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How Does Afterpay Make Money

Have you ever needed something but the price was just out of your current budget? There are several options for this situation. You can wait for a sale that may never happen. You can save until you have the full purchase price. You could even try to buy the item…
Amie Nogrady
November 13, 2022
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How to Save Money Fast

If you're reading this article, chances are you need a little help to save money and increase your cash flow. Many people struggle with budgeting and making sure adequate money is in their accounts at the end of each month. Want to learn how to save money fast? Keeping reading.…
Stacy Garrels
October 18, 2022
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How Does Twitter Make Money?

Twitter is a social networking platform and giant microblogging site that allows users to send and read "tweets," which are text-based posts of up to 280 characters in length. Twitter was created in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams in San Francisco, California. With the…
Stacy Garrels
October 14, 2022
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Make Extra Money During Inflation

Inflation occurs when prices go up and each dollar buys less. Right now, price inflation is outpacing wage inflation in the U.S. That means that everyday items are costing more, but most Americans aren’t earning more, so they can’t afford to buy as much as before. While some inflation is…
Lindsay F.
August 31, 2022
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How Does Robinhood Make Money?

Investors and stock traders now have their pick of online websites, apps, and physical brokerages to combine or choose individually for their financial growth needs. Online investing has become quite popular in recent years for those looking to trade stocks, sell securities, explore hedge funds, and put their uninvested cash…
Susan James
August 17, 2022
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What is a Money Market Account?

A money market account is an interest-bearing account that can be opened banks or other credit unions. This post go over how a money market savings account works, answering the most common questions in QA format. Savvy Money Tip: Earn free PayPal cash and gift cards from Swagbucks. Swagbucks pays…
Amie Nogrady
June 22, 2022