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All About Pretty Litter: Why It’s Better and How to Save

By December 22, 2021June 1st, 2022No Comments

Americans take their pets seriously, which is probably why over 85 million households consider their pets part of the family.

Regardless of your fuzzy, furry, or scaled pet leanings, you probably either have or know of someone with a cat. After all, cats are the second most popular pet choice, adding their own brand of independent love and warmth to over 59 million homes nationwide.

A cat’s average lifespan can range between 2 and 16 years, and the loss of a beloved pet can be devastating. A cat’s health is dependent on many factors, including the contents and cleanliness of its litter box. Pretty Litter, a newer litter  on the market, can help.

We’ll show you how to save a crap ton on your cat’s, er, relief box.

What is Pretty Litter?

There’s nothing like finding true love in the form of a friendly furry face. But cat owners can become quickly accustomed to the independence their preferred pet provides. It’s easy to forget that they still rely on you for basic needs and comfort.

If a cat is uncomfortable, sick, or hurting, it may seek out its chosen person for solutions. But if that isn’t instantly remedied, behavioral issues may ensue. Felines are creatures of habit, so something as simple as moving the furniture, abandonment issues, and yes, even a dirty litter box can cause mental and physical ailments in the beloved pet.

Odor control is a big issue since a cat’s sense of smell is 14 times that of a human. Cats are often considered to be finicky, and if the litter box or odor control is not maintained to their standards, they may opt to relieve themselves elsewhere.

Moreover, and even more concerning, if they continue to use dirty cat litter, they can develop painful and dangerous diseases or conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, and urinary tract infections. 

Most cat litter on the market is made of a clay compound that does nothing to address those issues. The longer they go undiagnosed, the longer your precious pumpkin remains in pain.

Pretty Litter was founded in 2015 to help combat and diagnose some of those concerns right in the litter box. They do this via special silica crystal litter, which indicates potential issues that often end up buried in other cat litter. 


How is Pretty Litter different from other solutions?

Pretty Litter is considered a type of “intelligent litter” due to its chemical abilities. The silica crystals don’t just absorb cat urine like other types of traditional litter. Instead, they lock in and eliminate the ammonia to provide round-the-clock odor control. But Pretty Litter also goes several steps further to help maintain and improve your cat’s health, prevent urinary tract infection, and keep your cat’s litter box clean. 

Certain types of feline conditions and concerns can be discovered through their pH balance. And urinalysis is one of the most common ways to find potential problems. But, of course, most pet lovers aren’t going to attempt to test their cat’s pee themselves. And by the time a vet is called, the poor kitty may have already experienced intense pain and suffering that they had no way of communicating to their family. Pretty Litter helps inform of potential problems by changing colors as issues present themselves. 

Cats with proper pH levels in their urine leave behind yellow or olive green coloring after using the litter box. However, colors change depending on various factors, including alkaline and acidic irregularities or blood in the urine. In the crystal litter, blue, dark green, orange, or red hues can indicate an injury, infection, metabolic issue, kidney concerns, bladder stones, UTI, and even certain forms of cancer. These are only indicators of potential problems that must be diagnosed by a veterinarian. But early detection can save discomfort, money, and your precious fur-baby’s life. 

Pretty Litter subscriptions can be obtained by going right to You can get a discount on the website and opt for the best subscription plans for your needs, so your cat’s health and litter box needs are on autopilot. However, if you just want to try out the crystal litter, you can also buy a bag at Target, Walmart, or Pet Place Plus. Of course, you’ll pay more for those options, but the choice is yours.  Before shopping, though, be sure to check Swagbucks to see if you can claim available Pretty Litter coupons to save money.

How can I save money on PrettyLitter?

There are many ways to save money on Pretty Litter.

Do you need a subscription to get PrettyLitter?

PrettyLitter is a subscription service with the product shipped directly to your door. It’s $22 a month for the lowest tier membership (for a 1-cat home). But there are workarounds if you don’t want to commit to a subscription.

  • You can purchase an 8-lb bag of Pretty Litter for $24.99 at Target. If you’re a RedCard Holder, it’s only $23.75 with your 5% discount. This is a Target exclusive offer.
  • Sign up for a subscription and cancel after month 1 if you don’t like it. Your first month subscription is only $22, and with the cash back from Swagbucks, it winds up being only $7 out of pocket. Then add on all the promo codes.

Trying Pretty Litter through Swagbucks discounts and rebates is going to be your cheapest option. Get PrettyLitter now for $7.

Common PrettyLitter FAQs

Is Pretty Litter a clumping litter? 

No. Pretty Litter is made of highly absorbent silica crystals that are treated to detect pH levels and provide ongoing odor control. You will only need to remove the feces from the crystal litter between litter box changes. 

How often do you have to change Pretty Litter? 

Pretty Litter only needs to be changed entirely once per month. 

Why are the bags so small and light? 

The silica gel crystals are up to 80% smaller than traditional clay litter pellets. In addition, due to the absorbent rate, the litter only needs to be two inches deep per cat. 

Are the color indicators explained on the bags? 

Yes. All color indicators and possible issues are clearly explained on each bag of PrettyLitter. 

Does Pretty Litter diagnose the problem? 

No. Pretty Litter offers possibilities and suggestions of potential issues due to the present feline pH in the litter box. Of course, food and liquid intake can also affect those colors. But Pretty Litter does give a head’s up or early warning that you might not otherwise have. A licensed veterinarian should diagnose and treat the actual health concerns from there. 

Can Pretty Litter be used for multiple cats? 

Pretty Litter comes in standard and multi-cat strength. Order the suggested number of bags per month for your total amount of felines, or get your feet wet and test it out for yourself to see what works best for your household. The subscription option allows you to order up to 12 bags every four weeks for standard odor control or every three weeks for extra odor control. 

Is Pretty Litter safe for my cats? 

Yes. A team of veterinarians and scientists developed Pretty Litter specifically for feline health and safety needs. The silica crystals absorb moisture and order without being affected by humidity. And the crystals are not absorbed into the bowels if they’re accidentally ingested. If you’re still concerned, verify this with your own vet. And be prepared for their nod of approval. 

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