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Best Money Making Apps

By July 26, 2022No Comments

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020 more and more people have been working from home or remotely from their laptops and phones. Making money online isn’t a new thing, there are tons of websites where you can earn rewards online. 

But what about making money from your phone? Are there apps where you can earn money? Yes, yes there are! We will go over some of the best money-making apps and tips and tricks to maximize your earnings below.

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Can I Earn Money On My Phone?

The basic question: can I earn money on my phone? The answer: yes you can. The key is just knowing how to do so. Just going to your App Store and searching “best money making apps” can be a little intimidating, having to sift through all the results.

Swagbucks and InboxDollars are two online survey sites that also have mobile apps. These can be downloaded through the IOS app store or used in a browser extension on your phone. From there you can complete offers within the apps to earn rewards. Offers range from things like taking surveys to playing games to even shopping online.

This all sounds fun, but what if I am new to earning money on my phone, can a beginner earn money online? Yes, these two money-making apps we have mentioned are easy to navigate and everything is explained within the app. So no matter what your experience level is you should be able to earn some extra money online with your phone.

If survey apps aren’t your thing and you would still like to earn cash rewards on mobile, there are still a few different apps you can try. Namely DoorDash and the Uber app. These two apps pay you for completing a service for someone else (delivering food or driving people). You receive a base salary and tips. 

What is the Best Money Making App?

If you are looking for a money-making app, you probably want to just skip to the best one. It’s pretty hard for us to narrow down which one is the best, so here are our top 5 best money-making apps.


Swagbucks is an online survey rewards site that also offers a mobile app. Swagbucks features paid surveys and other offers to earn extra cash on the go. Users can earn rewards points for watching videos, playing games, and online shopping. 

When you have earned enough rewards points you can withdraw your money. Swagbucks offers a variety of gift cards as rewards, they have cards to all your favorite retailers. Or if you aren’t sure where you would like to spend your money, you can choose a PayPal or Visa gift card which can be spent practically anywhere.


InboxDollars is a survey rewards site that also has a mobile app. InboxDollars will reward you for taking surveys, playing games, and shopping. They specialize in cash-back offers. InboxDollars has a page titled magic receipts with a whole list of items you can earn cash back on, and you can earn even more money just for uploading a picture of your receipt.

InboxDollars offers gift cards as rewards, starting at $15. Most money-making apps cater to those who have time to sit and complete offers. But if you are someone who does a lot of grocery shopping, InboxDollar is the app for you because they reward that the best.


MyPoints is a great money-making app for those who like to save money while they spend money. With MyPoints you can print grocery coupons to use on your next trip to the store, and get points for printing the coupons, how cool is that? You can also earn free money for reading paid emails, taking surveys, and online purchases.

When you have earned enough points you can withdraw them for awesome rewards right on the website or app. MyPoints offers tons of different gift cards to choose from. As money-making apps go, this one is a breeze to navigate and takes just a few minutes to start earning rewards.


Earning money online and on your phone to spend is great, but what if I need to start saving money for college? Is there an app for that? Why yes there is! Upromise is a great app for helping to save for college and earning free money. Upromise offers professional financial advice with information about college 529 savings plans and accounts.

Upromise will reward you for your in-store purchases and online purchases and dining. Other apps will offer gift cards, transfers to your Paypal account, or direct deposit. But Upromise deposits your earnings directly into a college savings account to help you finance your future. Out of the many money-making apps, this is the best one for students. 


If you are looking to earn cash back on groceries Tada is the money-making app for you. Tada offers cash back on your everyday purchases, even at online retailers. You can start earning points in three easy steps. All you need to do is sign up for the app or website, go shopping, and upload a picture of your receipt (this can be done on the smartphone app). 

When you have hit the payout amount you are looking for, you can choose either PayPal cash or gift cards. It is incredibly easy to earn points when all you need to do is upload a picture of your receipt to a free app. When you use Tada to earn cash back you will have rewards in no time.

Can Money Making Apps Boost My Bank Account?

If you are looking for a boost in your bank account this can definitely be achieved with money-making apps. Whether you choose a survey app like Swagbucks and InboxDollars, or service apps like the Uber app or DoorDash, in a few hours you are sure to have some rewards coming your way. 

Earning $1000 a month might be a little extreme. But if you dedicate some time to these money-making apps, it would be reasonable to say that you could bring in an extra $100-300 a month, depending on what app or apps you use, and how often you use them.

Final Thoughts on Money Making Apps

Money-making apps are the side hustle you didn’t know you needed. It is so quick and easy to earn money from your phone if you know how to do it. Whether it is a cashback app, survey, or service, if you put some time in you are sure to see some financial benefits. 

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