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Kohl’s Gift Card Balance

By March 3, 2022May 13th, 2022No Comments

A Kohl’s gift card is a great gift for any occasion. Gift cards can be used in your favorite store or online. You can even use them for purchases on the Kohl’s app.

Not only are they easy to give as gifts, but they are also super simple to use for any purchase. Check your card balance at any time with several convenient options. Gift cards are available as either a physical, plastic card or a virtual gift card. Both can be used in the same way as long as there is an available balance and a pin has been assigned to the card.

How do I check the balance on my Kohl’s gift card?

When you receive a Kohl’s gift card, you should treat it as you would cash until the card’s balance has been depleted. As you shop, you can check your card balance at any time.

  • Call Customer Service at 1-866-887-8884.
  • Call the automated gift card balance line at 1-800-935-6457.
  • Check the balance directly on the website at
  • Ask for a balance check at any Kohl’s store at customer service or with any cashier.

Can I check my gift card balance?

Yes, you can check your Kohl’s gift card balance and should do before shopping whether you are in-store or online. Call 1-800-935-6457 or visit the Kohl’s gift card balance page.

Did you know that you can use up to 4 Kohl’s gift cards in a single transaction? It’s true! Plus, purchases made with the gift cards will qualify you for Kohl’s cash the same as cash or credit card purchases would. You cannot buy a gift card with Kohl’s cash and you cannot use a gift card to buy another card.

Check your gift card balance with the options listed in the previous section. You can always contact customer service if you have additional questions or any problems with using your gift card in any way.

Can you activate a Kohl’s gift card online?

Yes, you can activate a Kohl’s gift cad online. A Kohl’s card becomes active as soon as you use it in any way, online or in store. This includes checking the balance, too.

To use a Kohl’s gift card online, you will need the pin code. Cards that do not have a pin may need to be exchanged for one that has one by going to customer service. Any card that has been bought and then picked up will have to be activated before use for your own security.

To get your Kohl’s gift card card ready for online use:

  • Access your Kohl’s account online or through the app.
  • Go to your wallet and click “add gift card”.
  • Follow the on-screen directions to enter the full gift card number and then the pin. number which will be found on the back of a physical card or at the bottom of an e-gift card.
  • Once the card has been entered into your wallet it will be ready for use during your next transaction.

Where can you buy Kohl’s gift cards?

Buying a Kohl’s gift card is simple and you have a number of options. You can also choose your design, your denomination, and other special features like adding the Sephora card as a bonus.

You cannot use a Kohl’s gift card to buy another gift card, including a Visa gift card, Mastercard gift cards, or a Kohl’s gift card. You can get a gift card balance check any time that you want one. Kohl’s gift cards can be used on the app, on the website, or in stores. You can combine up to 4 cards in a single transaction online.

Where to buy a Kohl’s gift card

  • Buy directly from the Kohl’s website.
  • Buy in any Kohl’s store.
  • Go to to get great deals on gift cards to Kohl’s and thousands of other merchants plus bonus offers. Use the Swagbucks link and get a cashback bonus of up to 10%
  • Speaking of Swagbucks, did you know that you could earn a Kohl’s gift card for free? Sign up for a free Swagbucks account and start earning SB (Swagbucks points) that you can use to earn gift cards from Kohl’s and other retailers. For ever 100 SB, that’s $1.00.
  • You can buy Kohl’s gift cards at other retail stores including Kroger, Walmart, and Target.

Where is the barcode number on a Kohl’s gift card?

You will find the barcode number on the back of a gift card. The actual gift card number is just below the barcode. You will find your pin number under a scratch-off bar to the right-hand side of the gift card number.

How long do Kohl’s gift cards last?

Your gift card does not have an expiration date at all so you can use it right away or save it for an upcoming event, occasion or holiday if you would prefer. The card will not be replaced if lost or stolen, so use great care with it.

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