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5 Ways to Upskill: Up Your Skills in the Workplace

By December 29, 2021June 1st, 2022No Comments

Workplaces are changing, some for the better and others out of a mad scramble for their very survival. Learning what it takes to make it in today’s business world, or upskilling is of great benefit not only to companies of every size but to employees who are using this chance to educate themselves and learn all new skills.

What is upskill training?

Upskill training simply means adding new skills or enhancing existing skills to improve business practices. For a company, upskilling saves money by keeping the existing workforce in place.

  • The cost of replacing an employee ranges from 1/2 to twice the cost of their salary
  • Helping to train an employee to take on new responsibilities may help increase company loyalty.
  • Hiring from within means that you have a workforce that is familiar with more aspects of day to day operations


The 5 Ways to Upskill and Why They Matter

There are plenty of courses to take but they all translate back to increasing your existing skills or moving towards all new skills. To master them effectively:

  • Set realistic, manageable goals. Being overwhelmed by too much information may lead to panic or the belief that you just cannot do it.
  • ID your weaknesses. Being able to see where you are weakest will allow you to focus more attention there.
  • Assess your strengths and lead with them.
  • Establish and acknowledge your personal learning style. The best instructor is not going to get the best results if the learning style is not right for you.
  • Put the new skills to practice in real-life or simulated examples. This could mean working on a sample project or working with a seasoned employee on a project using mirroring.

How do you upskill yourself?

For those who want to demonstrate their initiative and get a jump on any potential promotions, there is the option to upskill. The things that you choose to learn should be relevant to your industry and the position that you would like to be considered for. Learning backend coding when you are looking for a position that would put you directly dealing with clients makes no sense.

There are plenty of courses that you can take on your own including free and lower cost options.

  • FutureLearn has options for very short courses to undergraduate level courses. Sign up through Swagbucks and get a $10 bonus, 5% cashback, plus several coupons. Coupons include 7 day free trials, Buy 1/Gift 1 free unlimited subscriptions, and others.
  • Udemy: Udemy offers a huge assortment of online courses and DIY videos for e very topic under the sun. From coding and IT to art and drawing to massage, you’ll find it there. Most courses are $13.99 or less, many are free. And you can save 60% off top courses at Udemy through Coupon Cause.
  • EDX offers most of its computer and arts-based courses for free. Use the Swagbucks link and earn 5% cashback.
  • Skillshare has thousands of courses, each taught by leading experts in the field. Current savings of up to 40% off the annual membership is possible.
  • International Open Academy has courses for every aspect of your life whether you are looking to acquire new job skills or you want to learn a whole new way to play. Coupons available on Swagbucks let you save big on courses from metal detecting, party planning, or a 120-hour course toward a TESOL certificate. Earn 15% cashback on each course, plus get a $10 bonus for creating a new Swagbucks account.

What is another word for upskill?

The dictionary is filled with words that mean the same thing. We call those synonyms and there is plenty for the word upskill. Anything that can take one set of skills for a beginner and then increase them to increase productivity for the company, and the knowledge of the employee is an example of upskilling. 

Others include:

  • Teaching
  • Tutoring
  • Training
  • Knowledge resources

The benefits for both employers and the workers include financial (the company saves the cost of replacing a worker from outside and the employee will get a raise with their new responsibilities and title), security, and goodwill.

Companies that are seen as willing to invest in their workforce are viewed more positively on social media which can translate to a healthy bottom line.

What is an example of upskilling?

There are plenty of upskilling including taking a coding course as your company becomes more tech-forward or taking a foreign language course if your company is moving operations to a new country. The person who is willing to do this will be essential to the expansion of the company.


What is is wearable technology that can be used in virtually any industry, at any business of any size. The various types of wearables can be used in many ways:

  • To increase productivity
  • To increase insights
  • To reduce errors
  • To reduce expenses


Is Upskill legit?

Upskilling itself is very legit. Most employers do know they need to find ways to teach essential skills to employees in the most effective way. There are several ways to upskill including with the courses from companies listed above. UpSkill, the online app, does not have any current reviews listed to help people make the decision to utilize the courses there.

Courses are conducted live (in-person and online) and through webinars. It is not available for mobile devices at this time.

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