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Baby Companies That Send Free Stuff

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Having a baby is one of the most exciting times of a person’s life but can also be one of the most expensive. Giving birth in the US can cost between $5,000 and $11,000 for a natural, uncomplicated birth. That’s just for the birth itself. It doesn’t include the care needed before and after birth or the cost of the baby’s needs in the first year alone.

The average new parent can expect to pay:

  • Around $1,000 for diapers in the first year.
  • $50 a month in food when the baby starts eating solids.
  • About $50 a month in baby clothing especially if this is a first baby with no hand-me-downs to help fill the need.

Additional expenses including one-time purchases like strollers, convertible car seats, and nursery furniture should also be included in the first-year budget. Don’t forget the well-baby checkups and immunizations plus the cost of childcare when one or both parents are forced to return to work.

What freebies can I get when pregnant?

Thankfully, there are a lot of free baby samples that you can get from a wide range of companies. Many items are just sample sizes, but it’s free baby stuff all the same. We’re talking free diaper samples, free formula samples, free baby clothes, or a free baby sample box full of a dozen or so different kinds of items.

On Swagbucks, you can sign up to try a number of different free samples – many of them are baby or new mother-related. 

Check out the Amazon Baby Registry. Amazon will send you a free baby box after creating a registry and fulfilling minimal requirements (a certain number of purchases are made). Baby stuff can include bibs, a swaddle blanket, a onesie, diaper cream, bottles, or other common samples by mail.

At Target, you can request your free baby box or “baby bag” of samples at the customer service counter. Just let them know you’ve created a registry and want to pick up your gift of free baby samples.

The Walmart Baby Registry is another way to score more free baby stuff. Their baby registry welcome box offers free baby samples like a small bottle of lotion, a pacifier, a sample diaper, coupons, and a free pack of wipes (travel-size).

Your Local Resources

A free baby welcome box may be the standard practice at some hospitals but you can start getting free baby stuff long before the day of your delivery. From free books to free baby formula, there are a lot of agencies that may be able to help you save money, get free stuff and be ready for your baby’s arrival.

The program called Women, Infants, and Children or WIC is a great resource to start with. You do have to meet income eligibility but in addition to monthly baby formula and then milk and other food products when the baby is older, WIC offices may have a free goody bag with baby samples including formula, baby food, diaper samples, ointments, and other items. Some WIC offices can also help you get a free breast pump if one is not available through your hospital.

Another great resource is the Mom Blogs, especially those that are locally based. They can help you find baby products on sale or may be able to help you find free baby products that you cannot find anywhere else.

Your City or County

Your city or county has a lot of great resources for all moms-to-be to find free baby stuff. Even if you’re not receiving WIC or free medical assistance, there are local government programs to start new babies and their families. In my city, for example, I received a free box of baby samples that include a book, box and mattress that was suitable for use as a crib for co-sleeping or just on the floor or a stable flat surface, wipes, pacifier, and baby formula coupons.

Your Doctor’s Office

Your doctor’s office is a great resource for free samples. On every visit I’ve ever had with my children (now ages 4 and 2), I’ve received a free children’s book. They’ve also shared resources for a free parenting eBook and asked if we had enough baby diapers. They can give you free extras.

Local Parenting and Childbirth Centers

Similar to Early Childhood Education courses, these centers offer parenting classes and structured playtime for parents and their little ones. They have special resources on site, like breastfeeding scales (hospital-grade ones that can cost thousands of dollars), motor room toys, and extra baby supplies.

When a baby outgrows their diaper size halfway through the pack, parents can donate the leftover diapers to the center. Here, parents can also donate breastfeeding supplies – goods that thrift stores in most states cannot accept.

How can I get free baby stuff sent to me?

If you can get any baby samples or other freebies at the local level, you can get stuff sent to you including Huggies diapers, books, and other free products. In some cases, you may have to pay shipping but the item itself will still be free. This way you can get a wide range of items to test out and you can discover the things that you really like and the things you do not want to bother with ever again.

  1. Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library sends a free book from birth to age 5 to children in select areas.
  2. The Honest Company. Sign up with The Honest Company and get $25 off your first order. Sign up for monthly shipments and get a discount of 20% on everything plus free shipping. You will also get a free gift with every third shipment. You can also get a free sample of diapers and other items (you pay for shipping).
  3. Baby Einstein Welcome Box. In addition to free baby books, the Baby Einstein box has other educational toys to stimulate your baby and encourage interactive play.
  4. Sam’s Club Samples Box. You do not have to be a member of Sam’s Club to request this sample box.
  5. Nature’s One. Get a free diaper sample plus information about all-natural items.
  6. Sign up for a variety of free items plus coupons.
  7. Everyday Happy will send you free diapers if you pay the shipping fee.
  8. Hello Baby Box is offered by Get free baby samples from BabyList’s experts’ favorite brands and products. Items continually change, but you can expect to receive free baby samples like bibs, hats, diapers, bottles, pacifiers, and coupons for diapers and other baby products.

Baby Registries

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to have a baby shower or not, you should definitely register for baby gifts. If you do not have a shower, tell everyone to wait to make their purchase from your baby registry until the last moment. Most registries will offer a discount on items not purchased within 4-8 weeks of the baby’s due date.

  • BuyBuyBaby Registry. Create your registry with all of the baby gear, clothes, and other necessary items and get 20% off plus get an in-store goody bag filled with coupons and baby samples.
  • Amazon Baby Registry. In addition to creating an easy-to-use baby registry that can be emailed to anyone who is interested, Prime Members can also get an Amazon Baby Welcome Box.
  • Target Baby Registry. Your registry will also include a Welcome box with $100 in coupons and samples. Items that are on the registry within 8 weeks of birth will be marked down by 15%.

Always Join the Rewards Program

Many companies offer a rewards program to encourage brand loyalty. The programs usually award you points for purchases, liking the brand on social media, completing a profile, and other actions.

You can get baby samples and other baby freebies by joining the rewards program of many baby companies. From free diapers to free baby formula and more, these rewards programs are going to help you out with coupons and discounts.

  • Similac’s Strong Moms Rewards program will give you $400 worth of free baby stuff including samples of the formula and other free baby samples.
  • Pampers Rewards allows you to earn discounts and coupons plus a free welcome kit.
  • Enfamil Family Beginnings has up to $400 in free gifts, baby samples, coupons, and discounts.

When you purchase maternity clothing from A Pea in the Pod or Motherhood Maternity, you can get a free pregnancy sample box. This may be for online orders only, but a free baby box does get sent out to customers. It’s unclear whether or not you need to meet a minimum purchase threshold. If you are shopping for maternity clothes though, it’s worth keeping this in mind.

How do you get free baby stuff at Walmart?

If you sign up for a baby registry with Walmart, you will get a free welcome box that will have free samples, coupons, and valuable information about the many baby brands sold at Walmart stores.

Does Gerber give free samples?

Yes, you can get free samples and totally free baby stuff when you join MyGerberbaby. Some of the perks of this membership:

  • One-of-a-kind free gifts.
  • More savings on Gerber products.
  • Get $10 in savings on every fifth purchase that you make on
  • Free gift when you make a purchase of $150 more on
  • Refer your friends for a discount of 10% for both you and your friend.

It is free to join MyGerberBaby. The program is available for anyone over the age of 13 with a valid email address.

How do I get free baby coupons in the mail?

You can get free coupons simply by requesting them from the companies. You may also find coupons in packages of baby diapers and other items. Some stores will customize the coupons they send you by tracking your loyalty rewards purchases. Kroger sends coupons based on prior purchases.

You can also get discounts, coupon codes, and other savings from sites like Swagbucks. Search for company names and then use the link to get the discount and possibly earn cash back on eligible purchases.

What to do if you run out of diapers?

Running out of diapers is frightening to a new parent no matter where it happens. If you are out and about, you can always start by asking nearby parents if they have a spare diaper. You can also get free baby diapers by asking at local churches and food banks.

If you typically take items to donate at food banks, please consider adding diapers, baby formula, and other baby items as these items are sorely needed.

How can I get free Pampers?

You can request free samples from your pediatrician’s office. Many companies provide samples to hand out with welcome kits that will include coupons and offers.

You can also sign up for coupons, offers, and samples directly on the Pampers website. Every time that you purchase a product from Pampers you will receive a discount code that can be used if you are a member of the rewards program. Sign up for free on the website and then follow the steps to get your discounts.

How can I get free diapers and wipes?

There are a lot of resources and tips listed above but one of the most important ways to get free baby formula samples, free diapers, wipes, and other baby-related items is at the hospital when you give birth. Many hospitals also have programs that will give you a free baby book to introduce your little one to reading.

Baby freebies at the hospital can include samples of ointments and creams for common skin conditions, free baby samples of body wash and shampoo, and other free baby gear. Some hospitals will also send you home with free pacifiers and nipples especially if your baby is having a difficult time latching during feeding.

Most hospitals have spare onesies, tee shirts, blankets, diapers, and premade bottles in the cabinet beneath your baby’s isolette. Most but not all hospitals will highly encourage new families to take these items home with them and may even provide a bag to help you pack up all of these new items.

While they are not technically totally free, the hospital is not going to lose a cent on these items and if you feel the smallest amount of guilt over doing it, it should dissipate when you get your bill.

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