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Slumberpod is a safe, dark sleeping space designed for babies and toddlers. It is perfect for parents who want their child in the same room but do not want to have the baby disturbed by every light or movement.

Created from a breathable fabric, the Slumberpod fits over the baby’s usual crib, travel crib, pack n play, and up to a toddler cot. You will find an entire list of compatible crib and playpen options that the Slumberpod fits perfectly.

The Slumberpod is meant for indoor use only and complies with all safety regulations and guidelines. It is easy to set up and take down, and it is easy to care for as well.

What is a SlumberPod?

You can call a Slumberpod your perfect dark room solution for a good night’s sleep any time you are sharing a room with a baby. Some babies are not disturbed by a little bit of light or sound while others will wake up with very little provocation.

The Slumberpod rests over your portable crib providing portable privacy and complete darkness so that you and your little one can get some sleep.

Is SlumberPod soundproof?

No, Slumberpod is not soundproof. It is only meant to help reduce light and create a privacy sleep nook especially when traveling with a baby. It can be hard to keep to a schedule of nap time and bedtime in a new place especially if there are new sounds and more activity than normal.

There is an optional fan that can be used in the fan pouch. You can also use a white noise machine outside of the Slumberpod to help create the perfect sleep environment.

Can you fly with SlumberPod?

Yes! You can fly with the Slumberpod because it folds down and then slides into its own pouch. The pouch will fit in a carry-on bag or can be packed into your regular luggage. You can also pack the Slumberpod in the pack and play for convenience.

Is SlumberPod safe for babies?

Slumberpod is safe to use for babies that are 4 months old or older. Newborns and babies with any health conditions should not be placed in the Slumberpod. It can be used for children up to age 5 with an air mattress or select toddler cots.

Does SlumberPod need a fan or other ventilation?

There is an optional fan available to use with the Slumberpod that is specifically designed to create airflow without directly blowing air on your baby. The fan fits inside of its own pocket for safety.

You can use the Slumberpod without the fan if you want and can adjust the amount of ventilation with the ventilation flaps. The top flap can be customized to provide the amount of ventilation you want by opening and then securing it in one of three positions.

Even without the flaps, the fabric that is used with the Slumberpod is designed to be air-permeable so there is plenty of ventilation when the flaps are closed for maximum darkness.

Where can I buy SlumberPod?

In addition to ordering a Slumberpod directly from the website, you can also find one at some retailers including:

At many retailers, you can even earn cash back for your purchase. Reward apps like MyPoints and Swagbucks offer cash back rebates of 1% to 20% at featured merchants.

How much is a SlumberPod?

On the Slumberpod website, the price is $174.99 for the basic Slumberpod and $194.99 for the combo pack that includes the fan. Both the basic and the combo option are available in several colors.

  • Olive green
  • Navy with gold stars
  • Navy with light navy accents
  • Black with gray accents
  • Black with turquoise accents

Slumberpod is available at the listed retailers for roughly the same price. Only BuyBuyBaby had a slightly lower price.

What are some other sleep pod alternatives to SlumberPod?

There are other sleep tent options that you can consider that will fit a travel crib, pack n play, or other portable crib. Some are limited to what they will safely fit over so read the product descriptions carefully before making a purchase. Unless otherwise noted, all prices are as listed on Amazon.

  • Snooze Shade, $89.99
  • The Milliard Darkening Tent, $29.99
  • Minnebaby Darkening Cover for Pack n Play, $36.99
  • eJoy Living Bed Canopy, $54.99 at Walmart – plus you can get up to 2% cash back on your Walmart purchase too.

Bottom Line on SlumberPods

Traveling with a baby or toddler is difficult enough without adding sleep struggles to the mix. Miss a single nap and the whole day can be thrown completely out of whack. Whether you are at a relative’s house or in a hotel room, there is a way to get Baby to sleep without giving up safety and comfort.

The Slumberpod sets up as easily as your pack and play and can help the baby fall asleep and stay asleep. The ventilation flaps can be adjusted as needed, there is a pouch for a baby monitor and you can even use a sound machine outside to create the perfect sleep environment.

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