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Get Free PayPal Money

By August 17, 2022No Comments

There are many advantages to having a Paypal account including the ability to link it to a bank account for easy transfers, using it to pay for purchases while shopping online, and more. Did you know that you get cash back from Paypal automatically?

To get started, create your free account and then link a checking or savings account to it. Any time you want to make a bank transfer it will be as simple as logging in and following the directions. You can even get a Paypal debit card so that you can shop in-store the same way you would when you shop online.

The Paypal platform offers additional benefits including Paypal credit plus an option to let you split payments and more. Paypal will also send you offers to help you save extra money on purchases from brands that you have made purchases from in the past.

>>> Tip: Earn free PayPal cash from Swagbucks. This popular rewards site pays you free PayPal money and gift cards when you play games, take paid online surveys, search the web and more. Join Swagbucks now!

How do I get Paypal free $100?

There are a lot of ways to get money for free but you will still have to do a bit of work for it. An easy but still legitimate way to get Paypal money is by taking advantage of free offers that are sent to you via e-mail. Paypal frequently sends out QR codes that can let you earn money by following the directions provided. That money goes directly to your Paypal account.

Another way to get easy money is by referring friends. For every friend that you refer to Paypal, you can get a cash reward. Don’t forget that you will also earn cash just by using your Paypal account to pay bills, buy lunch, or for online shopping.

A very common, simple, and rewarding way to get extra cash is by completing surveys. Big companies and famous brands value your opinion but cannot spend the time and resources to create surveys and then calculate the results on their own. They hire other companies to do that and those companies use survey sites to get all of the potential people they could need.

Most survey sites use some form of a point system to reward users for everything from answering surveys to completing other online tasks. When a user has enough points, they can trade them for free gift cards or Paypal cash. You can earn points for all of the time you spend on the site so that you can earn rewards faster.

Every site has a different minimum payout amount, and each one awards points at different rates. Here are some sites to consider if you like to answer surveys, play games, and get paid to do it.


Free to join for anyone over the age of 13, Swagbucks is more than just online surveys. Other ways to earn rewards include searching the Internet, playing games, and completing offers.

If you like to shop online, use the Swagbucks site or install the browser extension to get discounts on everything from everyday items to your shipping cost on purchases. There are additional ways to save money, and cashback on some purchases, and all of them help you earn Swagbucks points or SB.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars allow you to simply sign up and start earning from your first day. You only need to be 18 years old with a valid email address to earn points for e-gift cards and Paypal money. Like Swagbucks, you can also use the site to save money while shopping with or without installing the browser extension.

Other Survey Sites to consider

Here are some more sites that will let you earn free Paypal money or other rewards just for doing paid surveys and other easy-to-do options.

  • Survey Junkie
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Toluna
  • Upromise

How can I get free Paypal money?

In addition to getting free Paypal money by referring your friends, family, and social media contacts, you can get money with QR codes. Paypal sends emails with these codes at random times. For the first code you activate, you can get $50. These codes are sent to you with an invitation to participate and only last for a limited time.

You will need to be a Paypal member to receive the invitation and you may also need to download the Paypal app as well.

If you don’t have a free PayPal account, it’s easy to create one. You can even get $10 free when you set up your free PayPal account. Get $10 free from PayPal.

How can I make $50 instantly?

Taking surveys, getting points for playing games, and referring people are all easy to do but none of them will get you Paypal money instantly. In reality, the only way to get any kind of money that fast is to make a sale or provide a service. If you do that, you can be paid directly to your Paypal account, instantly.

If you want to provide a service there are several options. One of the most common is freelance writing, especially blog writing and content creation. Getting paying jobs can be difficult, especially for someone who does not have connections. Most writers opt to work through websites like Fiverr or Upwork. Note: if you do work through these sites, you will not be paid instantly.

Selling an item such as a Smartphone or a laptop can be simple if you know how to advertise and where to post. If you are willing to cover the shipping cost, you can sell your item to a wider range of people and they can pay you right to your Paypal account.

Can I get free money?

You can always find ways to get free money if you know where to look for it. There are apps that let you learn about the investing world and will even give you professional financial advice. These sites often offer free stocks for new customers. Once you sign up, you get the stocks that you can keep, sell, or trade. An Acorns account, for example, lets you start investing with a very low account balance. Plus, every time you shop in-store or online, you can round up the total due and put the extra amount into a savings account to earn interest.

Are you interested in losing weight? How would you like to earn money to lose weight while also getting encouragement to keep at it? Did you know that there are apps that let you do all of that and more? Here are a few of those apps, including options that will pay you to walk, log your food or make better choices, and some that will reward you for reaching a goal that you set for yourself.

  • Healthy Wage
  • Runtopia
  • Fit Potato
  • WinWalk
  • Evidation
  • Life Coin
  • Fit for Bucks

Most of these will pay in gift cards or other rewards and may pay in free Paypal cash as well. Only a few of these (Healthy Wage and Evidation) will allow you to earn points for activities other than walking or running. Some may require GPS and may only register miles or steps that are outside.

What apps pay you instantly?

It is rare for an app to pay out right away. But you can get free Paypal money instantly (or close to it) by spending some time on Swagbucks. The minimum payout is $3. To have enough points for that reward, you will need 300 points. Once you reach that amount you can get a Paypal gift card or a transfer to your Paypal balance.

If you are a new user of Swagbucks you can easily reach that amount by installing the Swagbucks browser extension, setting Swagbucks as your default browser, taking some short surveys, and playing a few games.

Additional opportunities, such as Swagstakes, finding Swag codes, or playing the live trivia game on the Swagbucks app can also help you earn free Paypal money fast.

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