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All About Hard Kombucha: Where to Buy, What to Buy, and How to Save Big

By January 31, 2022March 9th, 2022No Comments

Hard kombucha is a rapidly growing industry with sales jumping from $1.7 million dollars in 2017 to over $12 million dollars in 2019. There are now dozens of brands and  kits to make your own at home. Honey, ginger, lemon, and mint are popular flavors. 

What is Hard Kombucha?

Hard Kombucha is the alcoholic version of kombucha. Because it is made by fermentation, even regular kombucha does contain some alcohol content. Hard kombucha is brewed to have a higher alcohol content about the same level as a beer.

  • The alcohol content of the average hard kombucha is between 1-2%.
  • Some of the craft hard kombuchas do have a higher ABV, similar to harder spirits.
  • Labeling may depend on a number of factors including how it was fermented, and the state where it was produced.
  • The higher the alcohol content, the lower the health benefits that you get with regular kombucha such as gut health healthy bacteria.

What is the Best Hard Kombucha?

There are many kombucha varieties or ‘booches that deserve to be called “the best” for one reason or another and most people have their very favorites for those very same reasons. In a recent article, listed the best hard kombucha brands based on factors including flavors, price, and whether or not they were organic.

Here are the brands and what set each of them apart.


  • Comes in several flavor combinations including seasonal flavors like watermelon/chili and limited edition flavors like Heirloom Kiwi and Heirloom Peach.
  • ABV varies by flavor.
  • Unique flavor combinations include Apple Jasmine, Grapefruit Hibiscus, and Blood Orange Pomegranate.


  • ABV is around 7% for most of the flavors in this brand.
  • 4 flavors: Original (passionfruit and elderflower), Gingerly (ginger and lemongrass), Guavamente (guava and mint), and Hicamaya (grapefruit flavor and hibiscus).
  • Limited edition flavors include Cool Beans (coffee and blueberry) and Taco Tuesday (pineapple and jalapeno).
  • Limited edition flavors may have a slightly lower ABV.


  • Craft variety with unique tastes and a base kombucha that is sweetened with honey
  • Flavors are unique and similar to cocktails.
  • Midnight Painkiller is a top seller with flavors of pineapple, orange, coconut, nutmeg, and activated charcoal added for color.
  • Additional varieties include blood orange mint, chili mango, and iced tea lemonade.

Unity Vibrations

  • Considered to be one of the original hard kombucha brands.
  • Has one of the higher ABV of the hard kombucha drinks.
  • Options include Funky Ginger ( at 9.1% alcohol) and the KPA, a Kombucha pale ale.

Dr. Hops

  • One of the strongest lines with most varieties coming in at 9-11% alcohol.
  • The most popular option is The Jackalope, a ginger lime beverage.

Where to Buy Hard Kombucha

You can buy hard kombucha nearly anywhere you can find other types of alcoholic beverages. Some brands may be more readily available than others. Some brands are considered to be a craft and might be only available in smaller, more regionalized areas.

A wide range of brands in the flavor of your choice may be available at:

You can also find each brand listed on its website with store locators and other options to buy or order all of your favorites.

How to Get Hard Kombucha Delivery

There are several ways to get delivery of your favorite boozy brews including:

Each delivery service has its own fees, restrictions, and guidelines and may require ID and signature at delivery. Alcohol delivery may not be available in all areas because of state and local laws.

Pro Saver Tip: Order online and earn cash back rebates. Shopping rewards sites like Rakuten, MyPoints, and Swagbucks offer cash back rebates of 1% to 20% at 1000’s of featured stores including Drizly and Instacart.

Bottom Line on Hard Kombucha

Some people swear by kombucha for their health and because it is refreshing with a sweet, tart kick that is unique. Even people who do not care for regular kombucha may enjoy hard kombucha as an alternative to beer, wine, or spirits from time to time.

Varieties may be flavored with fresh fruits and sweetened with either honey or sugar. Some are left unsweetened to appeal to people who want drinks with the option of fewer calories and lower sugar content.

Once considered to be just a niche drink, there are new craft options and brewers competing with one another in an exploding industry and creating some of the most fascinating combinations of tastes and ingredients.

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