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How to Get a Free Shein Gift Card: Top Hacks to Score Big

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If you like to shop and save money at the same time, Shein is one of the easiest and most affordable solutions to get the trendiest styles without completely blowing your budget.

And you can even get a fantastic discount with the help of promo codes. Redeem e-gift cards or a gift card during checkout, and it can almost seem like you’re shopping for free.

But what is Shein all about, is it a scam, and how can you get the best deals and save a ton of cash when you shop at Shein?

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About Shein Brand

If you’re into fast and fun fashion, you’ve undoubtedly come across ads for Shein. After all, they appeal to a young, hip crowd with more fashion sense than money.

Shein is a China-headquartered retail company that was founded in 2008. At first, Shein was solely a drop-shipping warehouse that stored and shipped clothing and accessories from other manufacturers. The quality was often sketchy, and the prices reflected that.

However, Shein acquired another China-based company named Romwe in 2014, and all that changed. They became fully integrated with two retail services under their belt and now sell their own clothing line to consumers in 195 countries worldwide. Options for men, women, children, and plus sizes are available on the company’s website.

Is Shein Like Zaful?

Other China-based retailers have since burst onto the online retail scene to bask in Shein’s success. Zaful is one of those retailers. But unlike Shein, Zaful didn’t launch until 2014, right around the time of Romwe. Moreover, while Zaful’s style and business model are similar to Shein’s, they are not the same company. Shein currently only owns Romwe.

Are Shein Reviews Fake?

Like many other fast-fashion retailers, Shein has been under scrutiny for using images from luxury retailers and recreating those fashions as cheaply as possible. But that’s the name of the fast fashion game.

Real Shein reviews from actual customers. Shoppers rate the cropped, black puffer vest 4.92 out of 5.0 stars based on over 1,000 reviews.

Shein reviews are genuine, but some may be heavily prompted. After all, one of the easiest ways to earn points through their rewards program is by submitting positive reviews of the customer’s Shein shopping experience. Shein offers many recreated styles, so reviews can be a mixed bag. Chances are, you’re going to really like some things and wish you passed on others.

But the prices are so low overall, and customers save so much money that the occasional unfortunate purchase is often easily overlooked. One thing is for sure, Shein is not a scam.

What is a Shein Gift Card?

Almost every retailer and product-based website has its own gift card system, which includes e-gift cards. Since Shein is solely an online retailer, they only sell e-gift cards.

However, they still work exactly like a physical gift card for the respective purchase. Therefore, giving or receiving a Shein gift card is a great way to get your purchase for free or at least significantly save money on your total balance. Simply redeem it like you would a Shein promo code or Shein coupon code during checkout on the website.

What Can I Buy with a Shein Gift Card?

  • Accessories
  • Activewear
  • Beachwear
  • Clothing
  • Lingerie
  • Loungewear
  • New Arrivals
  • Sale Items
  • Trends

If an item is listed on the Shein website, you can buy it with a Shein gift card or apply the gift card to your purchase balance.

Can You Buy Shein Kids Clothes with a Shein Gift Card?

Yes, you can also buy Shein kids’ clothes with a Shein gift card. You can use your Shein gift card to buy anything that the retailer sells. And on their website, you’ll find a huge assortment of Shein kids’ clothes and accessories. You can also shop for men’s clothing too. Shein sells discounted, on-trend clothing for the entire family.

There are a few things to keep in mind, however, when shopping at Shein with a gift card.

1. Shein Gift Card Balance

Regardless of where you shop, your gift card balance needs to be high enough to cover your entire purchase to get that purchase for free. Otherwise, the gift card’s remaining balance may be used to save you cash by acting as a discount on your order.

2. Expiration Date

You don’t have to keep your Shein gift card or e-gift cards at the top of your redeem pile, but pay attention to the expiration date. Currently, Shein has an impressive 120-month expiration date on all their e-gift cards. So if you really want to, you can wait ten years from purchasing your Shein gift card code to redeem it.

3. Gift Card Return Policy

A Shein gift card code may be redeemed within 120 months of its purchase date. Once that date has passed, the gift card will no longer be recognized on the website. A customer may request a full refund for their unused Shein gift card any time during the redemption period. However, once the gift card is used, it cannot be refunded or returned for any reason.

4. Redemption Rules and Limitations

A Shein gift card or Shein gift card code must be appropriately entered during checkout on the company’s website. Customers can only redeem their Shein gift card at Shein, not on Romwe, even though they are sister sites. The remaining balance of a gift card may be combined with another payment method if the gift card balance is insufficient for the entire purchase. Every Shein gift card code is now region-locked, which means the gift card can only be used in the country or location where it’s purchased. So, for example, a U.S. customer can’t send their Shein gift card code to someone in Canada or use it themselves while visiting another country.

5. Shein VIP

Shein VIP is a great rewards program that lets Shein customers earn points and rewards, earn a Shein promo code or extra savings on future orders, and even earn cashback when they shop. But VIP rewards may not be used to purchase a Shein gift card.

Is the $800 Shein Gift Card Legit?

Scams are all over the Internet, and one of the most popular ones involves a high-priced Shein gift card. The “free” $750 or $800 Shein gift card scam can be found posted on blogs, TikTok, and YouTube accounts. And many people believe it’s possible to actually get a free Shein coupon code by downloading sketchy apps, completing the required surveys, and using code generators. But these hoops are just so the scammers involved can make their own money through your clicks and efforts. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. And the $800 Shein gift card code claim is definitely in that camp.

How to Get Shein Gift Cards

You can get free SheIn gift cards for free on rewards apps and websites like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, or MyPoints. Earn rewards for playing games, taking surveys, and other online tasks. Then redeem your rewards for free gift cards or PayPal cash.

Or you can purchase a Shein gift card directly from the retailer. You can only buy eGift cards for Shein, and they are sold exclusively on the website.

If you are looking for a physical plastic gift card (that you can tuck into a birthday card), then your best bet is to visit a store where they sell gift cards and buy a prepaid Visa gift card. Then, the recipient can use that card at Shein and all other brands that take Visa.

1. Use the Website

Search for Gift Card in the search bar of the company’s website.

2. Choose Your Style

Shein e-gift cards come in eight styles, five of which include sentiments such as Happy Birthday, Congratulations, and Thank You.

3. Choose Your Amount and Save Cash!

Shein gift card amounts range between $25 and $1,500. But you can save big time when you choose a higher amount. Shein gift card deals start at gift card amounts of $200. The more you spend, the better the deals. In fact, a $1,500 gift card only costs $1,350, so you’re actually getting free money.

Remember, Shein gift cards can only be redeemed on the website. So enter them in the Shein promo code or coupon code box during checkout within ten years of purchase.

Ways to Save at Shein

Shein always offers loads of coupons, discounts, deals, and extra ways to save money while building your trendy wardrobe.

1. Earn Cash Back Rebates

Earn cash back rebates for shopping online at Shein. Shopping rewards sites like Swagbucks, MyPoints, Rakuten, or Honey will pay you cash back for shopping online at featured stores. Swagbucks has over 10,000 retail partners. Earn 2% to 10% cash back for your purchase at

2. Save $10 Off Your First Purchase of $25+ at Shein

Swagbucks will give you a $10 cash back rebate off your first purchase of $25 or more from Shein. This deal is good for new Swagbucks members – if you’re not yet a member it takes 60 seconds to sign up free and create a Swagbucks account.

Existing Swagbucks members can also get this deal if they are making their first shop purchase from the Swagbucks shopping portal.

3. Load up on Promo Codes

Daily, weekly, and monthly promo codes can overlap with a special event or holiday Shein promo code.

4. Combine Sales

A Shein coupon code can also be combined with current sale prices.

5. Become a VIP

Shein shoppers can join their VIP reward program for free to earn points on their purchases, earn an extra Shein promo code here and there, get free shipping and easy returns, and obtain VIP customer service.

6. Stock Up and Save on Gift Cards

Shein gift cards may be used to buy anything on the Shein website. They have an extensive shelf life and provide extra savings right off the bat in the higher denominations. So stock up and save big time.

7. Simply Shop

Shein offers cashback offers to customers just for shopping on the website. Just start shopping as usual, enter a special Shein coupon code during checkout, or automatically see the discount reflected in the purchase price.

8. Check Today’s Discount

Shein has daily deals that include a special Shein promo code or coupon code.

How to Save Money on Shein Using Coupert

Shein customers can save money easily and instantly by visiting Coupert. Simply load the website in your browser or add the app to your smartphone. Then, join the 1 million users saving money daily by finding the most recent Shein promo codes and deals before even visiting the Shein website.

In Conclusion

Shein is not a high-fashion designer house that sells clothes meant to last a lifetime. Instead, it’s fast fashion intended for trendy and busy consumers who love deals and appreciate getting fun fashion at low prices. Combine the money-saving Shein gift card tips with the ongoing sales and Shein promos to get the best deals and discounts every time you shop.

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