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Think You Know How to Save Big at Old Navy? Think Again: Take the Old Navy Super Saver Quiz Challenge!

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15 Far-Out Facts About Old Navy You Didn’t Know (Save BIG Every Time You Shop Old Navy on Secret Markdown Days!)

By Stacy Garrels

Old Navy is a great place to save big on denim, work-out clothes, and other trendy gear for the entire family. But diid you know that standalone Old Navy stores compete with the website? Did you know when the markdown days are? Check out this Old Navy infographic with 15 far out facts about saving even bigger every time you shop at Old Navy. Or skip to straight to the bottom and take the Old Navy quiz!

Tip: And when you make a purchase of $25 or more at Old Navy from the Swagbucks’ page, you can get a free $10 gift card to Amazon or another retailer of your choice – including Old Navy. That’s like getting $10 free for your next purchase at Old Navy!

Old Navy infographic with 15 far-out facts on how to save big every time you shop at or in Old Navy stores.
For more Old Navy savings, check out the exclusive coupons and promotional deals on Swagbucks.

Go Quiz Your Friends (or Crush) Now – These 15 Far-Out Facts About Old Navy Will Blow Their Mind!

You’re probably familiar with Old Navy’s bright and boisterous ads, with loads of denim and stylish dancers. And you see their iconic logo on hoodies everywhere. But how many of these fun, factoids about Old Navy did you know?

Take the quiz! Get 1 point for each correct answer.

1. Old Navy is famously owned by GAP, Inc. In addition to GAP and Old Navy, what other brands does GAP, Inc. own?

In addition to Old Navy, Other Gap, Inc. brands include: Banana Republic (acquired in 1983), Athleta (added in 2009), Intermix (acquired in 2012), Janie & Jack (acquired in 2019), and Yeezy Gap (launched in 2020 in partnership with Kanye West).

2. How many flagship stores does Old Navy have?

Old Navy stores and flagship stores are everywhere. | Photo courtesy of Mike Mozart on Flickr.

Old Navy has 5 flagship stores that are located throughout North America. You’ll find Old Navy flagship stores in:

  • San Fransisco
  • Mexico City
  • Chicago
  • New York City
  • Seattle

3. How many Old Navy store locations are there in North America?

A) 600

B) 1,200

C) 1,800

D) 2,400

Old Navy Store in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. | Photo Courtesy of Flickr.

The answer is B: 1,200. (Didn’t they tell you back in school to always go with “B” on multiple choice tests?) There are a little over 1,200 Old Navy stores in North America. Additionally, there are a dozen or so other Old Navy store locations around the globe – primarily in Asia and the Middle East.

4. Prices tags that end in what dollar amount are final sale items?

Answer: Red (or orange) sticker items that end in “.47” are final sale and the rock-bottom lowest price. If you’re on the fence, seize those 47-centers. Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. Old Navy wants them cleared out.

5. In what year did Old Navy open its first store in the United States?

A) 1986

B) 1989

C) 1994

D) 1998

The answer is D, 1994. Old Navy opened its first store location in 1994 in Colma, California. The grand opening was hugely hyped, with loads of free giveaways and supermodel Cindy Crawford there to sign autographs.

6. Where does the brand name “Old Navy” come from?

A) It’s named after a bar in Paris.

B) It’s named after its first location, a former navy and army good surplus store.

C) It’s a nod to the founder’s grandfather, who was known as an “Old Navy” sea-dog.

D) It’s named after a pier on the Santa Monica coast.

Actual navy sailors have nothing to do with the brand’s name origins.

Answer: Old Navy was named after a bar in Paris, France. Owner Mickey Drexler drew inspiration during a trip to the City of Lights.

7. What days are markdown days in Old Navy stores?

Look for sweet “Just Dropped” signage in Old Navy stores.

Sundays and Mondays are markdown days at Old Navy. (Well technically Sunday is markdown days. But how long it takes each store to execute all the new pricing can vary. You can commonly find Sunday markdowns being set up well into Monday.)

8. How many pairs of Old Navy Rockstar Jeans are sold every day?

A) 8,000

B) 21,000

C) 40,000

D) 60,000

Old Navy rockstar jeans are beloved by celebrities (like Blake Lively, Rachael Bilson, and Kate Bosworth) and mere mortals alike. This style comes in dozens of different rinses, colors, and style variations – including high-waisted, mid-rise, and button-fly.

The answer is C. Over 40,000 pairs of these flattering, fan-favorites are sold every single day.

9. What are Old Navy stores designed to look like?

A) Farmer’s Market

B) Designer’s Studio or Atelier

C) Clothing Warehouse in the Garment District of Los Angeles

D) Grocery Store

Old Navy’s sleek, industrial good looks, with cement flooring and metal shelves and checkout counters, are designed to look like a D, grocery store. In fact, when the store first opened you could find t-shirts packaged like fresh meat or fresh fish!

Setting up the stores like this enables the retailer to store hoards of otherwise back-up inventory out on the floor. And the open crate style boxes in the checkout lines are loaded down with accessories and bargain buys to woo the impulse shopper.

10. True or False: Old Navy stores are cheaper than

Old Navy price tags like $5.99 for brand new jeans are a great find.

False, false, false! has loads more coupons and promo codes than Old Navy stores.

When you’re in an Old Navy store, the retailer has got you. They’ve got you by your denim collar and they know you’re there to shop Old Navy. But when you’re at home, OldNavy.comm has to compete for your business against dozens or hundreds of other competitors you’re comparing. You can regularly find jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, and other staples for up to 15% cheaper on

Of course, you can frequently find one-off items in Old Navy stores that are marked down cheaper than what you’ll find online. Going to an Old Navy store is like going on a true-blue treasure hunt.

11. Up to how many coupons can you use at a time on

A) 1

B) 2

C) 4

D) Unlimited

There are dozens of different Old Navy coupon codes and promo codes available at any given time.

The answer is C, 4. You can use up to 4 Old Navy coupon codes at a time on Old Navy. Of course, some coupons may have restrictions so it’s a good idea to always read the fine print.

But on top of Old Navy coupons, you can stack Old Navy cash back rebates and cash back from rewards credit cards.

12. Plus sizing or Inclusive sizing is more commonplace now among retailers, Old Navy included. When did Old Navy begin offering extended sizing?

A) 1994

B) 1999

C) 2007

D) 2012

The answer is A, 1994. From the start Old Navy offered extended sizing beyond the traditional size 14 or size 16 where most women’s brands stopped.

13. From smallest numerical size to largest numerical size, what size range does Old Navy carry for women’s clothing?

A) 00 – to 20

B) 0-24

C) 00-30

D) 000-32

The answer is C, 00 to 30 which fits waists from 24″ to 54″. Triple 0 sizing (for a 23″ waist) isn’t super widespread yet, but you can find 000 sizing at a few retailers like Madewell or J. Crew.

14. True or False: You can earn cash back from Swagbucks when you shop at Old Navy.

The SwagButton can be easily added to your Chrome browser and it will always let you know if you’re on a site where cash back is available.

True! Cash back amounts for shopping at Old Navy can range from 2% to 15%, or even more on special occasion. This is available for all Swagbucks members, not just brand new members. You can earn cash back each and every time you shop at Just visit the retailer from Swagbucks’ Old Navy page. If you’re not a member of Swagbucks, you can sign up for free in under 30 seconds and claim that sweet $10 signup bonus. And make sure to add the SwagButton so you never miss a cash back opportunity on Old Navy or thousands of other featured retailers.

15. True or False: You can get a free $10 gift card to Amazon (or Old Navy or other popular store) from Swagbucks when you make a purchase of at least $25 from

True! Get a free $10 gift card to a popular retailer of your choice when you make your first cash back shopping purchase on Swagbucks for $25 or more.

New members: spend $25 or more at Old Navy or another featured retailer and get a $10 gift card to Amazon, Old Navy, or another retailer of your choice.

Existing members: you’re eligible too for this $10 gift card bonus if this is your first Swagbucks cash back shopping purchase.

Wrap Up

So who won this Old Navy Super Quiz Challenge – you or your main squeeze? Whoever one, congrats on nabbing bragging rights for days. Special kudos if either of you managed to score a perfect 15 out of 15.

Now go shop at already! If you both spend $25 or more, you can both get a free $10 gift card. And you can pair them up for a $20 power purchase like a crewneck or hoodie that you can both wear. Quiz winner gets first dibs!

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