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10 Best Coupon Apps for Saving Money

By August 10, 2021October 24th, 2022No Comments

By Leaznne Winshaw

There is a mobile app for just about everything these days. There are even apps for the age-old art of couponing. Whether you want to digitize your paper coupons or save time by getting the app to find discounts and savings for items you want to buy, there is an app for you. Here is a list of our favorite coupon apps!

How Should a Beginner Start Couponing in 2022?

Forget about checking through your junk mail to cut out coupons. Don’t worry about lugging a pile of paper coupons to the grocery store. In 2022, we use tech to save money. With the help of some fantastic coupon apps, you can take your money-saving game to a whole new level!

What is the Best App for Extreme Couponing?

Do you use coupons every time you shop? Do you love that feeling of handing over a wad of coupons instead of dollars when you check out at the grocery store? While paper coupons are still a thing, they are fast going the way of newspaper smalls. As a die-hard couponer looking to make the transition to the digital age, these are the best coupon apps for you.

This app is for folks who just love good old-fashioned coupon clipping. It is couponing for the digital age! The application lists a plethora of manufacturer coupons for you to choose from. Print them out or take a picture of the coupon on your phone and scan it at the store. This awesome coupon app can save you money on groceries, clothing, and household goods. also offers digital coupons. These are simply alphanumeric codes that you can use for discounts at check out when shopping at popular online (and offline) retailers such as Amazon, Petco, and Target.


Take your penny pinching to the next level with the Swagbucks app. For every coupon that you print out, you receive one point (Swagbuck or SB). And for every coupon that you redeem you get a further 25 SB. Once you have racked up 300 SB, you can redeem them for cash or a gift card from your favorite retailer! What’s more? If you download the Swagbucks app, there are a bunch of other ways to make points that turn into dollars. Earn points for taking surveys, playing games, and watching videos too.

Swagbucks offers their own selection of exclusive grocery coupons, store promo codes, and cash back offers from major retailers. There are so many ways to earn and save money with Swagbucks.

Coupon Sherpa

Coupon Sherpa is a great coupon application for those making the transition from the old school coupon cutting ways to digital coupons. If you still love having the feeling of that piece of dollar saving paper in your hand, you can select a couple of coupons on the Coupon Sherpa app and print them out to take them to the store with you. On the other hand, if you would prefer not to waste the paper (#savethetrees) and the time, you can simply use the coupon codes from the app. Use the “favorite” tool to clip and save offers that you plan to use. If you are comfortable with enabling your location services, the mobile app can streamline offerings for physical stores closer to you.

Coupon Sherpa offers discounts at hundreds of vendors, from department stores like Macy’s, Sears, Kohl’s, and Nordstrom, to Big box retailers like Home Depot, Target, and Walmart. You will also find product-specific discounts from specialty stores and smaller retailers.

Coupon Apps for Cost Comparisons

Here are a few more apps to look into!


SnipSnap is another great app for bridging the gap between paper clippings and digital coupon codes. It is basically a digitized coupon folder. Download the app for your iOS or Android device. Snip out the paper coupons and snap a picture using the SnipSnap app! The software will automatically upload the coupon code and other relevant details. Repeat with the rest of your coupons and you will have a fully digitized coupon folder in no time at all!

If you are new to couponing or do not have any paper variety discount codes, use the “Discover” screen in the app to see which coupons friends and family have snipped. You can also search the database for specific discounts.

Another great function of the SnipSnap software is its cost comparison feature. Take a picture of the item that you want to buy with the app. SnipSnap will then give you a list of coupons available for that specific item. You can even find out if it is cheaper to buy the item at another store or online.

What App Can Find Coupons?

Do you like to save money whenever you shop and not just on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? There are some super time-saving apps that practically hand the coupons to you on a silver platter. Honey is one of them!


Honey is a desktop app that you download on your web browser. This is the best application for online shopping and price comparisons. Honey will search through the best coupons available for the site that you are browsing on. The software can even apply those coupons to your cart at checkout. Genius!

The list of vendors in the Honey database is exceptionally long and includes travel booking platforms and national restaurant chains. Get automatic coupons when shopping on Amazon, J. Crew, Sephora, Forever21, JC Penney, Ulta Beauty, and more.

You don’t even need a promo code or coupon code to save money with Honey. If there are items that you have had your eye on, simply add them to the Droplist on the app. Whenever the price drops, Honey will send you a notification. It couldn’t be any easier.


Stores pay Rakuten a commission for sending you their way. And to entice you to shop with those stores, they share that commission with you. Earn cashback in the form of a check or a PayPal payout. Sign up with Rakuten and install the Cash Back Button. While shopping on your desktop, Rakuten will find the deals for you. All that you have to do is select the deal that saves you the most money!

Rakuten also offers coupon codes from a range of different retailers. For example, Amazon, Best Buy, JC Penney, Kohl’s, Macy’s, and Target. For an instant discount redeem your promo code at the online checkout.

Cash Back Apps to Save Money

Couponing and promo codes are wonderful ways to save you money. The more coupons you can use, the more money you can save. For a money-saving app to be worthwhile, you want it to help you earn cashback from as much of your shopping as possible, not just one store. That is what makes these next three apps really worthwhile.


Checkout51 is great for shopping at grocery stores and big-box stores. Earn cashback when you shop for everyday goods at stores like Costco and Walmart. Even generic items like potatoes and apples. Other participating retailers include Kroger, Publix, Safeway, Target, CVS, and Walgreens. You don’t need any store loyalty cards, so this app works well even when purchasing at retailers that you might not shop with frequently.

To get an idea of the items that you could potentially get cashback for, browse through coupon offers on your mobile before heading out. Once you have done your shopping, take a photo of your receipt and upload it to the app. Cashback typically loads within 48 hours. Another bonus of the Checkout51 cashback app: You can earn rewards for filling up with gas. Up to $0.25 per gallon!


Ibotta is one of the most popular coupon apps available. It is easy to use and brings you discounts from almost 300 participating retailers. The Ibotta app also has a geolocation feature so that you can easily find stores and products close to you.

Before you go shopping, open the Ibotta app and mark the coupons for the items that you have listed on your shopping list. Go and do your shop and remember to keep your receipt. Once you are at home again, open the app and select to redeem the coupons that you previously marked. Scan the barcode on the item and scan your receipt. You should receive credit for your couponed purchases within 24 hours. Once your cashback balance is at $20, you can cash out through PayPal.

You can claim rewards from your store loyalty cards too! Once you have downloaded the app, load your store loyalty cards. When you go to those stores, you will automatically earn cashback for eligible purchases within 48 hours of the sale. Upload a photo of your receipt in the app and Ibotta will give you cashback.

If you prefer shopping from the comfort and safety of your own home, you can make mobile app purchases. To qualify for the coupon discounts, simply use the links or codes available in the Ibotta app!

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is a rebate app that awards you points for specific items purchased. Simply scan your receipts and the app will automatically tally up the points. You can scan receipts for money from just about any store. Once you have reached one thousand coins, you can cash out with PayPal or an Amazon gift card.


The best thing about Shopkick is that you don’t even have to spend money to earn points (called ‘kicks’). You can get points just by walking into an affiliated store. And, if you are in the mood for a bit of browsing, you can earn points simply for scanning the barcodes of specific products in-store. With your phone’s location services enabled, you can receive push notifications for active deals when in-store.

Earn more ‘kicks’ by linking your credit card to the app and using that to pay for your groceries. You can also earn kicks when you order specific items online. Once you have earned enough “kicks”, you can trade them for free gift cards at Walmart and Target.

What is the Best Free Coupon App?

All the coupon apps that we have listed here are free. Typically, most coupon apps are free and are available for iOS and Android devices. Download them from your Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Best Coupon Apps for Me

There is a host of coupon apps out there. Some coupon apps make it easier to find, save, and use physical coupons as well as digital coupon codes. Redeem these promo codes against purchases at regular retail stores. Other money-saving apps can give you free gift cards or cashback at the point of sale, whether at a brick-and-mortar store or while shopping online. 

Download a few different coupon apps and try them out for a while. Depending on what deals you are looking for and which items you regularly shop for, different apps will work well for you. Just remember to only buy things that are already on your shopping list! Do not be tempted by discounts for items that you weren’t planning to buy.

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