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Gift Cards

Sell My Unwanted Gift Card

By June 9, 2022No Comments

If you’ve got unwanted or unused gift cards, selling them online may be your best bet. There are plenty of online exchanges or marketplaces for selling gift cards online. Even with a receipt, it’s difficult to return unwanted gift cards. In most instances, they aren’t returnable (except where required by local state laws).

Sell these gift cards for cash (the gift card site will get a cut) or trade gift cards you don’t want for a gift card you do, like a gift card for Target, Home Depot, or Amazon.

Tip: Earn free e Gift cards or PayPal cash online from Swagbucks. Get paid real money (a mailed check, PayPal cash, or digital gift card) for playing games, answering trivia, taking paid surveys, scanning receipts, and more.

How can I turn a gift card into cash instantly?

If you have unwanted gift cards clogging up your wallet, you might be a little frustrated. Someone gave you the card or you earned it in some way but now there is nothing that you can do with it. Imagine having a Macy’s gift card when you are a Banana Republic kind of gal.

There are several ways that you can sell gift cards online. You can start with one of the many gift card selling websites. Your goal is to get the most money from the card value keeping in mind that you are not likely to be able to sell the card at its face value. Some cards will have a higher value than others, even on gift card exchange sites.

To save some time, start with a site called Gift Card Granny. You can find cards to buy, sell, or exchange here and see their actual value compared to other sites. You will also see a buy or sell now button that lets you get your task done as quickly as possible.

Another more instant option is to look for gift card kiosks in malls or grocery stores. You scan or insert your card, it is verified, and an offer is made. If you accept the offer, your card is kept and you get the cash. If you reject the offer, the card is returned to you.

You can sell a gift card directly on Facebook Marketplace and get paid instantly. For most other options there will be a short waiting period as your card must be verified.

How do I sell my gift card online?

To sell your gift cards, you can choose one of many different websites that will let you set your own price, help you complete the transaction safely, and may offer several payment methods. You will have to create an account on a specific website to get started.

Keep in mind that some websites do charge a small fee for selling your gift cards and that the fee may be based on the value of the card and the type of card you are selling.

Here are some of the websites that allow you to sell your gift cards:

  • Card Cash
  • Gift Cash
  • Raise
  • Card Sell
  • Clip Card
  • Gift Card Spread
  • Card Pool

In addition to getting money for a gift card you do not want, you can get cryptocurrency, a direct deposit into your bank or Paypal account, or a check by mail.

What app turns gift cards into cash?

Most of the websites listed above can be downloaded as an app for iOS or Android devices, but not all of them. Check the app store for the sites that are offered. Always check which gift cards they accept as some may only allow cards from a certain store, brand, or type of card. GameFlip, for example only buys or sells gift cards for video game-related purchases like Xbox Live gift cards.

How can I get cash for a gift card I don’t want?

One of the easiest ways to get cash for a gift card that you do not want is by asking for it directly. If you read the terms and conditions on a gift card, you will see that redeeming the balance for cash is “not allowed unless otherwise required by law”. There are a number of states that allow you to request the gift card balance as cash. These states are:

  • Colorado
  • Montana
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • Texas
  • Vermont
  • Washington

The laws in each of these states are different and may only allow this to be done if the gift card balance is at a certain level.

If you do not live in one of these states, don’t fret. You can still sell your unwanted gift cards. eBay is another option that lets you list and sell gift cards online. Make sure that your listing has all of the card details such as the balance, type of card, and anything else that you think would be helpful to know.

Tip: If you post photos of the gift card online do not include photos of the back without covering the gift card number. Scammers can use the gift card number and drain the balance leaving you with a worthless card.

Can you refund a gift card?

In most cases, the answer is no, you cannot redeem a gift card. You will see “all sales are final” wherever you buy gift cards including in-store, online, or at kiosks. The no refund policy is also printed on the gift cards themselves.

Some department stores and other places may allow you to exchange gift cards for store credit but that may be limited to a specific store and may only be allowed for the most popular cards.

Can you refund something purchased with a gift card?

Yes, you can although doing so may be complex and will depend on the retailer and its policy. Some stores will refund the money to a new gift card or a store-issued gift card (Like store credit) that can be used for future purchases. Other stores may have a different policy for returns of this nature. Keep in mind that some stores do update their refund policy during the holiday season specifically for this type of issue.

Does Coinstar redeem gift cards?

Coinstar used to allow you to sell a gift card at one of their many kiosks. The policy was changed at the beginning of the year 2022. Coinstar now gives gift cards for the coins that it accepts.

Can I transfer a gift card to Paypal?

Yes, you can transfer the value of a gift card to your Paypal account if it is a specific gift card only. The accepted types of gift cards are prepaid Visa, American Express, Discover, and Mastercard brand.

Transfer the balance to your Paypal account and then add it as one of your payment options to use it for a purchase or to make a payment. In your account, you will see the option to add a card. Click that, add the card information when directed and you should be all set.

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