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Bubble Cash

By July 26, 2022No Comments

Do you like bubble shooter games? Are you in need of some extra cash? I have great news for you! Bubble cash is the game for you! This game is super fun and easy to navigate. The best part of all, the free money you can earn! If you want to learn more about how you can earn free money from playing games on your phone, continue reading below!

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What is Bubble Cash?

Bubble cash is an app available in the IOS App Store. It is a skill based pop-shooter game. Basically this means that the game involves some type of shooting or popping bubbles to increase your score. Bubble cash offers both free and paid game modes. Players compete against each other in tournaments to win gems or cash.

Similar to games like candy crush, the goal of the game is to get three or more of the same colored bubbles to touch each other. When this happens they fall off the board. The goal being to clear the board or get the highest score possible and win.

Bubble cash is 100% legit. Out of 62,000 ratings bubble cash is rated a 4.6 and is ranked #6 for casino games on the App Store. Since the game is considered gambling, only those who are 17 and older can play. Users had this to say about the game “I find it really soothing and enjoyable” and “I have played this game and cashed out over $500”.

When playing bubble cash you can earn real money cash prizes. You can practice before the real deal, collecting gems to enter tournaments. Bubble cash will then match you to users with a similar skill set for a fairly matched game. When it comes time to withdraw your winnings they have cash out options such as PayPal account transfers and Apple Pay.

Can I Win Real Money With Bubble Cash?

The big question… Do I win real money and prizes with bubble cash? The answer, yes! You can participate in real cash tournaments and win money playing bubble cash. If you are looking to play a fun bubble game and win money doing so, on the app be sure to choose the paid games option. You can deposit money into your account and this will allow you to play for money on the bubble cash app.

You know the saying “you have to spend money to make money”? Well that applies here. You deposit some funds into your account and this allows you to compete for more money, turning out a profit if you are lucky.

When you deposit or earn money, you can withdraw that from your cash balance within the app. However if you win bonus dollars or bonus cash, those cannot be withdrawn. Your bonuses are meant to be spent within the bubble cash app for cash tournaments to make more money, or on other things.

How to Get a High Score on the Classic Bubble Shooter Game?

If you love bubble pop games you probably have developed a few strategies of your own by now. For our new bubble shooter fans here are some ways to achieve a high school and win a few dollars doing so.

The goal of the game is to pop all the bubbles, so efficiency is key. To do this you’re going to want to look for pops that will get more than three bubbles. A row of five would be better than a row of three.

To get a high score on the classic bubble shooter game you need to be able to evaluate the screen in front of you quickly and determine the best course of action possible to get you the most points with each shot. This takes practice, overtime you will get better and better. And hey, all that practicing means more cash prizes.

Will I Win Real Money Cash Prizes?

All this talk about winning money for playing games, will I really win real money prizes for playing bubble cash? Yup! Bubble cash is 100% legit and rewards its users who participate in real money tournaments with real cash prizes.

Once you have participated in a cash game and have earned some money you can cash out securely on the app. Simply choose the withdraw option and you will be directed to complete a PayPal transfer which usually will take 3-5 business days.

The free modes of Bubble cash are available to play anytime, but if you are looking to earn money you need to first load some money onto your account. If you aren’t sold on playing bubble cash yet because you “barely win”, let me stop you right there. You don’t have to play for real money, you can play for free. And what’s the harm if you lose and it was free? What if it turns out that you’re a really good player? Then I bet you’d wish you played for cash!

What are other Game Apps that Give You Free Money?

If you enjoy playing bubble cash for money you are in luck! There are other game apps that you can play for free money too. How do you locate those apps you might ask? Simple, sign up for survey rewards sites!

Online sites like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and MyPoints will pay users for playing video games. All you need to do is create an account. Once you have done that look for a tab labeled “play” or “games”. From there will be directed to tons of different offers and rewards for playing games either online or in an app.

Final Thoughts on Bubble Cash

If you are a bubble shooter fan, you love to collect awesome daily bonuses, and enjoy playing a relaxing color matching game, bubble cash is the game for you. Playing bubble cash is a great way to earn some extra cash to help pay the bills.

Bubble cash isn’t something to quit your job over. But if you’re looking to bring in a little bit of extra spending money, this game will do the trick.

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