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Gift Cards

Target Visa Gift Card

By March 31, 2022April 14th, 2022No Comments

Visa gift cards are often prepaid cards that can be used in more places than traditional gift cards. There are still restrictions on where a prepaid card can be used.

Tip: You can earn free Visa gift cards and free Target gift cards on the Swagbucks rewards app.

Can you use a Target Visa gift card anywhere?

Yes, the card can be used anywhere that a Visa credit or debit card would be accepted. You can also use the Target Visa gift card online by entering it as a credit card payment. You will enter the card’s full number plus the security code where requested.

Does Target have Visa gift cards in-store?

Yes, you can buy a number of third-party gift cards in Target stores. These cards can be used immediately after purchase in most cases. Some of the cards may have a delayed activation which is noted on the receipt.

You can also purchase these cards or the digital version online at Digital cards are perfect for online shopping, have free delivery, and are usually sent to the designated email within 4 hours of purchase.

How do you check the balance on a Target Visa gift card?

You can quickly check the balance on your Target Visa gift card in several ways:

  • Call the number listed on the back of the gift card.
  • If it is an eGift card, you can check the balance by following the View/Print link in the email.
  • Check the balance online.
  • Request a balance check while at a Target store by asking at the customer service desk or any cashier.

It is important to check the balance before you shop even if you think you know how much is left on the card.

How much can I put on a Visa gift card at Target?

When purchasing the Visa Gift card at Target stores, you will have the option of buying them in denominations of $25, $50, and $100. There is a limit of 5 cards per person, per day so the maximum amount you could get would be $500 in gift cards.

There is a fee for purchasing each of these cards. Fees vary by the denomination purchased and start at $4.

How do I activate my Target Visa gift card?

In most cases, Visa gift cards are considered to be activated as soon as the transaction is completed. Some cards may have a 24-hour “hold” period or may require online activation to be used.

Digital Visa gift cards are usually activated once the email has been delivered to the email address given.

Can I use a Target Visa gift card on Amazon?

Yes! You can use the Target Visa gift card anywhere that accepts the Visa credit card. This includes Amazon and other retailers, gas stations, restaurants, and more. You can use the card for online shopping as well. For most websites, these gift cards are entered as credit cards during the checkout process.

Are Target Visa cards only for Target?

No, they are not limited to only Target. Even the cards that have the Bullseye logo can be used at other retail and online locations, gas stations, restaurants, and other places as long as they accept Visa cards.

What’s a Target gift cards vs a Target Visa gift card?

Target gift cards are cards that are labeled specifically for use at Target and to purchase goods and services. Target Visa gift cards are third-party gift cards that can be used anywhere that Visa credit cards are accepted.

Each card has its pros and cons and which you choose will depend on who you are giving it to and how they might like to use it.

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