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Prime Gaming

By August 23, 2022No Comments

There are over 2.7 billion gamers worldwide, and Americans account for over 200 million of those. That translates to 65% of adults and 70% of kids below 18. There are plenty of websites and apps that host games, but finding full PC versions of games you really want without ads and with extra rewards like free games to boot? That’s another matter altogether. Fortunately, Prime Gaming can be an excellent solution. 

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What exactly is Prime Gaming? launched in 2007 and was immediately split into four categories to see which appealed most to its customer base. The gaming category took off so quickly that they named it Twitch after “twitch gameplay.” By 2014, Twitch was the fourth top Internet site for traffic, right behind Netflix, Google, and Apple. And in that year, Amazon acquired Twitch for $970 million. The Twitch website is still fully functional, but Amazon is the parent company. And on the Amazon website, the primarily PC gameplay option of Twitch Prime is known as Prime Gaming. 

Is Prime Gaming still available?

Yes. While Twitch Prime has been disbanded on the Twitch website, Prime Gaming can be found and accessed on Amazon or through an Amazon Prime membership.

Is Prime Gaming completely free?

Prime Gaming offers a lot of freebies and rewards, including free games, free in-game play, free subscriptions to Twitch channels, and a free 30-day trial on Amazon. However, Prime Gaming costs non-Amazon Prime members $14.99 per month after that trial period. Amazon Prime Gaming may be canceled at any time.

Is Prime Gaming free with Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime Gaming is included with an Amazon Prime membership. Since Amazon Prime can cost between $9 and $15, that’s a pretty nice bonus. In addition, Amazon Prime Gaming members can take advantage of all the freebies and benefits associated with the service, including free games, popular titles, and channels on Twitch. If you want to try it before becoming an Amazon Prime member, there’s a 30-day free trial option. But if you do have an Amazon Prime membership or intend to sign up for one in the near future, it’s a great extra whether you’re a serious gamer or a part-time enthusiast.

What are the benefits of Prime Gaming?

Prime Gaming members get several rewards and benefits out of their $14.99 monthly Amazon Prime Gaming subscription (or free for Amazon Prime members). Benefits include free monthly games. Prime gaming members have access to a catalog of free games, including popular games and titles, when signing up for the service such as:

  • Elder Scrolls IV
  • Family Secrets
  • Madden NFL
  • Monkey Island
  • Paper House

And other games like:

  • Ascension turnip boy
  • Lechuck’s revenge nanotale
  • Legendary loot boxes
  • Tax evasion galaxy

Most of the free games and game-related rewards are time-sensitive. So make sure you pay attention to the free game expiration dates to ensure you can claim the games and titles you really want.

  • Free in-game extras and loot for popular games and titles:
    Popular titles like Elder Scrolls IV, Madden NFL, Monkey Island, and other games also include free loot and access to extra game content for Amazon Prime Gaming members.
  • Free emoticons:
    Amazon Prime Gaming offers exclusive emoticons like ScaredyCat, KappaHD, and others to Prime Gaming members.
  • Free chat color options:
    Prime Gaming members can use special chat color combinations and easily change those in their Prime settings.
  • Member-exclusive Amazon Prime Gaming chat badge:
    Members can claim an exclusive chat badge that can also be used on any Twitch channel.
  • Free channel subscription on Twitch:
    Prime Gaming Members can get access to a new Twitch channel on the Twitch website every 30 days.

How do I claim Prime games?

Log in to your Amazon account and go to the Prime Gaming page. If you’re not an Amazon Prime or Amazon Prime Gaming member, you’ll need to join. (Tip: Join Prime through Swagbucks and get a free $15 cash bonus.) Once that’s settled, click the claim button for the game or games you want and follow the instructions. Most games are PC-based, but some can also be played on other consoles.

How can I get free Prime games?

Free games and rewards are given to members monthly, as promos, and even on Prime day. Be sure to sign up for Amazon Prime or Prime Gaming to claim those free games.

In Conclusion

Amazon Prime Gaming is one of the most accessible and affordable ways to get access to all the free games you want without dealing with ads and extra fees. Since it’s included in your Prime membership, it’s worthwhile to use whether you want to try a single game or all the games released monthly. And even if you cancel down the road, you get to keep the content and rewards you already collected. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this fun added benefit of your Amazon Prime membership and play some of these games today!

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