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All About Procter & Gamble: History, Portfolio of Brands, and Where to Get the Best P&G Coupons

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Famous for their well-loved brands and memorable advertising campaigns, Procter and Gamble regularly make coupons available and offer great discounts on their products. Coupon codes and promo codes can be found in a variety of places online and are quick and easy to use.

A Brief History of Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble was formed in Cincinnati in 1837 when two businessmen, William Procter and James Gamble decided to merge their businesses. It was the ideal match. Procter made candles and Gamble made soap. At the time, the primary ingredient of each product was animal fat, so the merging of the two companies made perfect sense. 

Their early products included Ivory soap, Crisco shortening, and Tide laundry detergent all of which are still well-known products in 2021. From its humble beginnings, the company has grown and expanded over and over again and is now the owner of multiple brands with an extensive product range. 

Procter & Gamble Marketing 

P&G has, over its many years, invested heavily in advertising and produced memorable marketing campaigns. In fact, the very first soap opera, “The Puddle Family” was sponsored by P&G. It was called a soap opera, taking its name from its sponsor (a soap company). The company has also historically given away product samples and coupon vouchers as part of its marketing strategy.

Procter & Gamble Charitable Giving and Philanthropy

In May 2020, Procter & Gamble launched P&G Good Everyday. This free online rewards program offers P&G customers a variety of deals, discounts, and savings on Procter & Gamble products. Users are rewarded with points that can be used to purchase products and sweepstake entries or to make donations to a selection of worthy causes.

Through this loyalty program, Procter & Gamble hopes not only to make life a little easier for its customers but also to make the world a better place. As part of the program, P&G offers rewards to its customers and makes donations to a selection of worthy causes. You can choose which cause you would like P&G to make a donation towards. 

How Does P&G Good Everyday Work?

P&G Good Everyday is a rewards program. They offer a variety of ways to save money on P&G products as well as a rewards program that allows you to earn points. Points can be converted into rewards which can include gift cards, digital subscriptions, donations to charity, and sweepstakes entries. 

You need to sign up and create an account on the website, but it’s quick, easy, and completely worth it for all the great discounts and rewards. Once you’re signed up, you’ll have access to all their great savings, discounts, and rewards.

Coupon Codes and Promo Codes

Printable coupons and promo codes are available on the P&G Good Everyday website. They can only be printed once and each code is valid for a certain time period. Expired codes cannot be used, so check the dates carefully and make sure you use each voucher in time.

These printable coupons and promo codes offer discounts on a range of Procter and Gamble products. The coupons and promo codes are changed out regularly to include their various brands and products. Keep an eye on the site to get the best deals on your favorite Procter & Gamble products. 

Earn Points

Apart from great savings, you can also earn points which can be transferred into rewards and donations. There are quite a few ways to earn points. Most of them involve performing some sort of task. 

Scan A Receipt

When you purchase qualifying Procter & Gamble products, you simply scan your receipt and upload it to the site to get points. It’s quick and easy and you don’t any special tech skills, just your phone and access to the internet.

Take A Survey or Quiz

There are surveys and quizzes available on the site. They are a quick and easy way to earn points if you have a moment to spare. Simply click the link, answer the questions and get your reward. There’s no need to print anything, so taking the survey or quiz only costs you your time.

Refer A Friend

You can also get points by referring friends. Again it’s an easy process. You just click the link and follow the instructions provided. Signing up is free and there are no strings attached.

Are There Other Ways To Save On Procter & Gamble Products?

Procter & Gamble coupons are also available as Sunday Coupons and can often be found on other rewards sites and coupon sites.

Sunday Coupons

P&G also makes coupons available as Sunday coupons in newspapers and online. Look through your local paper for P&G coupons or have friends and relatives save coupons from their weekly paper. Many people aren’t interested in coupons and will happily pass theirs on to you. Each coupon can also be viewed online and then printed out to receive the same discount.

How To Find Coupons For Procter & Gamble Products

Remember, when you’re searching a large reward site, it’s far more effective to search for a specific product, like ‘SK-II facial treatment essence’ or ‘Gain coupons’ than it is to just search for ‘P&G’. Procter & Gamble is just the parent company, so most coupons won’t be listed as Procter & Gamble coupons, but rather under the specific brand that they belong to like Tide or Pampers.

P&G owns a lot of brands, so knowing what to search for can be tricky and overwhelming. If you’re struggling to keep track of all the P&G products, then here’s a quick list to help you in your search for P&G coupons. 

Procter & Gamble Health & Beauty Products

Braun, Gillette, Joy+Glee, Venus, The Art of Shaving, Aussie, Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essences, My Black is Beautiful, Old Spice, Pantene, Always, Always Discreet, Just, Tampax, This is L, Crest, Fixodent, Oral-B, Scope, Align, Clearblue, Meta, Pepto-Bismol, Prilosec OTC, Vicks, ZzzQuil, Ivory, Native, Olay, Safeguard, Secret, Snowberry, and SK-II.

Procter & Gamble Home Care Brands

Bounty, Charming Puffs, Ambi Pur, Cascade, Dawn, Febreze, Gain, Microban 24, Mr. Clean, Salvo, Swiffer, and Zevo.

Procter & Gamble Baby Care Brands

The P&G baby care brands are Pampers, All Good, and Luvs.

Procter & Gamble Laundry & Fabric Care Brands

Downy, Dreft, Era, Gain, Rindex 3en 1, and Tide.

Where Can I Buy Procter & Gamble Products?

Procter & Gamble products are diverse and widely available. Most of them can be purchased at your local grocery store. If you still prefer to shop in real brick and mortar stores, then you’ll want to print or clip an actual paper coupon and present it at the store when you do your shopping. Remember to upload your receipt to the rewards website of your choice to earn points and get rewards.

If you’re comfortable with online shopping, then you may find that applying coupons and promo codes is a whole lot easier. If you’re shopping online, then applying a coupon is as simple as following a link or copy-and-pasting a promo code. If you don’t have access to large stores in your area, then you’ll also love the variety of products that are available from online stores.

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