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Top 8 Weird Ways to Make Money

By December 28, 2021June 1st, 2022No Comments

Making money doesn’t always have to mean going to a boring office job day after day. There are plenty of weird, off-the-wall, almost demented ways to make some money from selling breast milk to moms in need, to teaching sign language by video. If you can think of it, there is probably a way to market it to someone, somewhere.

How Can I Make Crazy Money Fast?

One common, super-easy way to make some crazy money fast is to pick up a side gig that works around your current schedule. For some people that extra cash can be the difference between a hard struggle during the month and that nice cushion that allows you to have some luxuries. Sure, you never make a million dollars with these but a few bucks in your bank account can be a life-saver.

Odd jobs that can work around your day job include:

  • Complete online surveys on your phone and make an extra $100+ a month.
  • Driver for a rideshare company like Uber and Lyft.
  • Parking space saver- help people get and keep premium parking spots.
  • Use Facebook Marketplace to sell off old clothes and other items you no longer need.

How Can I Make Money Randomly?

Randomly making money is great for people who need a more passive money maker that will not need so much actual hands-on time. This can include things like affiliate marketing, using Google Adsense, and learning about Bitcoin or virtual gold farming.

It is important to note that each of these may come with some initial investments, may require additional research and knowledge, and may have times of both feast and famine in terms of return.

Additional Passive Money Making Ideas

Another passive moneymaker is becoming a personal finance expert and posting videos, blogging, or a combination of the two, offering helpful information, breaking down confusing terms, or just teaching people the finer points of the latest financial fads. If you know enough about Bitcoin, for instance, you can quickly become a guru teaching the newbies the basic terminology and how to get started in the world of cryptocurrency.

What Are Some Unique Ways to Make Money?

A unique way to make money has become more popular in recent years. You can earn money if you lose weight. Join Healthy Wage and follow the steps to create your account as well as get an idea of how much money you could win by meeting your personally set goal. Want to increase the reward? Join through the link at Swagbucks and get $40 cashback.

Several companies will pay you fairly big money to review diet products especially new programs, weight-loss drugs, or gadgets. You get to work on your fitness and fatten your wallet at the same time so it could be a win-win.

Can I Sell My Spit?

The adage that if you think it, you can sell it is true here because yes, you can sell your spit. There are several ways to do it but let’s stick to the entirely legal, above-board ways!

To sell your spit, head to DNA Simple and fill out the information. If a research study opens up with a need for people like you, the company will send you a spit kit, you send your spit for testing. In addition to benefiting science with your sample, you will get paid $50 per study that you are asked to participate in. Compensation may be higher in some cases.

You can sell other body fluids as well, as you will see below.

Top 8 Weird Ways to Make Money Online

Here are 8 weird ways to make money online, including steady, monthly income, one time gigs, and additional methods that are perfect for everyone.

#1. You Grow it, They’ll Buy It

Do you have a long, luscious mane of untreated, un-dyed hair? Ever wanted to sell hair for additional income but thought it was just weird? Wig makers have a need for that special head of unicorn hair to make into wigs for everyone from cancer patients to people who just like a change but will not settle for synthetics. To make good money selling your hair:

  • You must have at least 6 inches of hair, or longer, that can be cut off. 
  • It cannot have been dyed, permed, or otherwise chemically treated.
  • Your hair must be clean, healthy, shiny
  • For hair that is of a more unique or rarer natural color, the payment offered may be much higher.

#2. My, What Beautiful…Hands.

The dream of becoming a model is just a dream for all but the very lucky but that doesn’t mean that you have to completely give up. Have you ever been told that you have beautiful eyes, hands, or feet? You can be paid to model just those parts. Optometrists may want your unique peepers for advertising. Jewelers pay for hand models to show off rings and bracelets. You can make extra cash for showing off their wares, or you may get paid in product.

#3. More Ways to Rake in Cash with Your Own Body

In addition to spit or hair, you can make more money with other bodily fluids. Some of the following are certainly a weird way to make extra money, but they are fully legit.

  • Sell your breast milk. Doctors agree that breast milk is best for a baby’s health but not every new mom can produce enough milk. There are many reasons that breastfeeding isn’t all that simple. That’s where sites like Only the Breast come in. You can sell your milk for around $1 per ounce or more.
  • Sell your eggs. Warning! This is not an easy way to make money. It does pay very well, as much as $10,000 per donation, but there are steps that must be taken including medications and a procedure to extract the eggs.
  • Sell your sperm. This is one of the easiest ways to make money, especially for college students. Your donation can be worth as much as $50 per session. There may be limits to how often you can donate to prevent lower-quality samples.
  • Sell plasma. While you are not legally able to sell your blood, you can sell plasma in many places. The procedure is simple and relatively painless.

#4. Be a Friend or a Professional Cuddler

There’s a movie you have been dying to see but no one can come with you and you hate to go alone. What do you do? Rent a friend! If you like to do things and are a pretty interesting person to hang out with, join Rent a Friend and earn cash while helping people get out and have some fun. You might even make a real friend in the process!

Do people love your hugs? Ever thought that you could hug a complete stranger for some quick dough? Work through a known website like Cuddle Comfort or Cuddlist for your own safety and then go hug it out.

#5. Don’t Just Stand There for Free

Big movies, special book releases, concert tickets. These things all have one thing in common: long lines. Some of the most popular will have people lined up for days and nights before they even open the windows and doors. You can make money by being a professional line stander, perfect for those who are on break from the local colleges. You can charge a fixed rate that is negotiated before you get started.

If standing doesn’t sound like a fun day, maybe you would rather take a seat and earn money that way. Seat fillers are often requested for televised award shows and other events so that it looks packed. Check with local listings on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and community posts on various social media.

#6. Doctors Need You!

In addition to selling a variety of your bodily fluids, doctors may need you for clinical trials and to brush up on key skills that they cannot practice on a cadaver.

  • Medical schools may need people to come and fill in questionnaires on a variety of topics. In addition to cash, the schools may offer travel vouchers, gift cards, or other compensation.
  • Helping doctors learn to deal with patients is a vital service. You will be told how to act, the symptoms to portray, and run through scenarios with doctors in training.

#7. There You Are Online. Again.

If you spend a lot of time online it would make sense that you should find a way to parlay that time into some extra money. There are several ways of making money online for a few hours of your time.

  • Do you enjoy playing video games? Log into sites like Swagbucks and earn points for every game you play. There are other sites that let you play games and earn points toward gift cards for every minute you spend.
  • Take surveys and quizzes. In addition to Swagbucks, there are other sites that let you provide feedback on products, recent purchases, or other topics. With Swagbucks, you will always earn points even if you do not meet the criteria for the study.
  • Do some writing. If you have basic writing skills and an interesting voice you can make some money online by creating content, writing a personal blog, or providing product reviews. Check out Fiverr to get started.
  • If you have the technical expertise or a master’s degree you can earn money by taking college notes, writing essays or term papers, creating industry reports and white papers, or writing more in-depth articles.
  • Become an online teacher, tutor, or mentor. Did you know that companies will pay you to speak about any topic with students learning English? They get to practice their day-to-day English and you earn an hourly rate just talking to someone on the computer. You can also earn money by becoming a tutor for anything you have above-average skills with.

#8. This Little Piggy Went to Market…

Small farms are becoming a big deal as more and more people demand organic, locally-sourced products. There are several small farm ideas that are unusual ways to make some hay.

  • Sell organic hay. Many people want organic hay to feed to their small animals like rabbits and guinea pigs and may pay a premium price for a locally sourced resource.
  • Sell fur. No! Don’t kill our furry friends! You can sell angora by brushing it out of your rabbit or goat. They enjoy the attention, need the brushing for their health and the loose hair can be bagged and sold to local artisans who go on to make yarn or fiber crafts to sell as well.
  • Keep bees. Honey is one of the oldest substances in the world and is used for food, beauty, and medicine. Its benefits are innumerable. In addition, you can sell beeswax for candles. It may take some time to get the hang of beekeeping but it is satisfying once you are comfortable.

Final Thoughts on Weird Ways to Make Money

True, there are some very weird ways to make money, and to be sure, not all of them are everyone’s cup of tea. Some people have gone from taking a side hustle idea to becoming small business owners with hard work and dedication. Not every idea will pay off in every area. Some may turn out to be more work than they are worth. It is important to not get swept away by that splashy, million dollar homepage that promises the moon and stars but ends up doing nothing more than padding the owner’s pockets.

Always approach money-making ideas with some caution, some common sense, and the expectation of some fun and count the extra money as an added bonus.

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