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Same-Day Floral Delivery: 8 Florists Who Deliver Same Day and How to Save Big

By January 30, 2023No Comments

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or anniversaries, love is in the air. Literally. Nothing is nicer than getting a dozen roses or other flower delivery. My husband says it’s because I like the “show” of getting flowers publicly sent to me at the office. Um, duh.

Jokes aside, being gifted a beautiful bouquet just makes you feel special. You can’t go wrong with gifting flowers and a thoughtful note. Or if your recipient’s allergic, you can send alternatives like gorgeous silk peonies, a bamboo or succulent plant in a heart-shaped vase, or even tasty fruit bouquets and other edible arrangements.

Flowers can be very inexpensive. You can find deals starting from $10 to $20. And if you’ve put off the big date, same-day flower delivery is an affordable option. And there are benefits to ordering flowers for same-day delivery.

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Can you get flowers delivered same day?

Yes! And in some instances, you can get flowers delivered within only a couple of hours.

Many online floral delivery sites advertise same-day delivery, but depending on your location and the time of day, they may not be able to deliver until tomorrow. 1-800 Flowers, for example, has a cut-off time of 2:30p if you want to do same-day, residential flower deliveries during the week. On weekends, it’s an even earlier deadline.

When you order same-day floral delivery, you’re likely getting flowers from a local florist. You’re getting the convenience of big commerce but supporting a local business in your community.

Large online floral retailers partner with local florists to deliver your same-day flower order. They often work with local florists for other orders too, in particular, if you want your flowers to be hand-delivered or beautifully arranged in a vase.

8 Florists and Flower Companies Who Offer Same Day Delivery

The benefits of same-day flowers delivery

There are a number of benefits to sending same-day flowers.

  • Freshness. Flowers are their freshest when delivered on the same day there ordered.
  • Meeting the moment. Sending someone flowers marks an important occasion. Send them same-day and you’re meeting the moment (day of the event).
  • Cover for forgetting her birthday. So you forgot it was Mom’s birthday until your sister texted you. Same-day delivery can score you brownie points and cover up your forgetfulness. Or if you’re realizing today that it was a few days ago, same-day delivery flowers make amends sooner vs later. Nothing shows contrition like rush-delivery flowers delivered today.

How expensive is same-day flower delivery?

While the bouquet itself may be only $20, with handling fees and surcharges, most same-day delivery bouquets cost at least $50.

There are hidden ancillary charges that you won’t see until checkout: delivery, handling, service charges, and more. In some instances, you cannot see these additional markups until after you have provided your credit card or payment info.

Here you can see a comparison of the cheapest same-day flower delivery offered at some popular floral retailers.

  • $55 Teleflora: $29 bouquet, handling fee, taxes.
  • $60 ProFlowers: $40 bouquet, $17 delivery, taxes
  • $41 FromYou Flowers: $20 flowers, $3 same-day handling fee, delivery fee
  • $112.91 The Bouqs: $80 bouquet, service fees, taxes
  • $63.85 $44.90 flowers, $18.95 delivery
  • $67 FTD: $42.50 flowers, $20 delivery and handling fee, tax

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How can I save money on same-day flower delivery?

To save money on same-day flower delivery, place your order as early as possible and be mindful of surcharges that get tacked on during checkout.

  • Order as early as possible during the day. This will give you more same-day delivery options since there is a delivery time cut-off. The cut-off is based on business demand, driver availability, zip code, and other factors.
  • Double-check the price. Bouquets will come in different variations, like standard, deluxe, and premium. Often, a bouquet you add will default to deluxe or premium.
  • Be mindful of service and handling fees. They usually come to $20 and are hidden until you begin the checkout process.
  • Don’t go for the spendy add-ons. This is an easy way to cut costs or not get suckered into overspending. These add-ons, like Mylar balloons, teddy bears, or chocolates, can be 3x more than what you’d pay in-store. Generally, they’re not special (very basic) and they won’t score you any more brownie points.
  • Use promo codes and coupon codes to save money on flower delivery – for same-day or later dates. You can find them on deals sites like Swagbucks or Tada.
  • Claim cash back for your floral purchases on Swagbucks. Earn free cash back rebates of 10% to 15% for your flower purchase.

What are the best occasions for sending same-day flower arrangements

Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day are all popular occasions to send same-day flower arrangements.

Will my same-day flowers arrive safely?

Yes. Same-day flowers are hand-delivered. A delivery person will give them directly to the recipient, or leave them with a front-desk attendant.

In the event no one is at the address, flowers may be left in a box outside the front door. Most florists will take some measures to protect the flowers so they remain intact for at least a couple of hours. Check with the florist before placing your order.

When do I need to place an order by for flower delivery the same day?

Generally, you will need to place your order by at or around 12 p.m. noon in order to get same-day floral delivery. This cut-off time can vary by zip code, type of delivery address (business or residential), product availability, availability of drivers, and day of the week. On weekends, your order needs to be placed even earlier for same-day delivery.

If you place an order for same-day delivery after the deadline is passed, they will be delivered on the next available day. Typically, it’s the following day (tomorrow), but the wait may be 2-3 days or longer.

Always double-check delivery times indicated at checkout. Even if you filter your shopping search for only “Same-Day” delivery, you will commonly get results for products that are not available for delivery until 2 or more days out.

What flower types are available for same-day delivery?

Flowers that are available for same-day delivery are flowers that are in season, along with popular commercial blooms like lilies, roses, and tulips. Roses, for example, are commonly flown in daily from South America and transported by florists who will conserve them in refrigerators.

Even if there’s snow covering the ground where you live outdoors, if the flowers you want are in season somewhere not too far away, you can find them. Peonies, for example, are usually only available in the spring and summer. They are hard to come by in winter since they are not grown in the Western hemisphere then.

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