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Contributing Writer: Andrew Lao

By February 28, 2022No Comments

Andrew Lao is a Bruin alum who is always deal hunting, learning about personal finance, investing, and travel hacking using credit cards.

He is always looking for ways to stretch the dollar while investing his money to find the best return on investment. Andrew has used sign up bonuses from bank accounts and credit cards to invest in stocks and trade cryptocurrency/NFTs. These interests started when he realized how expensive college was, especially at UCLA and needed a way to generate income while going to school.

As a way to help pay for college expenses, Andrew discovered /r/Beermoney and started his journey when he signed up for Swagbucks in 2013. He has since earned over 250,000 SB that have been redeemed for Amazon gift cards and PayPal to pay for a new MacBook Pro, textbooks, and sometimes beer.

In addition, Andrew has generated additional income from selling on eBay, running a blog, and other online money-making opportunities.

In his free time, you can always find Andrew following the NBA, trying to “Catch Them All” in the latest Pokémon game, and testing out the latest board game that everyone is playing.

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