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TradeStation is an online platform that offers online securities, brokerage, and trading services. Its headquarters are located in Florida, but TradeStation has offices across the United States and even a few global offices.

So what does TradeStation offer? Is it just a TradeStation website or is there an app? And how can I gain access to some trading strategies or tips and tricks? We’ll go over all of that and more.

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What is the TradeStation Platform?

So what exactly is TradeStation? Calling it a trading platform is a pretty vague description. TradeStation is an online platform where users can buy, sell, and trade various financial products.

Some trading platforms cost money, but you can use TradeStation for free in some cases. Equities, equity options, and futures trades all have $0 commission-free trading. Then it is between $0.50 and $1.50 per contract.

The trading platform that TradeStation offers is great for both experienced professionals and beginners. TradeStation offers powerful trading technology, online brokerage services, and trading education. TradeStation is committed to providing the best trading experience possible for its users.

TradeStation offers commission-free and innovative pricing plans for its users and active traders. All of their available platforms are free to trade stocks on. They offer web trading, mobile apps, and a TradeStation desktop platform. They also offer real-time market data for free to all of their users.

All of the trading you will do on TradeStation has a $0 commission, but they do have a small fee attached per contract or per side, ranging from $0.50 per contract to $1.50. If you’re looking to keep your monthly trading cost low, look into tradings that don’t have the per-contract fee attached like stocks and EFT.

For more information about TradeStation’s pricing, you can check out what account fees might apply to you here

What Are Some Trading Strategies for TradeStation?

Trading isn’t easy, even for active traders. That’s why TradeStation offers trading ideas to its users. Once you’ve explored all they have to offer you can come up with your own trading strategies to use in the future.

TradeStation’s goal is to level the playing field in the realm of trading and investing. Whether you are using the desktop platform, the TradeStation mobile app, or trading in your web browser, TradeStation offers all of the same tools to its users.

TradeStation offers real-time market insights and data to its users. Having access to this can help you develop a strategy for trading. In addition to that, TradeStation also offers free educational resources that are available to all of its users. You can check out articles to learn how to trade stocks, futures, options, and cryptos. 

There are no funding requirements for the TradeStation platform. You can begin your crypto trading with a deposit of any size. This is great for newer traders who might not feel comfortable depositing tons of money into their accounts. Once you have developed your own strategies, you might feel more comfortable depositing more funds.

With the education TradeStation offers, it is a really attractive platform, especially for novice traders. Along with all of the charting tools and market data available to users, TradeStation is a platform you will want to check out.

If there are downsides to trading with TradeStation, we haven’t found any yet. One thing that we’ll note, it might be easier to use their desktop platform than the mobile app, because of the bigger screen. It’s easier to trade when you can see everything all at once than try to maneuver different tabs. 

Can I Access Historical Market Data?

With TradeStation you will have access to historical market data going back at least 28 years. Their daily stock data goes back about 50 years, intraday stock goes back 28 years, daily futures go back 69 years, intraday futures goes back 36 years, daily index goes back 59 years, and intraday index goes back 35 years. All of that info and more can be found here.

TradeStation’s desktop trading platform would be the best in my opinion for accessing historical market data. I think it is the easiest to manage and having more room on the screen to use is a real advantage. 

Having access to past market data can be a real advantage. You can use it to test trading ideas and build strategies. The data can be used in combination with the educational resources available for investment advice. 

Trading Platform Tips and Tricks

TradeStation offers tons of resources and tools to its users, take advantage of them! This is a real benefit to TradeStation users. You can use the resources provided to you to develop your own custom trading strategies.

It is incredibly easy to get in touch with someone from TradeStation, take advantage of that resource. You can receive direct client support for a question about the trading software company or the trading tools themselves. The client services and tech support phone number is 800.822.0512. For assistance with specific trades, you can find those phone numbers here.

There are a dozen trading apps you could try if you were really up for it. None of them would offer you as great of benefits as TradeStation does. Not only are you gaining access to market data when you sign up. But you also are receiving free educational resources for things like futures contracts, futures trading, and much more. It’s a no-brainer at this point that TradeStation is the go-to trade execution platform.

Final Thoughts on TradeStation

Whether you are just breaking into the business of trading or you are an experienced trader, the TradeStation platform is perfect for you. 

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