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How to Get Free Stuff on Amazon

By September 29, 2022April 2nd, 2024No Comments

Getting free stuff online is relatively easy unless you want it consistently from a specific website. Most people love to get free stuff, and many Amazon members would love to know how to get free stuff on Amazon. Learning how to get free stuff on Amazon is easy if you follow the correct protocol. And once you know how to get free stuff on Amazon and actually start getting the free stuff, you’ll be able to save money consistently and brag to all your friends about what a deal finder you are.

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Does Amazon send free stuff?

Amazon freebies exist, and it’s not hard to get free stuff or free products. Prime members are incredibly fortunate to be hooked up with Amazon freebies. But Amazon sellers and just about anyone with an Amazon account can get free samples, free items, and free stuff with a little effort. However, there are ongoing scams to watch for and avoid. For example, a current scam sends Amazon members deliveries they didn’t request.

Some Amazon sellers then create fake reviews for their own products. You’re not hitting the jackpot here if you get these free items which usually include simple things like a velvet jewelry pouch, iPhone cleaning kit, or laptop vacuum cleaner. So don’t jump for joy. Chances are, if you’re receiving free stuff from Amazon sellers you didn’t previously connect to, they have some of your personal information. This can include:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your phone number
  • Possibly your payment information

This type of scam is known as a “brushing scam,” and the BBB suggests contacting Amazon directly if it happens to you and possibly the Amazon sellers themselves if they’re well-established or previously reputable. Scams and fake reviews are against Amazon policies, so you could potentially lose your own account or reputation if you don’t report those.

Do Amazon Prime members get free stuff?

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription that charges a monthly or yearly fee. But Prime members can save money and get free stuff regularly. In fact, joining Amazon Prime is one of the most straightforward ways to get free stuff on Amazon. Sign up for an Amazon Prime free trial to see all the benefits you’re eligible for as an Amazon Prime member. Here are some ways Amazon Prime members save money and get free stuff:

1. Amazon Music:

Amazon Music is a great subscription option that costs non-Prime members $4.99 per month for a single device. But it’s part of the Prime package, so it’s free for Prime members. Prime members can enjoy free music with access to over 2 million free songs through their access to Amazon Music. Prime members can also save money on Amazon Music Unlimited, which offers over 50 million songs. They’ll only need to pay $7.99 per month for the unlimited service compared to $9.99 for non-members.

2. Exclusive discounts:

Prime members get early access and further price breaks on specific Lightning Deals. These are called Prime Early Access Deals, and they’re not free, but they are great ways to save money. Prime members can also save 15-20% on certain household and baby products by joining Amazon Family for free. You can also get free samples and free stuff in a welcome bag.

3. Free cloud storage:

Prime members can get unlimited photo storage in the cloud for digital photos with Prime Photos. A feature called Prime Photos Family Vault lets you share your total space with five people, so all six of you can upload your images to the Family Vault section of your free storage.

4. Free e-Reading:

Prime Reading allows Prime members to read books, narratives, and magazines and listen to free audiobooks or other media as part of their Prime membership. Moreover, Prime members can do this on any device at any time. A Kindle or other e-reader device is not necessary. Prime Reading also hooks members up with free Kindle books or audiobooks for their e-readers. You don’t necessarily have to be a Prime member to score free Kindle books, but Prime members have more to choose from.

5. Free movies and TV shows:

Prime members can get access to loads of free movies and TV shows. Log into your account to access the free movies and choose from various recent and retro entertainment. Prime members can even download their free movies to enjoy later.

6. Free video gaming and games:

Prime members can also get free stuff through Prime Gaming which is, of course, free for Prime members. Get access to free stuff monthly, including games, badges, emojis, and even free access to your favorite Twitch channel.

7. Collect Amazon Cash:

Amazon Cash is an available service for any Amazon member. However, Prime members can likely get far more out of Amazon Cash due to free shipping, extra deals, free samples, and other free stuff offered specifically to Prime members. Amazon Cash is a service that allows members to show a bar code when shopping at specific offline retailers and add between $15 and $5,000 per transaction directly to their Amazon account. Once applied to Amazon, it stays there until you choose to use it towards purchases.

Amazon Cash acts similarly to Amazon gift cards, but there’s no limit to the amount you can have in your account. There are also no fees, so it’s almost like free or forgotten cash. Use it for special promos or to build a relationship with specific sellers to become sponsored or a product tester to get free products or free samples hand-over-fist. Unlike gift cards, Amazon Cash can also be withdrawn as needed and reapplied to your debit card.

How do I become a product tester for Amazon?

Amazon itself doesn’t just give free products to members hoping to become product testers because that’s not an actual job Amazon provides. However, there are still some easy and effective solutions for getting free stuff on Amazon and getting free products as a product tester for Amazon items.

1. Ask for it.

Amazon as a whole has almost 2 million global sellers on the platform, and Amazon Business has 150,000 Amazon sellers. Most of these individuals and businesses are looking to expand through honest means. One of the best ways to get free stuff on Amazon is to contact the sellers and companies you especially enjoy and shoot your shot.

You’ll want to introduce yourself, explain your reason for contacting them, and offer to act as a product tester for their merchandise. Businesses, especially, are financially motivated, so they don’t give free stuff to just anyone. But if your interest can serve their needs, you might get some cool free stuff, free products, or free samples just by asking Amazon sellers.

2. Give helpful reviews.

Many Amazon sellers are happy to work with loyal customers who give helpful reviews across the platform. Your reviews don’t always need to be full of rainbows and unicorns to get free products from sellers. Be honest, lean towards the positive side for most items, and be comprehensive. That means weighing the good with the bad when the latter exists. Give enough helpful reviews, and sellers will start contacting you to see if you’re open to getting free stuff, free products, free samples, or saving money on items in exchange for comprehensive reviews.

3. Become an Amazon affiliate.

Becoming an Amazon affiliate is free, and the benefits can be impressive. Amazon affiliates earn up to 10% of customer commissions for purchases and program fees. Becoming an Amazon affiliate is one of the easiest ways to get free stuff on Amazon. Amazon sellers often reward affiliates with free products, free kindle books, and Amazon freebies for their hard work.

4. Join the Amazon Vine program.

Amazon Vine is an invitation-only program on Amazon, and it’s one of the easiest and most legitimate options for how to get free stuff on Amazon. Members who consistently give helpful reviews are invited to join Amazon Vine based on their reviewer rank, so it’s essential to be consistent and comprehensive. Once you accept the Amazon Vine invitation, Amazon will start sending you free products from participating vendors.

Does Swagbucks pay you for trying free products?

Swagbucks pays members for various activities, including completing surveys, shopping, playing video games, testing new services, and trying free products. Sometimes, members are expected to buy something before getting the freebies. But in other cases, the free products are entirely free.

How do you get companies to give you free products?

There are many ways to get free products, especially online. But some of the easiest options include:

1. Ask for a free product or free stuff.

Companies are often open to sending free samples and free products to potential customers or influencers who ask for them. Be sure to write a friendly letter or email and request politely.

2. Join free trials.

Many stores, websites, and services offer free trials ranging from a week to three months. So grab free stuff and cancel before the trial ends to enjoy the freebies.

3. Sign up for newsletters.

 Sign up for newsletters to get access to special deals and free products. You’ll likely get some spam along the way, but that can be controlled. You can also opt-out once you’ve got the free stuff you want.

4. Join Amazon Vine.

Build your reputation as a helpful reviewer on Amazon to get an Amazon Vine invitation. Once you’re a Vine member, Amazon will send you free samples and free products to test, enjoy, and review.

5. Participate in task sites.

Task sites like MyPoints, InboxDollars, and Swagbucks can pay members for various activities, including trying products and services. So sign up for free and grab the special paid offers when available.

In Conclusion

It’s not hard to learn how to get free stuff on Amazon. You just need to be consistent and patient and put in some effort to make it a consistent gig. So, apply the above suggestions and focus on providing helpful reviews to get an invitation to Amazon Vine. The rest should be gravy for serious freebie lovers.

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