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Coupons for Michael’s Craft Store

By November 3, 2022April 2nd, 2024No Comments

Michael’s is one of North America’s most popular crafts and hobby stores. And it’s no wonder with almost 6,000 items per store, including apparel crafts, art supplies, baking supplies, craft storage options, custom framing, and loads of sale items every week. Add their lowest price guarantee via price-matching and multiple ways to save daily, and Michaels isn’t losing steam as a favorite any time soon. But how can you go about finding Michaels coupon codes or Michaels promo codes whenever you’re drawn to shop at any of the Michaels stores or buy online?

Related tip: Join the free rewards site Swagbucks! It takes fewer than 60 seconds to join. You can get cash back for all your Michaels’ purchases (cash back rebates), and you get a free $10 gift card with your first purchase of $25 or more. Plus score exclusive deals and Michaels’ coupon codes.

Does Michael’s do coupons? 

A Michaels coupon is regularly available for all customers, whether they prefer shopping in a physical store, online, or from their favorite mobile device. You can easily find or receive a Michaels coupon code, Michaels promo code, or Michaels discount code by looking in the weekly flier, shopping on the website, or downloading the Michaels app.

Michaels offers a version of coupon stacking as well, as long as the promo codes or Michaels coupons are singular–meaning only one Michaels coupon or Michaels promo code may be used per item. In addition, each type of Michaels coupon or Michaels promo code may only be used once per order as well. However, beyond that, there are no limits to the number of Michaels coupons or promo codes you can apply per order.

Where can I find free Michael’s coupons?

Michaels coupons are no longer sent in a Michaels weekly ad. But you can still find some in the weekly flier at any Michaels stores.

1. The Michael’s Home Page.

Always check the Michaels website if you’re looking to shop or buy online. Michaels promo codes are often posted right at the top of the home page, along with free shipping promos if applicable. In addition, a Michaels discount code can almost always be found right as you load the website as well, so you don’t have to look hard.

2. The Michael’s Coupon Page.

Browse the Michaels coupon page to find relevant Michael’s coupons, a relevant Michaels coupon code or Michaels promo code, and special sales or limited sale items that can significantly boost your budget.

3. The Michael’s Rewards Program.

Join the Michaels Rewards program. The Michaels rewards program is completely free to join, and it’s packed with benefits and savings opportunities. Get notified of special sales, and every so often, get a free Michaels coupon code or Michaels discount code sent right to your email or via a text directly to your listed number. Even get a birthday surprise… all for free!

Worth noting:

If eligible, be sure to sign up for Michaels’ senior discount, military discount, and teacher discount programs. They’re easy and completely free to apply for and offer significant discounts every time you shop. The senior discount gives adults 55 and older 10% off their total purchases or orders. Both the military discount and teacher discount offer members an additional 15% discount. A special Michaels promo code will be provided for those who choose to shop online with their discount. All three discount options may be used with other discount codes, coupons, and sales.

Occasional promo codes may offer free shipping for special holidays or events. But if you don’t want to wait for that possibility, simply spend at least $49 when shopping on the website or app to get free shipping without needing a promo code. You can also have the order shipped directly to your local Michaels store and select curbside pickup or in-store pickup to avoid shipping fees and crowds.

How do you get 25 percent off at Michaels?

Pull up the Michaels website as though you’re going to browse or buy online. Then, scroll down to the bottom left of the page. Next, click on the 25% off bar and fill in your information on the pop-up box that appears. Once you’ve signed up for Michaels newsletter, you’ll be emailed a one-time use 25% off Michaels coupon code to use on full-priced items. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter after receiving the coupon or stay on the list to continue receiving promo codes as they become available.

How often does Michaels have 50-off coupons?

The Michaels 50% off coupon is a huge draw when it’s released, but it’s not released very often. Look in the weekly flier for a Michaels coupon or special Michaels offers. But especially pay attention around holidays and big events such as Christmas and Black Friday. You’re more likely to catch the big-value coupons around those times.

Where do you enter the promo code on Michaels?

If you’re shopping at any Michaels stores, simply present your coupons and possibly even a Michaels discount code to the cashier to apply to your purchases. However, you can also use a promo code when you buy online. Many Michaels offers on the website state there’s a promo code required. So copy and paste that code into the promo code box during checkout. Only one promo code may be used per item, and only one promo code type can be used per purchase. So you can’t stack multiple %-off codes, but you could add a general 20% off promo code, a promo code for art supplies, a free shipping code, and take advantage of BOGO Michaels offers often not marked as promo code required.

How do you get free Michael’s cashback?

You can get free cashback when shopping at Michaels in-store or buy online if you follow a few simple steps.

1. Join the Michaels rewards program.

The Michaels rewards program is completely free to join, and the benefits can be impressive, especially if you’re a regular Michaels shopper. Michaels rewards members can earn extra promo codes and coupons and be notified early for sale items and special deals. But the biggest reward is the cashback option. Michaels rewards members earn 3% cash back on eligible purchases in any shopping format: in-store, on the website, and from the Michaels app. But for Michaels rewards members who spend at least $300 during a 12-month period, that cashback amount doubles to 6% on all eligible purchases. Not bad for a free rewards program.

2. Utilize tasks and shopping sites for easy cash back.

There are loads of fun and legitimate websites or apps that pay members cash and cash back for simple tasks such as shopping and receipt scanning. Try Swagbucks to earn some money back on all your favorite stores, including Michaels. These may be used and worked alongside Michaels’ rewards, so you get more of your hard-earned bucks back.

When does Michaels do markdowns?

Michaels’ markdowns or sale items can be posted at any time. But most of the markdowns start on Sunday. That also happens to be the day the new weekly flier is released in-store and online. So use that flier or online ad to create your shopping plan and head out to a Michaels store or shop online as soon as possible. Michaels offers loads of money-saving deals, but they don’t provide rain checks for sales. So if you’re too late grabbing a special discount or sale, better luck next time. But the good news is, there will always be a next time.

What are the best things to buy at Michaels?

1. Apparel crafts

Load up on apparel craft supplies such as t-shirts, fabric, fabric paint, tote bags, and heat-transfer vinyl for all your apparel craft needs.

2. Art supplies

You’d be hard-pressed to beat the selection of art supplies at Michaels. So grab a new sketchbook, a tote bag for all your necessary art supplies, a new easel, an acrylic paint set, or even a storage box with an inner caddy so you can be crafty, chic, and organized at the same time.

3. Baking supplies

Replace or load up on cake pans, muffin tins, disposable piping bags, baking starter kits, candy melts, and even a Wilton chocolate melting pot to make your baking goals so much easier to reach. And save loads of money at the same time.

4. Bulk items

Visit Michaels Pro page on the website or head to the bulk department in-store to save on bulk items without needing to join anything.

5. Craft storage

It doesn’t matter how many art supplies and fantastic craft projects you procure if you have no place to store them away when they’re not needed. Michaels has a craft storage solution for all your needs, from bins and totes to rolling racks and complete drawer sets.

6. Custom framing

Compare and price-match identical custom framing items with other craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Joanne’s to get into an impressive price war. Michaels has a best-price guarantee on most items, so you might get a total steal.

7. Dollar bins

Most Michaels stores have dollar bins full of marked-down merchandise ranging from $1-$4. Each bin is usually marked at a single price point for easy budgeting and snagging.

Be sure to use your discounts, including promo codes, coupons, military discounts, and senior discounts to drive prices even lower. Just be aware that personal discounts such as senior, military, and teacher discounts have limitations and can’t be used for certain items such as crafting machines, custom framing, gift cards, clearance, and MichaelPro packs.

Final Thoughts

Michaels may not be the cheapest place to get art and craft supplies at full price. But fortunately, you usually don’t have to worry about that. Unlike many of its competitors, Michaels consistently offers coupons and promo codes for in-store and online shopping. Michaels also offers discounts for military members, teachers, and seniors, along with continuous sales and their version of coupon stacking. If you’re taking advantage of the savings opportunities at Michaels, you’re probably just wasting your time and money elsewhere.