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How to Get Free Walmart Gift Cards

By July 18, 2019April 2nd, 20245 Comments

If you live in the United States, you have most likely shopped at a Walmart in your lifetime or at least seen one. Over the last several decades, what started as a small discount store in Arkansas has become the retail superpower known for its six-pointed gold star logo and mission to help you “Save Money. Live Better.”

While Walmart pledges to help you save money by offering the lowest prices, you can maximize your savings with free Walmart gift cards to help you purchase whatever your heart desires without breaking the bank. These days you can find just about anything at Walmart, so free Walmart gift cards are almost as good as cash! Whether you’re looking for a $5 to take the edge off, or a $250 gift card to pay for that TV you’ve been eyeing, there are a few ways you can get Walmart gift cards for free online and we’re here to tell you about them.

Use your Walmart gift card to shop for everyday items.

What is a “Free” gift card, anyway?

We get it – nothing in life is really free. So what is a free Walmart gift card? We’ll show you how to get gift cards with minimal effort and absolutely no monetary cost. That’s right – no hidden fees, no subscriptions, no money out of your pocket – which might as well be free.

Best Way to Get a Free Walmart Gift Card

The best way to get a free Walmart gift card is to sign up for an online rewards site that gives you free gift cards for the things you already do online. Whether it be Swagbucks, MyPoints, or InboxDollars, these sites reward you for playing games, shopping online, participating in surveys, trying new products, and more. You will earn points for every activity you complete which you can redeem for the gift card of your choice. For example, 100 SB at Swagbucks is equal to $1, so you will need 500 SB to redeem a $5 gift card.

Here are a few ways to get enough points for a Walmart gift card at Swagbucks:

  1. Get Paid to Take Surveys at Swagbucks: Join Swagbucks and start getting paid for your opinion. Earn between 50 and 1,000 SB per survey and receive your reward instantly. Instead of mindlessly scrolling on your phone whilst watching reality TV (I hope I’m not the only one guilty of this), take a few surveys and earn some cash.
  1. Discover Deals at Swagbucks: Been wanting to try Hulu but never got around to it? Try Hulu for just $5.99, and Swagbucks will give you $20 toward the gift card of your choice!
  1. Earn Cash Back through Swagbucks: Shop through any of Swagbucks’ 2,000+ online retailers and earn up to 20% cash back. Install the SwagButton browser extension to never miss another cash back opportunity. 

Deals & Discounts on Walmart Gift Cards

Once a month, you can redeem a $25 Walmart gift card at Swagbucks for 2200 SB. In case you missed the math lesson earlier, that’s a $25 gift card for $22, or 12% off!

Using Your Walmart Gift Card

  1. In Store: Walmart e-gift cards can be used in-store at a Walmart Store or Neighborhood Market. Simply print it out or show the gift card on your mobile device to the cashier at checkout.
  1. Online: Select “Gift Card” from the Payment Method screen. Add a new gift card by entering the gift card number and PIN.
  1. Walmart Grocery Pickup: Complete the process as you would a regular online order.

Note: Walmart Gift Cards may also be used by Sam’s Club members in-store or online.

Activating Gift Cards

For most Walmart gift cards, activation is not required. If your gift card is $250 or more, you will receive an email with a password to activate your gift card. If you do not receive this email, contact Customer Care.

More Gift Card Tips:

Checking Gift Card Balance

Simply enter your 16-digit gift card code and PIN at under Account > “Manage Gift Cards” > “Check Gift Card Balance.” You may also call 1-888-537-5503 to check your Walmart gift card balance.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Unfortunately, lost or stolen cards will not be replaced by Walmart nor the rewards site you redeemed the gift card from. It’s best to keep the gift cards in your email or account until you use them!

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