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6 Must -Shop Stores to Find Fun Clothes for Dogs and Pets – and Get $10 Free

By March 19, 2021July 17th, 2022No Comments

Whether the idea of cute dog clothes makes you swoon or roll your eyes, there are times when every pet (and pet owner) needs wearable gear for their pets. Call it working dog wear, or hunting gear, or family photos — sometimes Fido just needs a fuzzy sweater.

When it comes to doggy fashion, brand names and retailers like Ruffwear, Petco, Walmart, Target, Cabela’s, and Amazon probably come to mind.

But there are lots of other fun places to shop for dog clothes and supplies. We’ve uncovered a lot of surprising spots to find unique pet wear and other fun goodies. Check out our top 6 must-shop list for dog clothes and other pet supplies. And learn how you can get $10 in cash free for spending $25 or more at any of these stores below.

1. SHEIN – Trendy Dog Clothes, Cat Clothes, and Pet Supplies Starting at $1.90

Shein is a fashion and lifestyle retail site that sells on-trend goods at affordable prices. Their selection of dog clothes (and cat clothes) and other gear for your pets is surprisingly huge. If you’re looking for a gift for your fur baby or your friend’s, you’ll want to check out Shein’s selection of pet tank tops, bow tie jumpsuits, knit beanies, hoodies, and plush jackets and sweaters. They sell a lot of useful gear (with a touch of quirk) for your pets too, like toys, tooth brushes, crocodile pet tunnels, cat harness and leash sets, and plush milk box pet cave beds.

Super affordable, most Shein pet items are $2 to $10. You get free shipping on orders over $29, and you can get up to 5% to 10% cash back (or more) with promo codes for Shein.

2. Old Navy – For the Dog Going to the Family 4th of July BBQ at the Cabin

Known for their flashy commercials and trendy jeans and fashion styles with an American flair, discount retailer Old Navy has dog clothes and pet supplies too. Typically you’ll find the most pet gear around the Holidays (matching ugly Christmas sweaters), but you can find dog bandanas and casual dog tees or sweaters all year round. And dog-lovers can find dog-themed face coverings, socks, pajamas, and T-shirts in children and adult apparel too.

Old Navy offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more, or if you’re inclined to venture out, there are over 1,100 store locations. While stores having fewer dog clothes items than what you’ll find online, you can order at and pick up in a store. Use coupon codes for Old Navy and get up to 15% cash back. You can find other coupons and coupon codes for Old Navy on the store’s website or the weekly ad.

3. Hanna Andersson – For XL Dogs and Dogs Who Needs to Match the Fam in Holiday Pics

Hanna Andersson is an Oregon based clothing retailer that sells Swedish-inspired kids clothes in bright colors and patterns. Made of organic cotton, they are super-soft and hand-me-down tough. They’re famous for their matching Holiday family pajamas or Hannajams (many credit the retailer with starting this holiday PJ trend), and they make pajamas in baby, kid, mom, dad, and dog sizes.

You’ll find the largest selection of dog clothes, or Pet Jams, during Holiday season, but Hanna Andersson sells them all yearlong. And the brand offers inclusive-sizing for all dogs, with sizes ranging from XS (Chihuahua) to XL (Great Dane).

Hanna’s dog clothes are a little spendier (their dog Pet Jams start at $28), but you’ll regularly find sales and clearance events at Hanna Andersson. If you shop their post-holiday sales, you can find Pet Jams (and sometimes other dog clothes) starting at $6.99. Hanna Andersson regularly offers free shipping on orders in the U.S., and you can save big with Hanna Andersson promo codes and earn cash back rebates on Swagbucks.

In addition to saving with Hanna Andersson coupons, you’ll find that Hanna Andersson has excellent resale value. After your pup (or your family) has outgrown a particular garment or holiday theme, you can resell Hanna Andersson wears for 50% or more of the purchase price.

4. Romwe – For the Trendiest Dog at the Dog Park

Romwe is a discount fast fashion and home decor retailer similar to Shein. Romwe and Shein both have a lot of similar merchandise, and there is an overlap in their dog clothes, pet supplies, and other products sold. You’ll still find, however, a lot of unique scores for your dog on Romwe like fun tents, rain coats, and water and food bowls and dishes.

A great perk of shopping at Romwe is you get free shipping on orders of $9.90 or more and discount codes like SAVE 30, coupon codes, promo codes, and BOGO’s are plentiful. If you shop at Romwe through Swagbucks, you can save more by getting cash back rebates of up to 5% to 12%. Swagbucks features promo codes and coupons for Romwe and other similar merchants.

5. Gap – For the Dog Who Needs a Puffer Coat

Gap carries true-blue American staples (with trendy flourishes) for your family and your dog. Their selection of dog clothes is more limited than you might find on other pet store shopping sites. And their inventory changes throughout the year, with the highest volume of dog clothes in stock around the Holidays. But it’s worth checking when you’re searching for new duds for your dog. Right now, for example, Gap is offering awesome doggy puffer coats for $25. And they carry a full range of dog sizes, from toy dog up to Great Dane.

Gap regularly offers great savings through sales, discounts, and special offers on their website and in their email newsletter. You can get free shipping on your purchase of $50 or more, or by picking up your purchase in store. With Gap promo codes on deals site Swagbucks, you can also get up to 5% to 20% cash back on your purchase. The deals portal also publishes other Gap coupons, discount codes, and sales.

6. Kohl’s – Dog Clothes for Your Favorite Child

Kohl’s is definitely tuned in to dog moms and dads who love their dogs a lot. Maybe even more than their own offspring. The retailer offers a surprisingly wide selection of dog clothes and pet supplies. On, you’ll find over 3,900 pet supply items that range from doggy donut couches and kennels to leashes and dog waffle makers (for bone shaped treats).

Their dog clothes (or “apparel”) section has nearly 300 items including birthday hats with elastic bands, Mickey Mouse ears, football jerseys, pajamas, raincoats, and superhero capes. Some of the pet and dog clothes brands they offer include Disney, Marvel, Little Earth, Land’s End, Woof, and PetMaker. You can also get a lot of practical dog clothes, like life vests, winter booties, and reflective wear.

Kohl’s offers free shipping on your purchase of $75 or more, or free store pickup at Kohl’s stores. Famously, Kohl’s always seems to offer multiple sales and promotions to save you money. You can find promo codes and coupon codes on Kohl’s website, or via newsletter. And if you visit from the Swagbucks’ Kohl’s page, you can get cash back rebates of up to 4% to 15%. The Kohl’s deals page publishes discount and promo codes, coupons, clearance and sales events, and other savings updates.

7. NFL Shop – Clothes for the Tailgating Dog

Sometimes dog clothes people are NFL people. And sometimes NFL people need dog clothes for their tailgating friends. The NFL shop sells pet gear and dog clothes for all NFL teams, including football jerseys, team dog bone signs and frames, dog collars, and throw blankets.

Right now, is offering free sitewide shipping when you use the coupon code SIDELINE. While this particular coupon code is available for a limited time, NFLShop regularly has sales, promo codes, and coupon code deals.

You can get 1% to 4% cash back from NFL Shop. No promo code is required to get this deal but you do need to visit the store from the NFL Shop coupon page.

How to Get $10 Free from Your Next Purchase of Dog Clothes and Pet Supplies

Customers new to Swagbucks can get a $10 cash bonus for their next shopping trip at Shein, or over 5,000 other participating stores.

Swagbucks is offering $10 free (to new members) for their purchase of $25 or more at any of these featured stores. No promo code needed.To get the $10:

  • 1. Sign up for Swagbucks – it’s free to join.
  • 2. Visit your preferred store or retailer’s page in the shop portal.
  • 3. Click or tap on the store link and shop at the retailer online page as normal.

That’s it. Swagbucks will automatically record your shop visit and apply the cash back rebates to your account. You earn rewards in SB currency (100 SB = $1.00) and you can cash out with an Amazon gift card, Paypal deposit, or gift card to another popular retailer.

The $10 bonus isn’t just for dog clothes and pet supplies. You can get the $10 bonus for spending $25 or more at other participating stores on Swagbucks, including Chewy, Petco, Home Depot, Best Buy, and PetSmart.

Final Thoughts on Fashion Hounds and Dog Clothes Deals

Whether your dog is a fashion hound or you need safe, practical outerwear for your dog, there are a lot of unique alternatives to Amazon and Walmart when shopping for your pet. And outside of those two retail giants, there are even better prices to be found.

With so many retailers selling dog clothes, you can always get a discount with sales and coupon code deals. Whenever possible, give your email address (give them your spam one if you want) so you can get alerts on new sale items and promo codes. Plus there’s usually a discount code for signing up for the email newsletter.

Let us know what you think of the dog clothes from these featured retailers, and if you get any cute dog clothes there, show us a pic!

Disclaimer: Any and all featured Swagbucks offers in this post were active at the date of the article’s publication. They are subject to modification or cancellation at any time, and without prior notice.

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