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Audible Gift Card

By June 22, 2022No Comments

Reading enthusiasts have several options to enjoy the seemingly endless source of stories and new worlds they can experience via the printed page. And one option is to bypass the physical books altogether.

Whether you simply don’t have time to read and absorb stories and details through physical media, or perhaps the smaller print has become your nemesis, digital resources may be more up your alley. And if that’s the case, any number of Audible selections can quickly become a priceless gift for yourself or the perfect gift for someone else.

In fact, the enjoyment of an Audible account can be expanded by treating yourself or the reading fans in your life with an Audible gift membership or an Audible gift card.

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Audible Gift Memberships

Giving a friend or loved one access to Audible can be the perfect gift. But there are some things to consider to help confirm it’s the right decision for your gift-giving needs.

Are Audible gift cards available?

Audible access or an Audible membership can indeed be given as a gift. However, it’s not described as an Audible gift card on the Audible website. Instead of giving a physical or digital gift card, you’re able to gift membership credits. It still works the same way as a digital gift card since the gift code can be redeemed on the Audible website and then used to build an Audible library and access trending titles. An Audible gift membership can even be combined with current Audiobooks promotions to make an Audible gift card the perfect gift for the giver and recipient alike.

Is Audible owned by Amazon?

Audible was first released in 1997 as a podcast player. Two years later in 1999, Amazon bought a 5% share of the company. Today, Audible is a full subsidiary of But like many Amazon subsidiaries, Audible also still hosts its own website as well.

How do I subscribe to Audible?

You can subscribe to Audible in two different ways:

  1. Through Amazon – Log in to your Amazon account. You don’t have to be a Prime member. Search for Audible in the search bar. Locate Audible plans and choose the Audible subscription that best suits your needs and budget.
  2. Through the Audible website – Search for Audible subscription plans on the Audible website. Choose the Audible subscription that best fits your needs and budget.

Amazon and the Audible website both offer a 30-day trial for both of their plans: Audible Plus, and Audible Premium Plus. Audible Plus costs $7.95 per month after the 30-day trial. Member benefits include access to:

  • Audiobooks
  • Meditation programs
  • Originals
  • Podcasts
  • Sleep Meditation 

Audible Premium Plus costs $14.95 after the 30-day free trial and includes all the above, plus one credit or title per month from best sellers and new releases. Regardless of which Audible membership is chosen, it can be canceled at any time. Member benefits on either website include access to the entire Audible library and several free Audible books via Kindle or other e-readers as promoted by the sites or listed as time-sensitive Audiobooks promotions. In addition, variable narration speeds are available.

Is Audible free with Amazon Prime?

You can access Audible via your Amazon account and get an excellent membership deal as a Prime member. Log in to claim an annual Audible Premium Plus, including 12 credits for a one-time payment of $149.50. There are no free memberships, even for those with an Amazon Prime membership.

Do Audible credits expire?

A gift of Audible credits works like a gift card to an extent. But unlike the majority of gift card brands or even many types of store credits, Audible credits do expire. Each membership with active credits has up to a full year from the issue date of the credits to use them. This applies to gift membership credits as well. However, the credits are completely wiped from the Audible account once that expiration date passes.

The only current exception to this rule is that Audible credits received in an Audible membership or Audible gift membership that initially started in the iOS Audible app never expire. So it’s definitely worth inquiring about this if intending to gift membership credits.

How much is it to buy 3 extra credits on Audible?

Audiobooks promotions are commonplace on Audible, and the website offers plenty of money-saving deals and discounts for its members. A single credit usually costs around $14.95. Each credit covers a single audiobook or media source on the website, so the credit cost is quite a deal compared to physical books of the same titles. However, audible goes even further with the discounts and offers a 3-pack of credits for $35. The caveat is that the buyer of the credit bundle has to have been an Audible member for at least 30 days to claim the bundle price. 

How do I redeem an Audible voucher or gift card?

You cannot redeem an Audible voucher or gift card code on Amazon. But you can redeem the Audible voucher on the Audible website.

How do I check my Audible gift card balance?

You can check your Audible gift voucher balance or gift membership credits in two different ways: either through your account at Audible online or by calling the Audible customer service line at 1-888-283-5051. Just log into your account and go to “My Account Details” page or “My Account” via your mobile app to check online. And click gift history or locate other membership benefits, including your current credit balance.

How to Gift an Audible Membership or Books

Can Audible credits be gifted?

If you want to gift trending titles or a specific title to a friend or contact, Audible makes it easy to do so at any time by using your own credits or buying credits to purchase an audiobook for someone else. However, you cannot gift Audible credits on their own, so a title can be purchased by someone else. You can also pay for an Audible gift membership so someone else can enjoy their own choices at any given time.

Can you gift an Audible book to someone without a membership?

If you want to gift trending titles or a specific title to a friend or contact, You absolutely can give an Audible book to someone even if they don’t yet have an Audible membership. The person receiving the audiobook will need to download the Audible app to listen to it. However, they will not need a paid Audible membership to do so. The recipient can choose their own variable narration speeds inside the app.

How do I send Audible books for free?

You can easily send Audible books for free two ways through the Audible website or app. To share an audiobook in your own library, open your Audible app, go to “My Library,” choose the book you wish to send, and click “Send this book.” If you prefer to send another book as a gift (even free books listed on the app), search for the title and choose the “Give as a gift” option. You can then send it via email or obtain a unique code to deliver the gift yourself.

In Conclusion

Audible really is a great solution to keep your reading habit going strong without having to schedule the time and make the effort to read the written page visually. It’s a great way to be the hero of the day and supports a friend, loved one, or co-worker’s enthusiasm for reading as well without having to pay the current prices for physical books. Follow the above suggestions to get the best deals and keep supporting your favorite authors with every gift.

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