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Gift Cards

Unwanted Gift Card Exchange

By June 9, 2022No Comments

Gift cards are a popular gift, but plenty of us wind up with unwanted gift cards. Unwanted gift cards often go unused, gathering dust in drawers. Or they get re-gifted on. But there’s a better solution: you can sell your unwanted gift cards online.

Or you can trade them in for gift cards that you do want, to popular retailers like Amazon, Lowe’s, Target, or Walmart.

Tip: It’s easy to earn free gift cards to Amazon and other popular stores using the free rewards app Swagbucks.

How do I exchange unwanted gift cards?

You sell or trade gift cards in several different ways. There are online gift card exchanges for the exact purpose of making this easier. You may also find that gift card selling websites offer ways to trade in, upgrade, or sell your unused gift cards.

Before you try to exchange gift cards, make sure that you check the balance. Always check the fine print to see if you are able to exchange for store credit or even redeem for cash. If not, there are still a few options to get the full value of the remaining balance of your gift cards.

Remember, that some gift card exchange websites may offer cash for gift cards but not at full value. Some may take a fee. Here are some of the options that will allow you to sell gift cards online:

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • eBay
  • Card Cash
  • Gift Cash
  • Raise
  • Gift Card Granny

When listing the cards that you want to sell or trade, make sure that you list whether they are digital or physical gift cards, the balance that is remaining, and any other relevant facts about them.

Does Coinstar buy unwanted gift cards?

Coinstar has changed how they do business including buying unwanted gift cards. In the updated business model, you cannot use Coinstar to sell unused gift cards. You can still earn gift cards by bringing your change to the kiosks in stores and other sites around the country.

Can I exchange my gift card for cash at Walmart?

Walmart sells many different gift cards including those to other retail stores, restaurants, and generic cards that can be used anywhere that credit cards are accepted. You cannot return or exchange gift cards to Walmart nor can you sell them for cash unless you are in a state that requires this to be an option.

Each state has additional rules for cash for gift cards including when you are allowed to make the request and how it can be done. The states with these laws in place include:

  • Colorado
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Montana
  • New Jersey
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • Texas
  • Vermont
  • Washington

Can you turn unwanted gift cards into cash?

Yes, you can with a couple of different options. You can sell gift cards yourself. You can request that the card’s balance be given to you as cash if you live in any of the states listed above and you meet the additional criteria.

If you are not interested in selling gift cards on your own, you can also regift any gift card that you will not use, donate them to charity, or exchange them.

How can I trade my unwanted gift card for a different one?

Exchanging gift cards can be as simple as going to a website that does this, listing the card you have and the card you would like to have, and then waiting. You can exchange digital gift cards for physical gift cards for someone who does not like to shop online at all. You can trade gift cards from stores you never shop with to your favorite retailer.

Start with any of the sites listed above or use Gift Card Granny to get an idea of what options you will have and where you can get the very best deal. Exchange sites may charge a small fee for transactions but this is not always the case.

On what app can I sell my gift cards?

If you would like to use an app to sell your gift card, you have several options. Most of the websites listed above also have an app that can be used. Additional options include:

  • Gameflip (Limited to only video game-related cards)
  • Klipcard
  • Cardpool
  • Card Swap

There are some things that you should keep in mind when using any of the sites listed.

Possible Fees

You may find that there are fees that vary by whether you are buying, selling, or trading gift cards. The fees may also vary on whether it is a physical or digital gift card. All fees should be listed before you commit to using the site.

The Value of the Card

If you sell a gift card through a direct site like Facebook Marketplace, you might sell it for slightly more than the balance. On a website, the card could lose considerable value with some having retention rates of as low as 35%.

Limited Cards Accepted

Some sites allow you to buy, sell, or exchange nearly any gift card while others may have limits like Gameflip which only allows video game cards. Most sites do accept all popular gift cards from major retailers. Several sites have limited cards and stores that they will accept cards from.

Payment Types

If you are selling gift cards for cash, money is probably the name of the game. But, did you know that some gift card sites will purchase your gift cards and give you cryptocurrency in exchange? Others may pay you by direct deposit or by check after confirming the details of the gift card.

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