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Sell Feet Pictures, Make Money

By November 13, 2022No Comments

In the not-so-distant past, the sight of a woman’s ankle could turn a man’s head and land the foot-bearing woman in hot water for public indecency. Now, there are options to see people in various stages of dress, you can see more than a woman’s slender ankle in public and no one will bat an eye. But, in this day of easy-to-find nudity, you can still find some people shocked that there is big business to be had by selling feet pics. If you have ever considered becoming a foot model, it is time to learn a bit more about how to sell feet pics and how a thing for feet can help you possibly quit your day job.

To get started selling feet pictures, you will need to find a following of feet lovers, a decent camera, and a realistic approach in the beginning. Take a look at other foot pics to get an idea of poses. You can also decide if you will only be selling feet pics online or branch out to sell foot jewelry as well.

You can start selling feet pics as soon as you have a few that you are comfortable with. Many people who buy feet pics have particular foot poses they like better than others. Do not be surprised if your feet photos garner a lot of instant likes and additional requests in a short period of time.

How much money can I make selling pictures of my feet?

Selling feet pics can earn a lot of money in a short period of time if done correctly. With the right platform, marketing, and the right followers, there is almost no limit to the amount that you can charge for your feet pics. One of the biggest benefits of selling feet pics is the ability to set your own prices.

As an example, a young Canadian woman reported a yearly income of over $70,000 for her feet pictures, foot-related merchandise, and special requests from her 10,000 followers. Followers often send items like foot jewelry (toe rings, ankle bracelets) or footwear (hose, sock) for her to wear. Additional requests like the purchase of used socks are also common for her.

The trick is to set a goal as well as a minimum amount that you will accept for your feet pics and then post them to see how you are accepted. Don’t expect to make the higher amounts right away though unless you have something very unique to offer. Remember, you can always adjust your prices up or down as needed.

Can I legally sell pictures of my feet?

Yes, you can legally sell feet pics on many online platforms unless there is a specific rule against this activity. To be completely sure that your feet pics are not crossing any lines:

  • Read the terms of service of the website you are using.
  • Be 18 or older.
  • Only sell your own feet pics.
  • Don’t exactly copy anyone else’s feet pics. Use others for inspiration but add your own twists, a different background, or something that will set you apart.

Where can I sell my feet pictures for money?

You can sell feet pics on OnlyFans and TikTok but there are other sites that are designed for that specific reason. You may find that you are reaching the more eager buyers fascinated by feet on these sites. You can start selling feet photos with:

  • FeetFinder
  • Instafeet
  • FunWithFeet
  • Feetify

When you are just getting started, look around each website and decide which is best for you. Remember, you should ask yourself questions about the website including:

  • How anonymous can you remain?
  • How secure is the site? (You don’t want someone to find your name or other personal information).
  • How is payment made?
  • Will you be charged a fee to sell photos on the site?

How do I start selling my feet pictures?

To get started making money selling feet pics, choose one or more of the sites mentioned above and determine which is the best and most comfortable for you to use. Take the time to look around and see what kind of poses seem to be displayed most frequently if that is possible.

Determine who will be taking the feet pics. Will you take them yourself or will you have a trusted friend to help out? Try several angles of each pose. Experiment with lighting, props, and other factors. Learn the basics of editing your pics to make them the best that they can be.

Set prices for your photos while keeping in mind the guidelines previously discussed. Don’t be shy about pointing out that this is your first attempt as a foot model because that may be a huge selling point for some people.

High-quality pictures will always sell better than blurry, out-of-focus, amateur work.

What feet pics sell best?

Selling feet pictures online will always depend on the market. Some people into feet will look for sexy feet pics with pedicured nails and provocative poses one week but then trend toward natural, unposed pics the following week. Good foot models will know what pleases the person that buys feet pics and how to adapt their feet poses to the changing tastes.

Really good foot photos may earn faithful fans that may have special requests. They will purchase feet pics at higher prices if you can meet those requests keeping in mind that you should never do anything that you are not comfortable with.

How much should I charge for feet pics?

Most experts, on many social media platforms, recommend starting the pricing at $5 and then moving up as you start to get more good feet pics and/or a fan. Once you have a big enough following and have the ability to start selling feet pictures on a more regular basis, you may want to build and maintain your own website. On your own site, you could charge a monthly fee that might include more feet pics plus content about foot care and merchandise.

How much do feet pics sell for on fan sites?

OnlyFan users have reported making $200 per day selling photos of their bare feet and nothing more. As with other social media sites, you have to remember that competition can be fierce and the more interaction and followers you have, the more success you will have.

Start by building up your fan base before you start trying to sell pics because you can take the most fabulous photo ever but you won’t make a dime if there is no one there to see or buy it.

How can I sell my foot pictures anonymously?

You can sell your foot pics without revealing your identity by going to the Whisper app, upload photos, and then creating a unique user name. You may also be able to sell photos online without revealing your name or face on other sites like FeetFinder.

How do you take good feet pictures?

A good foot photo needs several things including the most important thing: feet ready for their close-up. To get your feet camera ready invest in a good home foot spa kit or treat yourself to a professional pedicure. Tip: some of your fans might eventually ask for feet videos where you are painting your toenails or having foot care performed.

Next, you will need a decent camera and good lighting. Play around with poses. Play music and let yourself fully enjoy the process. Remember, small flaws can be handled once you have managed to capture the feet pics successfully.

Can you sell feet pics on Tiktok?

Yes, you can sell feet pics on TikTok as long as you stay within their terms of service. As with any other social media platform, you will be trying to get noticed among millions of other users.

What is Instafeet?

Instafeet is a social media platform that lets creators sell feet photos to people who subscribe to the creators they like. The better the foot images, the more likely they will be to subscribe to you. You should start with a minimum of 5 pics and then add new pics of your feet regularly.

You cannot just join, though. You must be approved by an “agent” first. Currently, the process is taking up to three weeks and may take longer if registration closes for a brief period. There are a lot of people trying to sell foot pictures so the agents look for quality before your registration is approved.

Is Instafeet worth it?

If you want to market your feet online, Instafeet can be a valuable tool but you should consider it only part of your foot photo business tool chest. You can sell foot pics on several platforms until you find fans so you can sell feet pics directly to them.

It bears repeating, that you cannot sell feet pics without followers so try to build up a solid fan base on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms before you get started.

Is Instafeet free for sellers?

Once your membership is approved you can start posting high-quality photos for free. Instafeet will keep a small percentage (10%) of your monthly earnings to cover site costs such as site maintenance and credit card processing.

Closing thoughts and tips to sell feet pictures online

You can sell feet pics online to make a little extra money or to create a whole business. Remember to sell feet pics you need followers. You can luck out and get a foot fan who will shower you with foot-related gifts and will pay almost any amount for new pics or you may struggle to get anyone to buy your photos at all.

Take care of your feet, keep up with photographic skills, and watch for the trends so you can keep a leg up on the competition.

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