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Hey UK! Know how you can earn 9x the national minimum wage?

By October 24, 2022No Comments

Get paid  £15.50 to check your credit report

Earn £15.50 to check your credit score

Swagbucks has 2 popular, trending offers that pay £15.50 for just 10 minutes of your time. 

Get your free credit score and earn  £15.50. You’re getting paid to get important information about your credit record. 

That’s just over 9x more than you’d get paid at the National Minimum Wage for the same amount of time.

If you’re not a member of the free rewards programme, you can join Swagbucks in 60 seconds. Join on or get the Swagbucks app. Get Swagbucks now!

Why bother to check your credit score?

Lenders refer to these credit reference agencies when you apply for credit. That could be for a loan, home mortgage, credit card, or to finance a large purchase like a new boiler or sofa. 

It’s essential to keep on top of your score. You don’t want to wait until your boiler needs mending to find out there’s an old error in your report that is preventing you from getting a repair loan. 

In 10 minutes, you can find out what your credit score is. 

Know your credit is spotless? Confirm it and make sure the credit agencies know it too. 

Know your credit is a bit checkered? Take a look-through anyway. You’ll get the £15.50 Swagbucks reward. And there could be errors on your credit report that you want to clean up. Having 8 dings on your credit report is worse than 3. 

Your credit score in action 

So we moved last August. It was in the middle of a heatwave and in moving vans without air conditioning. We updated addresses on all the usual stuff, like bank accounts and subscriptions. 

But writing this article, I decided to check my own Credit Karma score. And I found out that we weren’t on the electoral roll at our new address and that was bringing down my credit score. In a few clicks, I fixed it. A few days later, my score jumped up a few points.  

How often should I check my credit report? Will checking it hurt my credit score? 

Don’t worry that joining Experian & Credit Karma might knock down your credit score. They won’t. In fact, no matter how often you check, it’s never recorded on your report. Personally checking your credit score is different from a business doing a hard pull of your credit score in order to qualify for a loan.

When you first join, you might need to check it a few times a month or more frequently. This is because you may need to tend to any errors you identify. After everything is in order, checking your score every 6-12 months is a good practise. Some financial planners even recommend quarterly checks. 

and you’re fixing any errors on your history, you’ll probably log in a few times a week until they’re resolved. But after that, checking your score every 6-12 months is good practise. You’re just making sure nothing has cropped up that you don’t expect.

Set yourself up for success

Regardless of what you find, these Experian and Credit Karma offers will pay you £15.50. 

There is no purchase required on either of these offers. It takes 5 days for the reward to appear as “pending” in your Swagbucks account. And it can take up to 7-8 days for the funds to be credited.