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Online Jobs for College Students

By September 29, 2022May 18th, 2023No Comments

College is changing in a lot of ways. Online education has moved from the fringe to a growing percentage of students with 5.8 million choosing online-only classes. Because they are already online, it makes sense that these students would also want to find an online job, at least while working on their degree.

Online jobs let students work their own schedules so that they can earn money while not sacrificing valuable study time.

What are some good online jobs for a college student?

Some of the best online jobs for college students may be related to their field of study. An education major may be interested in working with tutoring services. Those in the medical and legal fields may take a data entry job for the typing practice.

Many online jobs only require a few hours per day and a good internet connection. Here are some helpful tips for finding the perfect online job.


Did you know that you can become a tutor without formal teaching qualifications? As long as you have tutored before and can pass the skills assessment, you can provide online tutoring with TutorMe.

Blogging and Writing

You do not have to be an experienced freelance writer to create content. A profitable blog can earn a passive income giving you extra spending money plus more time to enjoy college life.

Create an account with Fiverr as a writer, freelance graphic designer, or another gig worker, bid on jobs, and set your own schedule.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant jobs are great for college students or anyone who wants to make money online. You will need a reliable internet connection, a flexible schedule, good communication skills, and time management skills.

Look for these jobs with Upwork or

Data Entry

Online data entry jobs can be done at home between classes. A data entry clerk needs to be fast, with high attention to detail, and have the ability to do repetitive tasks without losing focus.

You can find these jobs with Flex Jobs or with

Teach English

As an online tutor, you may be asked to help people practice English or to learn English as a second language. Necessary training varies as does the amount that you will be paid.

Possible jobs can be found with SayABC or AM Class.

Design Work

If you have graphic design skills you may be able to pick up freelance work, even before you complete your degree. The perfect job may be right at your own school and they may be more willing to work within your class schedule.

You can also earn decent money with jobs posted with

Social Media Manager

You do not need to have completed your degree in social media management to get hired. Again, the best place to start is with your own school. You will need the proven ability to amass a following and to post content that people are interested in interacting with.

Find jobs outside of your school with


Micro jobs are single tasks or assignments that are done for a set fee per project similar to freelance work. These can pay anything from a few dollars per task to $20 and up per hour.

You can find these types of jobs with, Fiverr, or Appen.


A transcriptionist takes audio and video files and creates a written document. You need excellent typing skills, and great attention to detail, and may need additional equipment for some jobs. A headset and a foot pedal will make the job much easier.

Find entry-level transcription jobs at

Which website is best for online jobs?

Since there are so many different types of online jobs, there is not just a single “best” website. You can find online jobs to earn extra cash, gain experience, or form networking relationships for your future.

Online jobs can mean everything from running your own business to doing side hustles or freelance work.

Side Hustles

A side hustle can be nearly anything to bring in a little extra money. You can sell things, rent space in your home, or do short, simple online tasks in your spare time.


Swagbucks lets you earn and save money from one account. Set aside just a few minutes every day to answer online surveys, play games, or watch videos to earn rewards like gift cards and Paypal cash.

Save money by using discount codes or offers from the site all while earning more points toward additional rewards.


InboxDollars is part of the same company as Swagbucks and is pretty similar. You can earn as an online survey taker plus save money with coupons, discounts, and special offers.


MTurk is the “crowdsource marketplace” for a variety of tasks. These tasks can be as simple as verifying details about a business like their hours or more complex like transcription and data entry.

Sign up as an MTurk worker and explore the available tasks. Details for each job are provided in the listing.


Freelance work is like having your own business. It can be a great online job for college students who may not know how to fit a traditional job around their class schedule.


Upwork is a great place to start looking for freelance jobs of many kinds. From writers to search engine optimization experts to freelance web developers and more, it is a global freelance marketplace that lets you learn and develop skills that may put you ahead in your future career.


Among freelance sites, Fiverr may be one of the most famous. You can find freelance writing jobs, graphic design jobs, logo, marketing, and branding jobs. Once you build a reputation, clients may be the ones seeking you.


99 Designs offers 2 ways to get jobs for designers: with a 1-1 deal or by winning a contest against others. The site does charge a fee for every task and winning contests may not be an appealing prospect for those who need the extra money.


Truelancer posts jobs by categories. You can bid on or apply for jobs in any category you feel that you are qualified for. Pay and other details are listed in every job posting.

Remote Jobs

Remote jobs are perfect for students because there is no commuting and most can be done on your own schedule. Work requirements may depend on the job itself. You could be hired to be a remote call center worker taking phone calls from your own home and could be required to have a specific headset and company software.


FlexJobs is a job board that also offers career advice, resume-building services and more. You do have to pay a fee to get full access to everything the site has to offer.

With listings for all aspects of web development, sales, marketing, appointment setters, and others, over 3 million people come to this site to find work and to post jobs.

Skip the Drive

Skip the Drive has part-time and full-time listings for virtually any type of job that you can think of including programming, human resources, customer service, and healthcare.

Home With The Kids

Home with the Kids combines remote work boards with a blog that is geared more toward parents but can be useful to college students as well.

Overall Best Job Sites

Not all job sites are created equal. When finding the best online job for your situation becomes nearly a full-time job on its own, it is time to rethink where you are searching. Here are some of the best sites to begin with.


Indeed lets your browse jobs by location, type, company, or by salary. You can also post your resume, compare salaries, and get career advice with the blog.


LinkedIn is part job site and part networking community. You can join groups, message people, and get advice on writing the perfect resume before diving in and applying for the thousands of jobs that are posted there.

Alumni Site / Alumni Job Board

As a college student, you may have access to a resource that no one else does. Your school’s former students typically like to see their alma mater do good things and that may mean a little helping hand up to brand new degree holders or to students in certain fields. The alumni job board can be an incredible way to get a foot in the door of industries that can be otherwise hard to break into.

Which online part-time job is best for students?

Every student’s needs are different. Some may not care what the job is as long as it helps pay the rent or the cost of books. Others may only want jobs that align with their major or will help them reach future goals in some way.

It is also important to remember that in between classes, studying, and work, there has to be some time to unwind.

Best for Flexible Hours

If flexible hours are the most important thing, these might be the best suggestions for you.

Survey Apps

You can make money with survey apps. Stick with tried and true apps like Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, and Survey Junkie.

Gig Economy Apps

If you want to be in charge of your own hours, apps like Uber, Postmates, and Door Dash can be a good choice.


Writing your own blog and then learning to monetize it gives you both a creative outlet plus a relatively easy way to earn money online.

Best for Maximum Earning Potential

If the main goal is to earn money you will want to find the most lucrative online job.

Teaching English Online

Starting pay for online teachers can be as low as $15 but in some areas, it can be double that amount.

Virtual Assistant Work

It may depend on your area, who you are working for, and the type of work you are doing, but being a virtual assistant can be rewarding in many ways.

Data Entry

You may have to start with lower-paying jobs at first, but if you stick with it you can easily be making very good money.

Remote Customer Service Work

The bigger the company that you work for, the higher the rate of pay.

Best for Resume Building

If you want a job that is going to look good on your resume, consider something that will align with your current major and your future goals.

Social Media Manager (for Company that Aligns with Your Major)

Social media managers can make or break a campaign or a brand. Find a position that will allow you to be the voice of the career you hope to build.


Contrary to popular belief, not all internships are unpaid. While some may only give you college credit and a nice addition to your resume, others do pay an hourly wage. Find a remote internship at

Freelance Writing

The problem with freelance writing is that you typically do not get to have your name on the finished work. Your client puts their name and owns the piece after you are finished. You can negotiate for credit with Fiverr and Upwork.

Freelance Design

Freelance Design has the same problem. Before you accept just any job make sure that you will be the one getting credit for your designs and that you will be able to use them as part of your portfolio. You can’t get the job of your dreams without being able to show what you have done in the past.

Conclusion About Online Jobs for College Students

College students who are looking for an online job opportunity have hundreds of resources available to them. It can be overwhelming with this many options and choices. Still, it is always better to have too many choices than to have none at all. It is simply a matter of finding the right type of job that works for their interest, their goals, and their class schedule.

The best online jobs for college students are the ones that let them earn some money, have time to study and get to their classes and also have some leisure time. College is about more than learning how to become yet another worker bee. And when it’s time to graduate, college students should check-out OpenComp and their tool that lets you check salary ranges for various positions.

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