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Micro Wedding

By April 20, 2022May 12th, 2022No Comments

Your dream wedding was canceled either directly by the pandemic or because in the rush of returning to some semblance of normal, venues are booked up and a traditional wedding is getting farther and farther away.

Your wedding day can be something special without all of the needless expense of a huge event in front of people you may not even know. A more intimate wedding will be special because it will include only those that truly hold a place in your heart.

Don’t let the wedding industry dictate what a “real” wedding is for you and your beloved. If you want fewer guests, that should be perfectly fine. Thankfully, micro weddings are becoming more and more the norm and may even replace the outrageous expense of larger affairs.

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What does micro wedding mean?

A micro wedding is a pared-down version of a traditional wedding. It takes all of the best parts of what you want for your dream wedding with a much smaller guest list. This smaller-scale wedding may include as few as 50 guests consisting of only family members and your most treasured friends.

Even with a smaller guest count, wedding planning is the key to a beautiful celebration on your special day. A small celebration may also mean that the venue can be more creative with some happening outside so that beloved pets can attend to an elegant wedding in an art gallery.

You can choose which time-honored traditions are kept as part of the ceremony and the things that you would prefer to leave out.

What does a micro wedding look like?

A micro wedding may be the same as any other wedding and may feature time-honored traditions like the first dance, the champagne toast, the large wedding dress, and even the wedding march.

It can also be entirely different from all of those things. Fewer guests means a more intimate affair and the couple may invite everyone to participate in some way.

When preparing invitations to a micro wedding remember to include all of the traditional information but also include things such as:

  • The dress code. Some people may think micro weddings mean “super casual”.
  • Whether there will be a reception afterward and what that might mean. (Full bar/cash bar/only a few drinks being served, etc.).
  • Whether children are welcome or not. This information should be included in all wedding invitations, regardless of size.

How small is a micro wedding?

The average size of a micro wedding is 50 people or less. In contrast, the average traditional wedding in America has around 160 guests. The bridal party will have 5 bridesmaids and 5 groomsmen.

Micro weddings can still have your bridesmaids and groomsmen or the couple may opt for a single person at their side for the ceremony. Some couples also choose not to do this at all, opting to say their vows to one another without a friend or relative standing up with them.

Where do you find micro wedding venues?

This is important because some venues have a minimum requirement meaning that whether you have that many people there or not, that is what you are paying for. This is especially true for larger venues that would be losing money on a more intimate event.

You can look for venues in your area and cross off any that mention “minimum” since those numbers are likely to be fairly high. If you are working with a wedding planner, reinforce that it will be an intimate celebration and that the venue must absolutely be ready for that. You should not be forced to expand your guest list to suit a venue.

This is where some creative ideas may be able to shine. A favorite restaurant, especially one with a private room or banquet hall may be able to double as the location for the ceremony and the reception with the convenience of no one having to drive to a second location.

Beautiful, intimate weddings can take place nearly anywhere. Micro weddings may actually give more flexibility for location because it would be impossible to fit 100 people in an old-fashioned train car, for example, but 25-50 would fit nicely.

What is the difference between a micro wedding and elopement?

If a micro wedding is the smaller version of a normal-sized wedding, then an elopement can be considered the smaller version of micro weddings. Typically having only a few guests, these can also be considered to be a destination micro wedding as most are planned months in advance.

These elopements are definitely not the same as the old “run off to Vegas before the parents catch on” scenes of the past. Think of them as a small group traveling to a tropical island for a beautiful ceremony followed by a beach feast, surfing lessons, diving with sharks, and endless coconut flavored custom drinks that have you considering a permanent move.

How do you plan a minimony?

Large wedding, small wedding, smaller wedding, it all makes no difference when it comes to the planning. Planning is the key to a beautiful event with as little stress as possible no matter how big the guest list may be.

If you can afford to use a wedding planner, do so. Wedding experts are paid for their expertise and knowledge and relieving stress is part of their skillset. If you cannot, sit down with the immediate family and discuss your vision for the day and then consider the things you like about a big wedding. How can you adapt those to a small wedding?

A to-do list is invaluable and can help you remember small details without the need to cut corners or give up the things that will make this the wedding of your dreams.

Above all, remember that a wedding is supposed to be the joining of two people who love one another and want to commit to that love for the rest of their lives.

How much does a micro wedding cost compared to a regular wedding?

The average cost of a traditional wedding in the US can range from nearly $20,000 to almost $34,000 depending on many factors. The state that you are being married in is one of the biggest factors.

The average cost of a micro wedding on the other hand can range from $1,000 to $10,000. This includes things such as flowers, the venue, the wedding dress, and wedding photography.

How can you save money on your micro wedding?

There are several ways to save money on your big event, even if it will be a micro wedding. You can find the perfect compromise between tradition and necessity. For example, instead of printed invitations, consider using handwritten notes. If you would prefer to use traditional invitations, ask the printer if you can use end-run printing. You will not be able to choose the color of the paper, but the savings can be substantial.

Another way to save money is by searching for vendors through Swagbucks. With thousands of merchants for everything from the perfect wedding dress, flowers, and even personalized wedding favors, you can find a deal that will bring your costs down.

Swagbucks is free to join and offers several ways to save including by using the available coupon codes or by earning cash back on purchases.

How can you make money to pay for your micro wedding?

Making money to pay for a micro wedding can be as simple as joining Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, and Upromise. Not only can you save money plus earn cashback, but you can also make additional money on these sites in your spare time. It can be a great way to get your mind off of the wedding planning for a few minutes as you earn a few dollars by:

  • Taking surveys.
  • Watching videos.
  • Searching the web.
  • Playing games.
  • Trying offers and learning about new products.

It won’t be thousands of dollars, but if you start a free account at the same time that you start planning your micro wedding, you can have a nice bit to add to the budget.

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