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Is Zap Surveys Legit?

By June 2, 2022July 28th, 2022No Comments

Zap Surveys is a survey site that rewards members for completing online surveys. This Zap Surveys review will cover how Zap Surveys work, the Zap Surveys app, and other survey alternatives like Swagbucks or InboxDollars.

Is Zap safe?

Zap Surveys is safe and has been downloaded over a million times. Ratings and reviews are mixed, with fairly high ratings on both mobile platforms but substantially lower ratings on review sites such as TrustPilot.

Survey apps tend to get higher ratings and reviews when they provide fun surveys and customers actually get paid.

Does Zap Surveys have a mobile app?

There is a mobile app available for iOS and Android users. The app is free to download and use.

What is the fastest way to earn on Zap Surveys?

Like every survey site, the main goal is to make money. Of course, completing more surveys means more money but they may not always be possible. If answering surveys is the only way to earn, that survey app would not be very popular.

Zapp Surveys offers additional ways to earn including:

  • A guaranteed $3 on your first survey.
  • Location rewards.
  • The Challenge Daily pick’n win.
  • The Log-in streak.
  • Social media sharing.
  • Invite friends to join Zap Surveys.

You can also earn cashback when you shop with Zap Surveys partners. Location rewards are also awarded when you are shopping in any of the stores that are participating members.

How much can you cash out on Zap surveys?

Like most paid survey sites there is a minimum cash out threshold that must be met before you can cash out. For Zap Surveys, that amount is $25. Once you reach that amount there are several ways that you can request a payout including deposits to your Paypal account or through a number of gift cards.

Most payment requests are handled within one day and a digital gift card can be sent to your email within 24 hours. There have been some reports that the app sometimes glitches when it is time to do a payout and that Zap Surveys customer service has not always been helpful when this happens.

To always get paid when you are on this or any other survey sites always take a full screenshot of your points/dollar total before you make a payout request. That way if there is a glitch and your information is lost you have the proof you are going to need to get your account back to its current status.

What are some survey sites like Zap surveys?

Zap Surveys is a perfectly fine way to earn money but there are other survey sites that may offer a faster, better way of earning money. If you enjoy taking surveys, here are some additional survey sites that you might want to consider.


Swagbucks can be used on a computer or on Android and iOS devices. You can be expected to receive several surveys per day with some paying much more than others. The possible payment amount is listed as a dollar amount. If you do not qualify for a survey you will still earn an SB for your time.

Additional ways to make money on Swagbucks include:

  • Playing games.
  • Watching videos.
  • Watching ads.
  • Referring friends to the site.
  • Using the extension called the Swagbutton to find discounts and coupons while shopping online. Those discounts can also earn you additional SB.
  • Finding Swagcodes on select websites. You will receive a prompt to find the code. Once you do, enter it into your account and earn your SB.
  • Upload your receipts and earn SB on select purchases and items.

Swagbucks also allows you to earn cash back on purchases from thousands of merchants.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is very similar to Swagbucks (they are owned by the same company). And offers most of the same ways to get free cash. Complete offers with Inbox Dollars and earn money to your account. There is an entire section of “free offers” that require nothing more than an email confirmation at the most.


Toluna may not pay as much per survey as other sites but it is a slow and steady way to get money online. Rewards that are available include a Paypal deposit, gift cards, or vouchers. In addition to surveys, you can earn with Toluna by:

  • Becoming active in the Toluna community including through social media shares.
  • Set up polls, thumb-its, and battles to get more engagement.
  • Earn 1000 points by creating content.
  • You will earn 500 points when you join. In general, most survey platforms do give some form of a welcome bonus.


Upromise lets you put extra cash into your account with surveys and by using the branded credit card. You can also earn more if you link a 529 college savings plan. You choose how you want to be rewarded including having all funds deposited into the savings plan directly.

Survey Junkies

Like the other survey apps, Survey Junkies’ main appeal is the extra money you can make with paid surveys. If you spend a lot of time online, definitely sign up for Survey Junkies Pulse for additional money-making opportunities. Pulse will track your browsing and may also increase the number of surveys that you are getting based on some of your searches.

Branded Surveys

With Branded Surveys, you can take surveys, and daily challenges, answer polls, participate in online focus groups, do product reviews, and do video testing. As you earn points you may also be moved into groups where points are increased automatically. The Brand Elite groups are Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You reach a new status based on how much time you spend on the website per week.

What is the best paying survey site?

Every survey company wants to say that they pay the most. Survey reviews may suggest that one site pays more than another but that may not be the case for every user. The very way that surveys work means that some people are going to make more money in a shorter period of time if that is all they do on that site.

To start making money on any survey site, you have to qualify for the surveys, first and foremost and you have to be ready to use a few other ways to earn as well. Survey opportunities will be sent to thousands of people but there will only be a few spots that are needed to be filled. If you don’t respond quickly enough, you will find that the survey is closed.

All surveys have criteria that you must meet or your information is not going to be helpful. Look for survey sites that will give you points/rewards if you fail a survey screening.

Final Thoughts on Zap Surveys

Zap Surveys pays for every completed survey but you must meet a minimum of $25 before you can cash out. You do get a guaranteed $3 with your first survey and there are other ways to make money on the site. Some reviews say that pay is much lower on Zap Surveys than with other sites but that may not be your personal experience if you want to sign up. Do be warned about the reports of glitching just before a pay-off request as there were more than a few of those complaints listed.

One of the top Zap Surveys pros is the ability to earn rewards just by walking into a store. If that store is a participating Zap Surveys merchant, you will be given the Location Rewards automatically. If you have a few spare moments while you are waiting in line or riding a bus, you might as well spend your time making money. One survey can put you a little closer to free gift cards. Sounds like a great deal, right?

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