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6 Ways to Get Your Hands on Free Bitcoin Today

By February 18, 2022September 13th, 2022No Comments

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are becoming increasingly popular in our society as technology advances and digital payments become the preferred option. But getting into Bitcoin can be tricky. Where do you earn free bitcoins? And how can you start earning free bitcoins? Here are 6 easy ways to earn free bitcoin.

What are some ways you can earn free bitcoin?

There are tons of ways to earn free bitcoin. One of the easiest ways is to join a survey rewards site. These websites have you complete surveys or other small tasks in exchange for rewards. Most of these sites are points-based and you’ll earn a certain amount of points for each task you complete. Once you have a good amount of points saved up you can redeem them. Most sites offer gift cards as rewards or a bank transfer. You can then take the gift card and purchase Bitcoin!

1. Claim Killer Shopping Rewards

Many of the survey rewards programs offer awesome shopping rewards. Swagbucks for example offers cashback for shopping at your favorite stores like Best Buy, Old Navy, and Macy’s. Not only does Swagbucks offer cashback, but they offer various coupons for retailers as well.

That’s not all though, Swagbucks rewards you for simply going grocery shopping. Upload your receipt to their website or mobile app and they reward you for the products you purchased. Who doesn’t love getting paid for something they already do? Going grocery shopping can sometimes feel like a chore, but if I’m getting paid to go? That’s incentive enough.

Swagbucks is a points-based system, measured in SB, so once you’ve earned enough SB to redeem you can cash out your rewards. It’s 100 SB to $1 USD. They offer a bank transfer or gift card reward. If you’re looking to get crypto you would choose a visa gift card and then you can purchase Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.

Early in 2022, Swagbucks will offer users the ability to more directly earn free cryptocurrency like Ethereum or Bitcoin. Users will need to have (or set up) a Bitcoin wallet or other crypto wallet. When cashing out their rewards, you can select an option for a gift card to a platform that buys and sells different cryptocurrencies.

2. Snag Signup Bonuses on Crypto Rewards Apps

Many websites that offer crypto rewards often offer a signup bonus. All you need to do to get this bonus is create an account on said website. This would typically involve providing an email and creating a username and password. After that, you’re all set to claim your bonus! Most sites offer between a $5-20 bonus for signing up on their platform.

  • Coinbase is a website where you can buy and sell bitcoin. They are currently offering $5 in free bitcoin for registering for their site. Over 73 million people are currently using Coinbase services and loving it.
  • With Robinhood, you can buy and sell stocks (including cryptocurrency exchange) when the market is open. Robinhood doesn’t offer a set signup bonus, but they offer your first stock free, and that value ranges. When I signed up for Robinhood I was given $5 of free stock.
  • OKCoin is exclusively a bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange platform. Using OkCoin you can access crypto relatively quickly, in under two minutes is what they claim. Instead of a signup bonus, OkCoin offers a referral bonus, when you refer a friend to the app you’ll each receive $10 in rewards. Free bitcoin and friends? Say less.

3. Use a Bitcoin Back Credit Card

Earning cash back when using a credit card isn’t a new concept, but you know what is? Earning bitcoin back with the BlockFi credit card! When using the BlockFi credit card you earn an unlimited 1.5% back in bitcoin on all purchases. They don’t even have to be crypto purchases, you can even get rewarded for purchasing groceries and gas, things you probably already purchase.

To start earning bitcoin back on your purchases all you need to do is get approved for the BlockFi Rewards Visa. You can apply just by googling “BlockFi Visa” and following the steps from there. Even better? By signing up through Swagbucks you can earn 3,000 Swagbucks right now, just for signing up for the BlockFi credit card!

4. Get Free Bitcoin for Signing up for Loyalty and Rewards Apps

Just like the sites we discussed above that offer Bitcoin rewards, different cash rewards apps offer generous signup bonuses for joining their sites. Generally in point form, which can then be redeemed for gift cards or directly transferred to your bank. You can then use these bonuses to get free Bitcoin.

  • InboxDollars is a paid online survey site, that rewards its users for completing surveys and other tasks. Inbox dollars is currently offering a $5 sign-up bonus. Once you’ve registered for their site and claimed your free money, you can either complete tasks and add to that money, or cash out and choose a gift card to purchase cryptocurrency.
  • MyPoints is a site that rewards you for shopping at your favorite stores. Right now MyPoints is offering a $10 signup bonus for registering for their website. Users can choose between an Amazon or Visa gift card. If you’re looking to get free crypto, choose the Visa and then purchase crypto with that.
  • Upromise is a site that offers savings for college. They are offering a $30 signup bonus now. Upromise directly deposits your earnings into your bank account, which you can easily then spend on Bitcoin or crypto.
  • Tada is a site that offers cashback on groceries and everyday purchases as well as coupons to those same stores. Tada is currently offering a $20 welcome bonus to users who sign up for its platform.

There are also a number of online survey site and survey apps that will specifically pay you free cryptocurrency for taking surveys.

5. Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin faucets are rewards systems that give out small bitcoin rewards, known as Satoshi. Satoshi is the one-millionth unit of one Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Faucet rewards system offers you Satoshi’s in exchange for completing simple tasks like clicking links. The Bitcoin faucet is a great way to earn free bitcoins

There are various Bitcoin Faucet apps and websites that are free to use. The idea of Bitcoin faucets was first introduced by Gavin Andresen in 2010 to promote crypto to a larger audience. If you’re looking to get into trading Bitcoin, Bitcoin faucets are a great place to start and to earn free crypto.

6. Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is the process of creating new Bitcoin, this is done by solving mathematical equations and puzzles. The first Bitcoin miner to solve the puzzle is rewarded with Bitcoin. This is also how more Bitcoin is added to the flow of the currency, as there is no physical object to create more of.

Bitcoin mining is how all transactions with Bitcoin are kept secure. The miners confirm every transaction that takes place and verify it. This prevents double spending, again as there is no physical representation of the currency.

The process of Bitcoin mining started as slow and tedious but with advanced technology, it is now very smooth and efficient.

Common FAQ’s About Free Bitcoin Rewards

What is Free Bitcoin?

Calling it “free Bitcoin” might be a little misleading, because it isn’t free. It’s Bitcoin you earn from joining rewards programs and websites, and then completing tasks. The “free Bitcoin” is their way of compensating you for your time. In other words, these sites are paying you for doing tasks for them. And they are paying you in Bitcoin or rewards that you are then turning into Bitcoin.

Is Free Bitcoin Real?

Yes! Free Bitcoin is 100% real, and you can earn it on all of the websites we have discussed previously. In addition to that, there are plenty of other sites where you can earn bitcoin too. Sometimes it might all feel a little too good to be true, but trust me, this is all real. And a great way to earn Bitcoin.

How Can I Get 1 Bitcoin for Free?

You can earn 1 Bitcoin for free (or more) for doing any of the things outlined in this article, including playing mobile or online games, taking surveys, and completing small tasks. Here are some of the best ways to earn one Bitcoin for free on some of the best sites.

  • Coinbase is an online platform where users can buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin. They offer a credit card where you can earn up to 4% back in crypto on everyday purchases. Coinbase’s mission is to increase economic freedom in the world.
  • OKCoin is a globally licensed crypto exchange with offices both in the United States and around the world. OkCoin offers both buying and selling cryptocurrency and its goal is to decentralize finance as a whole. In addition to buying/selling crypto, with OkCoin you can also earn free crypto by investing.
  • Swagbucks is a site that will reward you for taking surveys, playing games, and even watching short videos. The most common way Swagbucks will reward you is with a gift card, so if you’re looking for crypto either choose a visa gift card to purchase crypto or choose a crypto gift card if it is available.
  • BlockFi is a site where you can earn, trade, and borrow crypto. With a Blockfi interest account, you earn 9% APY in crypto and are paid monthly.
  • Acorns last but certainly not least, Acorns is a site that offers to invest and earning opportunities to its users. With Acorns, you earn just for shopping. You can then take those rewards and redeem them for gift cards to buy crypto.

How to Get Free Bitcoin Instantly Online?

You might not be able to get free Bitcoin instantly online, but you can get it pretty fast. As we mentioned, most sites offer a free signup bonus. The caveat is you have to earn some rewards yourself before redeeming or you have to reach the minimum limit.

So to answer how can you get free Bitcoin instantly online? You can’t but you can get it pretty fast if you put in the time and effort.

Final Thoughts on Ways to Earn Free Bitcoins

With our world becoming increasingly digital, especially due to the pandemic, cryptocurrencies are a great investment and an exciting world to explore. And the best way to start getting into crypto? Earning free bitcoins!

Any of the ways detailed above is a great way to start earning free bitcoins today or to add to your list of sites to use.

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