Get a Free Target Gift Card

By January 20, 2023No Comments

Target stores make people happy. It’s been scientifically proven – sort of. It’s called the Target Effect. Retail experts, psychologists, and Urban Dictionarists have all weighed in. The Target effect is why you can’t leave Target within just one thing, but are programmed to able the aisles to soak in the Tarjay experience.

Everything about Target is designed to make you happy. The displays. The sales. The scented candles. And with a grande nonfat vanilla latte in hand, it just feels like your special place to relax. Unwind. And pounce on the best deals, especially free gift cards.

Free Target gift card promotions are common in stores.

Target is always full of BOGO deals, Buy One, Get One Gift Card free. Or more precisely, buy a set dollar amount of items in a featured category, and get a free gift card.

Buy $100 in diapers, and nab a $20 gift card free. Spend $20 on health and beauty, and get a $5 gift card free. We all know the drill, right?

But there are ways to get free Target gift cards without having to buy anything.

10 Best Ways to Free Target Gift Cards in 2023

1 | Scan Your Target Receipts

And your Walmart and Walgreens receipts too. And any other grocery store receipts.

Get free cash rewards for scanning your grocery, drugstore, and supermarket receipts for hundreds of national and regional chains. Cash out your rewards for a free Target gift card or cash (to your PayPal account).

Apps and rewards sites that will pay you for scanning your receipts include Swagbucks, Tada, Ibotta, and Checkout51.

2 | Answer Short Surveys and Quizzes

Completing surveys, quizzes, and polls is one of the most common and popular ways to earn free gift cards and cash rewards. Answer paid surveys on various topics, like shopping habits, social issues, or your favorite flavor of potato chips. Reputable survey apps like InboxDollars and Survey Junkie pay around $0.25 to $3.00 per survey.

Start taking paid surveys now, and you can redeem your first free Target gift card today.

3 | Play Trivia

Yes! You can still make real money by playing trivia. Earn real cash and other prizes for playing trivia games on Trivia Crack, HQ Trivia, or Swagbucks LIVE. Swagbucks LIVE offers free live games several days a week. There is a live host and you play alongside other trivia enthusiasts from across the US. You can also play daily trivia games when it’s convenient for you and earn points for answering at least 3 of 10 questions correctly.

Cash out the points (called SB) for free gift Target gift cards and other prizes. Swagbucks also offers many other ways to earn money (completing simple tasks online) and to save money on future purchases at Target.

4 | Ditch Candy Crush

Or Royal Match or Roblox or whatever popular game app you’re into these days. Instead of playing games trying to get you to pay money for extra lives or boosters, why not earn extra money for playing games on your phone or on your PC?

Get paid anywhere from 10 cents to $100 for trying out these new games. For smaller rewards, you may need to just install the app and login once. For larger rewards, you may need to reach a certain game level within a set number of days.

Typically, the longer it takes you to reach the reward, the higher the reward. If you already play games in your spare time, cash in on it. Earn points for PayPal money and gift cards, and cash out when you’ve got enough points for the reward you want. You can get a free Target gift card worth $5 to $1oo.

Get paid to play games now!

5 | Get Cash Back Free for All Your Shopping Online

You can get free cash for shopping online. Shopping rewards sites like Swagbucks, MyPoints, Honey, or Rakuten pay you cash back when you shop online at your favorite stores.

Earn cash back rebates from 1% to 25%, or more, for popular local, regional, and national stores like Best Buy, Walmart, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and more.

Make a purchase of $25 or more at any featured store on Swagbucks (choose from over 10,000) and get a free $10 Target gift card.

Since odds are like 100% that you’ll spend at least $25 or more on a future shopping trip somewhere online, this is basically free money. You can cash out your $10 bonus for a free Target gift card, or you can complete other activities and earn rewards toward an even higher prize worth $50, $100, or even more.

6 | Cancel Your Car Insurance

You’re probably overpaying. When you first shopped for your insurance, you compared rates and coverage options to get the best deal. And for years since, you’ve just clicked the renew button. For years you’ve been wasting money. Even as your rates jump and you’re overpaying $100’s hundreds of dollars.

(Yet a $0.90 savings on almond milk is enough to put on shoes and make an extra shopping trip to your Target store.)

Liberty Mutual is confident they can save you money. They’ll pay you $1 for a shot a winning your business. It’s completely free. Answer a few questions and let them offer you rate options. There’s no purchase required, but odds are good you’ll want to switch to Liberty.

Even if you don’t switch to Liberty, you’ll get $1 free for letting them show you insurance quotes. (Technically, Swagbucks gives you the $1. You click on the link from Swagbucks, a partner of Liberty Mutual.)

And if you do wind up switching, you could save up to $947 when you bundle your home and auto insurance together.

7 | Watch and Share Fun Video Reels

You can still get paid to watch videos. Actual videos and reels that other people share on social, not ads and sponsored content.

Create and share fun video clips to SwagIt, and earn rewards. Other users can gift you SB points (worth 1 cent to $1) for videos you share. And you can reward other content creators for the videos that you like.

Every time you reward a content creator at least 1 SB, you’ll be rewarded 2 SB (up to 10 SB per day, which is worth 10 cents). This means you’re getting paid to watch, like, and reward other users.

The SwagIt app wants to build a large video-sharing community and spread positivity. In SB bonuses alone, you can earn nearly $40 a year. That’s a good deal just for watching videos. And if you share some funny clips other people love, your earnings could really explode. Get the SwagIt in Google Play or in iTunes.

8 | Cheat on Google

So you use Google, great. But you don’t have to use only Google. You can get paid for your web searches in other rewards apps like InboxDollars, Upromise, or Swagbucks.

Your web search results are powered by Yahoo. And you can earn an extra 5 cents to 50 cents per day. Which doesn’t seem like a lot, but really, how much is Google paying you?

Cash out your search rewards for a free Target gift card. Free Target money just for searching the web like you already do every day.

9 | Get the Target RedCard

The Target RedCard isn’t just a credit card. Anyone can get one to save money on their next shopping trip at Target. RedCard holders save 5% off purchases at Target, including licensed products like LEGO or Apple. You can even save 5% on Starbucks beverages (in Target stores) and on Disney gift cards.

There are three different versions of the RedCard: MasterCard, debit card, or the reloadable RedCard. With the debit RedCard, for example, your RedCard is linked to your checking account.

The Target RedCard can save you $100’s of dollars, or more at Target which is like getting dozens of free gift cards. And it can unlock special promotions that reward you with free Target gift cards, too.

10 | Join Target Circle Free

If you’re not a member of Target Circle, you’re missing out. It’s a free loyalty program. If you’re not a RedCard member, you can earn 1% cash back rewards on all your purchases at Target. Redeem your earnings toward future shopping trips at Target; it’s like getting free gift cards.

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