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Use a Target Gift Card Online

By March 31, 2022May 16th, 2022No Comments

Whether you call it Target, Tarjay, or the upper-class supermarket chain, Target is an American favorite for deals, steals, and leisurely browsing for potentially a more discernible shopping crowd.

Ask a typical American millennial or deal shopper where they’d prefer to go, Walmart or Target, and you’ll likely hear a rousing, “To Tar-jay!” (fist pump optional). This is especially true when gift cards are involved. Target’s got the top deals, latest trends, and Starbucks. Who can shop in a Target store without a latte?

But what type of Target giftcards are available, and how can they be used? 

Target Gift Card

Physical Target giftcards are roughly the size of any other credit or debit card, but they probably won’t have the original balance posted on the card. Most of the Target giftcards are brightly colored and may include the company’s famous bullseye design or an image of their cute dog mascot with a bullseye around its eye. However, holiday and social events can warrant the release of new and exciting pictures for the physical cards.

Tip: You can earn free Target gift cards on Swagbucks. Get free Target gift cards for online surveys, playing games, scanning receipts, and other online activities.

1. Do I Have to Activate a Target Gift Card?

Yes! In all cases, physical Target cards purchased at Target Brands Inc. stores in the U.S., or at any other location for that matter, must be activated at the time of purchase.

This ensures that the money the buyer intended to load onto the card is available. Some Target Brands Inc. stores in the U.S. require a 24-hour waiting period after activation before the funds can be used. This is a company and customer protection clause.

2. What Should I Do With a $5 Target Gift Card?

Target cards start as low as $5, and many websites and businesses include those as giveaways and promotional items. But what’s the purpose, and what can you do with a $5 Target gift card? Target won’t buy back or refund their cards without the original purchase receipt unless it’s a stolen or damaged card. So you’ll have to use that Target giftcard in stores and on You can also use it in the following ways:

  • Add it at checkout to use it as a high-value coupon for your purchases. 
  • Use it to buy greeting cards at Target stores or towards small appliances.
  • Use it to get an even better deal on your favorite Target brands in stores and on

Target eGift Card

Physical Target gift cards and eGift cards can be used in Target stores and on When using it in a store, a team member will scan the egiftcard email and let you know whether you need to replace the remaining value.

1. Can You Use a Target e-Gift Card Online?

A Target eGift card is a digital version of the physical Target giftcard, and it can be used in the exact same way. In other words, a Target eGift card can be used in stores and at

Make sure you use your U.S.-purchased Target eGift cards at stores in the U.S. Be sure to verify your balance information by visiting, following the gift card balance prompts, and entering your e-giftcard email address or other relevant information. 

You can add an eGift card to your Target wall (just go into your account settings). Then, through the Target app you can use an eGift card in a store. Sweet.

2. Can You Print eMailed Target Gift Cards?

Most gift cards and prepaid cards, especially in digital form, allow the recipient to print the card if they prefer having a “hard” copy to use. Target allows that as well, but you don’t have to do that.

Physical Target gift cards and eGift cards can be used in Target stores and online at

When utilizing an e-giftcard at the store, just be sure to pull up the e-giftcard email so the cashier can scan the code at the register. If using either online, simply enter the code in the promo code box during checkout.  

Also, as outlined in the last step, you can add an electronic gift card to your Target account. (It takes less than a minute to set one up on Target’s website.) Then pull up the Target app in store and the cashier can easily add it. (If you don’t have the app, get it. It’s free and has loads of savings and goodies.)

3. How Can You Check Your Target Gift Card Balance or Add More Funds?

Checking your card or eGift card balance information is an easy process online or in-store. If the remaining value of your card is low, you can even add more funds to your physical or digital gift card at any time, even without needing the original purchase receipt.

In Conclusion

A Target gift card in any form can be the perfect solution for anyone who loves Target brands, enjoys shopping online at, or losing themselves for a while inside a store. And Target makes it easy for their gift card customers by allowing them to use both versions in stores and on and add extra funds as needed. So it’s really a win-win for Tarjay fans. 

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