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Gaming Monitor

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What is a gaming monitor?

A gaming monitor is a display that is specifically designed for gaming and usually prioritizes speed and reaction time above everything else. Gaming monitors offer lightning-speed response times that will win you games and less the image quality (sharpness or color accuracy). The most important features for a gaming monitor are low input lag and a high refresh rate.

What’s the difference between a gaming monitor and a computer monitor?

Gaming monitors have a higher refresh rate and response time than normal computer monitors. As a result, gaming monitors will run games much smoother than a normal computer monitor.

What 4 crucial features to consider for gaming monitors?

  1. Low Input Lag
  2. Fast Response Times
  3. High Refresh Rate
  4. High Resolution

What type of monitor is best for gaming (TN, VA, or IPS panel)?

If you have the funds, then IPS panels are high recommended for gaming monitors since the contrast and color will be more vivid. VAs have slower response time than TNs and IPS panels. TN panels have inferior color accuracy and limited viewing angles compared to VAs and IPS panels.

Is a gaming monitor really worth it?

If you’re a PC gamer, then having a dedicated gaming monitor is absolutely worth it. Once you’ve experienced what its like with a gaming monitor, then you’ll never game without one.

Is a 240Hz monitor worth it?

The human eye will have difficulty to notice the difference between 144Hz and 240Hz. Therefore, the average user believes that a 240HZ monitor isn’t worth the slight improvement and the increased expense. However, if you are a competitive gamer and can see the difference in the high refresh rate to perform better, than a 240HZ is definitely worth the expense. Gamers with lightning fast reflexes take full advantage of the 240HZ refresh rate.

Can a normal monitor be used for gaming?

A normal monitor can be used for slower paced gaming, however, you will experience motion blur on higher demanding games that require a high refresh rate.

What monitor does Ninja use?

Richard Tyler Belvins, aka Ninja, is a popular Fortnite Battle Royale streamer and was the first Twitch streamer to reach 3 million followers on the platform. He is widely considered the face of Fortnite and was the first PC gamer to surpass 5,000 Fortnite victories. The question on everyone’s mind is what gaming monitor Ninja uses to gain that competitive edge. Ninja is using Alienware AW2518H as his gaming monitor. This full HD gaming monitor offers a 1ms response time to make the first move and a 240hz refresh rate for virtually no input lag. This premium gaming monitor is compatible with NVIDIA G Sync to eliminate screen tearing and minimize display shutter for that enhanced gaming experience. This 25-inch gaming monitor also takes up less desk space than its 27-inch counterparts. This G Sync compatible monitor will make you feel like the pros playing games if it’s good enough for Ninja.

Are curved monitors good for gaming?

Curved monitors are designed to display images in an arc around your field of vision so you can view the edges of the screen with your peripheral vision, unlike flat panel monitors. As a result, curved monitors are the best gaming monitors for total immersion like playing VR without a headset. This immersion is perfect for the casual gaming experience in single-player mode. Outside of gaming, curved panel monitors are great for productivity allowing you to multitask and have multiple tabs open at once for projects. If you are looking for the best of the best-curved monitor, then the Samsung Odyssey G9 is the choice for maximum immersion and minimal eye strain. Curved monitors are commonly not used in pro gaming because tournaments and professional play typically do not support them since not many PC games support a curved panel in a 32:9 aspect ratio. Therefore, a larger screen isn’t necessarily always better. A wider curved monitor will demand more from your graphics card, take up more desk real estate, and cost more. Serious gamers prefer flat-panel monitors, especially for first-person shooters (FPS) games.

Are ultrawide monitors good for gaming?

Ultrawide monitors are good for gaming because they offer a wider field of vision (FOV) in games that support it. The increased peripheral vision contributes to greater immersion and also offer advantage in competitive games. However, a wider screen means that your graphics card will need to process more pixels which could affect your game’s frame rate.

How can I save money on a gaming monitor?

You can search online at Swagbucks for the best gaming monitor deals and give your bank account a break. Buying a used gaming monitor on the second-hand market is another route to save money, but it is encouraged to test it with a gaming PC to make sure it’s in good working condition before purchase. No one likes to have buyer’s remorse and especially be scammed.

The 5 Best Budget Gaming Monitors

  1. ASUS VP28UQG (4K Resoultion)
  2. AOC G2490VX (Full HD 144Hz Refresh Rate)
  3. ASUS TUF Gaming VG259QM (280Hz Refresh Rate)
  4. Z-Edge UG24 Curved
  5. Viotek GNV29CB Curved Ultrawide

The bottom line on gaming monitors

If you play PC games casually or competitively, then having a dedicated gaming monitor will absolutely elevate your gaming experience. Your eyes will thank you for sparing them from blurry visuals.

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