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Easy Jobs

By September 29, 2022May 18th, 2023No Comments

Everyone likes to think that an easy job is easy to find. That all depends on the definition of an easy job. For some job seekers, it may mean a low-stress, office job that is free from manual labor. For others, it means high pay and satisfying work. Others may think the easiest jobs are the ones that have deep personal meaning.

In a high-demand field, you may have to fight for any job, let alone the high-paying jobs. In other fields, you may be able to stroll into an interview and be hired on the spot. There are a lot of factors that make employment such a wild ride for both prospective candidates and employers.

What is the easiest job to get?

There are some jobs that are just constantly needing new employees whether it is because of company growth, employee turnover, or a change in the economy. From jobs that require nothing more than some hard work and on-the-job training to jobs that require far more complex skills, these are some of the jobs that offer a chance to get started in the business world, some with very few requirements beyond a high school diploma or GED.

Administrative Support

An administrative support specialist can work in an office or from home, depending on the needs of the person/people that they are supporting. In some office settings, this employee will assist and support one person.

Job Duties:

  • Varies by need but can include setting appointments, travel arrangements, confirming or changing reservations, and related tasks.
  • Sending and answering emails, and phone calls, reaching out to clients and other employees.
  • All other agreed-upon tasks.

Job Requirements

Formal education in office skills may be required by some employers. A clean criminal record may be required in some settings. Organizational skills, multitasking, and good interpersonal relationship skills are definitely a must.

Salary Expectations

The current national average for Administrative Assistances is somewhere between $30,000 and $50,000 depending on the level of education, experience, and location.


Landscaping is typically a field that is welcoming to people with a high school diploma as you will get on-the-job training as you go. For jobs that involve golf courses, you may need more extensive experience and training.

Job Duties

Your day-to-day tasks may depend on the customers you are working with. Your focus may be on mowing lawns, weeding, and keeping yards looking tidy in a residential area. You may be planting trees in a new construction parking lot. It is a lot of time outdoors in varied conditions, but you will gain a lot of knowledge and skill.

Job Requirements

May depend on the landscaping companies in your area. It may also depend on the position that you are being hired for. You will be required to show that you are physically capable of handling the job.

Salary Expectations

On average, landscapers may make from $16 to $40 an hour.


If you like to work hard and have the ability to be a part of a team, you may do well in construction. Many construction workers start as a gopher, lugging tools and materials from one place to another while learning the basics of general construction.

Job Duties

Varies by the job, the position, and experience level.

Job Requirements

May depend on the company. Some require a diploma while others may not. A clean driving record may be needed. Additional certifications and endorsements like a CDL or forklift operator’s license may be needed. Training may be paid for by the company for the right candidate.

Salary Expectations

Average pay varies across the country from $30,000 to $50,000.


Get exercise, spend time with different dogs and help out dog owners for a living. It’s a dog lover’s dream come true.

Job Duties

  • Walk dogs for the scheduled time.
  • Provide water as needed.
  • Clean up after dogs as required by law.

Job Requirements

  • May need to take an animal first aid course.
  • Certificates and other training may vary by agency.
  • Setting up your own business as an individual contractor may require business skills such as organizational skills, some financial knowledge, and others.
  • Your state may require you to have a license, carry special insurance, and have certifications.

Salary Expectations

Rates may vary by several factors including whether you are working with an agency or on your own and whether it is a single walk/pet or a package price.


A childcare worker typically works in a childcare center with a number of children. This is opposed to a babysitter (that comes to the home) or a nanny that may live in.

Job Duties

A childcare worker organizes and leads activities like art, self-guided play, and outdoor recreation, and may introduce some educational elements as well.

Job Requirements

  • May need to have a degree in early childhood development or another relevant, related field.
  • May need additional licenses from the state.
  • Infant and child CPR and First Aid training may be required and are generally provided by the center for all on-site positions.

Salary Expectations

Pay can differ by location and by setting but will fall between $32,000 and $41,000 on average.

Housekeeper / Home Cleaner

A full-time housekeeper may only work for one or 2 people while a home cleaner may only be in one place for an hour at a time.

Job Duties

  • Cleaning in each contracted area. May mean dusting, mopping, vacuuming, or more intensive cleaning such as washing down walls.
  • Housekeepers may also be expected to handle cooking, grocery shopping, and laundry.

Job Requirements

Many states may require criminal background checks and drug testing for all in-home employees. Most companies will require this even in states that do not. A high school diploma or GED may be all that is required for these positions.

Salary Expectations

Housekeepers may make slightly less per hour because of other perks such as room and board. The average, base pay is $17 an hour although there are house cleaners that make far less or far more per hour.

What is the easiest job that pays well?

Some very good-paying jobs also happen to be easier jobs in one way or another. Some of the jobs on this list are easy to do but may be hard to come by. Some are easy to get but are a lot of hard, high-stress work with many demands.

Golf Ball Diver

The title says it all: you dive for golf balls. The balls are then cleaned and resold. It can be a dangerous job and is not for everyone. Most divers contract with the golf course to dive in the ponds to recover the balls.

Divers must be at least 18, must be certified for commercial scuba diving, just have an additional dive and rescue certification, and should be able to move at least 60 pounds. Compensation may depend on the area and the golf course itself. The industry is growing wildly and the right talent could earn you a very good living.


Bartenders work in everything from the local dive bar to high-end clubs. Additional jobs can be found on cruise ships, private parties, and other situations. Pay can range from minimum wage plus tips to much higher.

For example, a bartender on a cruise ship may make $44,000 a year or roughly $21 per hour.

Restaurant Server (Waiter / Waitress)

Servers may make minimum wage or higher in some parts of the country. Some make below minimum wage because their tips count as part of their salary. It tends to be an easy job to get but the hiring process can be demeaning, and the job is thankless and grueling.


A nanny may need many of the skills listed above under child care. The pay may be similar unless you are working for a wealthy family. Potential employers will literally have bidding wars over the right person so getting your rave reviews is important.

Cruise Ship Entertainer

A cruise ship provides various types of entertainment to the guests. The entertainers may be hired to work in one set location on a ship or may work in several spots in different roles. Salary can be vastly different based on the entertainment provided and the cruise line itself.

What are easy fun jobs that pay well?

When you can finally manage to get a job that pays well but is also fun to do plus easy, you have a job that you will enjoy having.

Social Media Manager

A social media manager can earn a certificate in as little as six weeks or can learn on the go depending on the company that is hiring them. You will be working as part of the marketing team for larger companies or you will be the whole team for smaller brands.

Your main focus will be getting more followers and interaction for the brand through all social media channels. An expected salary can be around $50-55,000 per year.

Personal Shopper

Do you have an eye for fashion? Can you look at another person and get an idea of what they need? Can you read a list and find everything on it? You may excel as a personal shopper. For this position, you may only need great shopping skills and better people skills. Do well with one client and you can write your ticket for every other gig.

Location is key with this type of career. The average salary is in the high $50s but the average annual salary for a personal shopper in San Francisco, CA is over $90,000.

Social Media Influencer

Right now, dozens of videos and Instagram posts are being viewed, shared, and discussed by millions of people. The people who have amassed the largest share of those people’s attention are called social media influencers. They drive people to discuss their content, buy the products they recommend, and inspire others to try to do the same things.

Followers are the key here as the more followers that you have, the more money you can make. Social media influencers can also get thousands of dollars in products to try out and discuss with their viewers.

Master Lego Builder

It starts with a love of Legos and from there, the willingness to learn the basics of building, design, and related skills. For some Master Lego Builders, it is mostly on-the-job training as they go from apprentice to master.

The salary is kind of low at around $20 an hour but you are getting paid to play with Legos all day.

What are some easy online jobs?

There are some jobs that you can do entirely online which eliminates the need for driving, childcare, and expensive wardrobes. Most online jobs can be worked around your own schedule so if you are not feeling well or just not feeling like working one day, you just do not work. It does not get much more low stress than that.

Most will require nothing more than an internet connection and reliable device while others may have additional skills and tools that help perform the job correctly.

Paid Online Surveys

You do not need any special skills or training to take part in online surveys. You only need a free account with Swagbucks and some free time. The amount you can earn varies by how much time you spend and the types of surveys you are accepted to complete.


Vloggers post videos about their lives including weight loss journeys or personal diaries. Earnings are based on followers. Bigger accounts earn more money.


A blogger writes about a topic and earns followers. The more followers that you have, the more money you can make. Catchy content is the key to getting more followers.

Teaching English Online

It may come as a surprise but you do not have to have a teaching degree to work as an English teacher or tutor. Teachers with their credentials or people with a Master’s degree in English will make higher hourly wages. Salaries can vary from just $10 an hour to over $40 an hour.

Freelance Writing

Content writing, essays, magazine articles, and even books can all fall to the freelancer. Most work is written and paid for to be used as the contractor wishes. The freelance writer remains anonymous. Pay can be by the piece or by the word.


If you love your job, you will find it easy. If you love the money, you will find a way to make it easy. There are trade-offs for every job even the easiest ones. Find one that gives you satisfaction, a decent work/life balance, and pays you fairly, so that your life can be relatively happy and stress-free. There are a lot of companies like OpenComp, GlassDoor and that offer tools that let you see salary ranges for various jobs.

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