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How to Get Rich: Top #10 Ways Anyone Can Try

By September 26, 2022April 2nd, 2024No Comments

Most of us, at some point or another, have dreams of getting rich and yet have no clue how to get rich. Current spending needs, debt, lofty or fluctuating long-term goals, a weak money mindset, tight or non-existent monthly budget, and an inability to even start a savings account can leave anyone believing there’s no chance they’ll ever see financial freedom.

Fortunately, there are some realistic and proven strategies that can help you get rich. But be prepared… it’s not easy, and it won’t happen overnight. Follow these steps to learn how to get rich and increase how much money you can add to your bank account.

How Do Beginners Get Rich?

There are several steps to getting rich, and there’s no shame in starting from the beginning.

  • Inherit money:
    You’re already ahead of the game if you’re fortunate enough to be part of a wealthy family. In that case, wait for the inheritance and then invest wisely, start a business venture, or dive into real estate to grow your wealth and expand your net worth.
  • Gamble:
    This option is a big no for most people. But if you’re among the few who find success at betting and end up with more money than you expend, give it a whirl. Just be sure never to spend more money than you’re willing or able to lose.
  • Start your own business and sell it:
    There’s no real way to get rich unless you’re willing to invest in something. Starting a business is a great way to make money, but you’ll need to invest time, effort, and probably some financial resources to grow it. Fortunately, once it takes off, you can sell it and repeat the process as you enjoy financial success. Or you can keep creating businesses without selling them off to enjoy getting wealthy from passive income and multiple income streams.
  • Get stock in a new start-up:
    Apple, Facebook, and Google were all new start-ups at one point. Workers in start-ups are often given company stock as part of the benefits package and have opportunities for investing in more stock before it’s offered to the public. So consider jumping into a promising new start-up, or create your own, and start investing in its stock as early as possible.
  • Exploit your own skills:
    Showcase and exploit your own skills, whether you’re a writer, singer, athlete, or can play Born to Be Wild on the ukulele. Then, spread the word on social media and include video evidence to improve the chances of going viral. From there, you can own your worth and name your price towards the goal of financial independence.
  • Buy real estate:
    Investing in real estate is one of the most intelligent solutions to increase your net worth, improve your long-term goals, achieve passive income, and get rich over time. Start small if needed. You don’t have to invest in a penthouse condo or multi-million-dollar resort right off the bat to reach financial freedom. Even a modest fixer-upper can have you on your way to getting out of debt, building wealth, and getting rich.

How Can I Get Rich with No Money?

  • Get out of debt:
    Completely paying off your debt may not be feasible, but you can and should still stop using your credit cards for basic and unnecessary spending. If you’re serious about getting rich, you must focus on long-term goals. And cutting interest payments is an easy way to lower and get out of debt.
  • Increase your income:
    A simple 9 to 5 job at minimum wage will never be enough to reach your long-term goals of getting rich or achieving financial freedom. So keep the job, by all means. But add multiple income streams. Start a business, become an influencer through social media, start an Instagram shop, try some freelancing, and do whatever you have to (legally) to make more money.
  • Stay broke:
    If you want to know how to get rich, stay broke. That sounds like an oxymoron combined with the above point, but it really goes hand-in-hand. Once you’re making more money, don’t make any big purchases or show off with a new designer watch, high-tech gadget, or frivolous splurge. There will be plenty of time for that after you reach financial independence. Instead of blowing any extra money after expenses, pay yourself. Put some money in a savings account that you won’t touch. Your goal here is saving money to invest, not simply saving money for a rainy day.
  • Follow the wealth:
    One key element of getting rich is to change your money mindset. To become a rich person, you need to go where the wealthy are. So hang out at their hangouts, and follow their lead. That doesn’t mean pull a Mr. Ripley and pretend you’re one of them. But contact some people who already have the type of financial success you want and see if you can pick their brains and see if you can offer them some of your skills while learning from their success.

How Can a Woman Become Rich?

Anyone can focus on getting rich. But when it comes to learning how to get rich as a female, the wealthiest women have specific habits they apply to their lives. These include:

  • Change your spending habits:
    One of the biggest tricks for learning to get rich is spending less than you make. The problem with that is that many people are living paycheck to paycheck while trying to keep up with the latest tech gadgets and fashions. In other words, they’re spending more than they make. If you’re always in debt, there’s no way to have extra money, let alone become an affluent person.
  •  Always pay yourself first:
    The government gives tax breaks when you use your income to fund retirement accounts and certain IRAs. So before paying any bills, including taxes, set a little money aside to pay yourself. This is specifically to invest in your future, not to buy those cute shoes on sale.
  • Automate finances:
    After you’ve decided to pay yourself first, set up automatic payments with your boss or financial institution so that money comes right out of your paycheck. The theory is that you won’t miss it as badly and won’t be tempted to spend it if you don’t see it.
  • Focus on saving money and investing:
    Investing is essential if you’re serious about saving money, building wealth, and financial independence. Compound interest is extra money you earn on your current earnings. The more money you invest, the more money you’ll earn over time. Start slowly to not completely to derail your monthly budget, but invest consistently.
  • Curb your shopping habits:
    You can’t get rich if you spend all your money on unnecessary items. The interest alone on credit cards can drastically eat into your passive income and ruin and chances of success. Don’t cut the cards if they’re helping your credit rating. But store them away–out of sight, out of mind. Break the shopping habit to lower your interest payments and increase your success.
  • Ask for help:
    Significant changes are often too much to handle on our own. Seek the advice of financial experts for investing help and the support needed to change your money mindset.

How Do You Go from Poor to Rich?

Going from poor to rich is all about the money mindset, and some people insist the only way to truly get rich is to first be poor. After all, from there, the only way is up.

  • Commit mentally:
    You can’t have any type of success, let alone financial success, unless you commit to it. So, adjust your money mindset.
  • Know the numbers:
    Crunch some numbers and figure out what it will take to reach your personal goal, so you know exactly how to get rich. First, of course, you’ll need to provide some product or service to earn that money. Simplified example: If your goal is $1 million, you’ll have to sell a $17 subscription to 5,000 customers for a year or a $200 product to 5,000 customers.
  • Increase your income but stay broke:
    Self-made millionaires tend to have at least three forms of income. That can be the primary income and two forms of passive income or any combination. Experiment and find the best ways to earn extra income to fit your schedule, abilities, and lifestyle. There are loads of ways to earn extra money nowadays, and even a few extra bucks can multiply quickly. But don’t get too excited. As soon as you’re making extra money, move some to an untouchable account for smart and future investing.
  • Follow the money:
    You’ll see this repeated continually in “get rich” tips and articles. Make a list of people and business leaders who have the kind of money you want to make. Then connect with them. Meet them and ask what you have that can benefit them and might be traded for insight, answers, and, of course, money. The more you are around the type of success you want for yourself, the more likely you will become a rich person.

What Jobs Can Make You Rich?

Certain professions outshine others in their earning capabilities. While many require ongoing education, not all do. Here are some of the highest-paying jobs that can make you rich.

  • Anesthesiologist/Doctor:
    The average income of an anesthesiologist is $323,740 annually. A doctor averages $201,862 per year.
  • Orthodontist/Dentist:
    Orthodontists average $231,288 per year, compared to dentists at $159,200. 
  • Real estate agent:
    Real estate agents average $87,845. Of course, in the current bloated housing market, the sky’s the limit.
  • Engineer:
    Engineers typically earn $85,962 annually. However, depending on the field, an engineer can earn well over $100,000 per year.
  • Professional athlete:
    Aside from billionaires like LeBron James with multiple income streams, the average professional athlete earns an annual base salary of $81,107.
  • Insurance agent:
    Licensed insurance agents earn an average of just under 80K per year at $79, 938.
  • CPA:
    Certified public accountants earn an average of $72,621 per year. However, if they work in large companies as a controller or CFO, or if they run their own accounting business, they can earn a lot more.
  • Lawyer:
    Lawyers need several degrees, and they need to pass the state bar exam to practice in their field. But licensed attorneys average $70,136 per year, so the effort can be worth it.
  • Entrepreneur:
    According to Indeed, the average entrepreneur earns $68,904 per year. However, businesses that make the right money moves and investments can earn entrepreneurs millions.
  • Investment banker:
    Investment banker base salaries average $62,222 annually. However, with profit sharing, bonuses, commissions, and strong markets, they can earn well over $100,000.

How Can I Become a Millionaire in a Year?

Unless you win the lottery, hit a hot investment streak, or suddenly become the heir of a wealthy deceased family member, you’re probably not going to become rich overnight. Most people take years to increase their financial fortunes. But there are ways to speed up the process.

  • Make a serious wealth-building plan:
    Make a detailed plan with numbers and dates to ensure you reach your goals. Include incidentals like education, insurance, investments, retirement, and taxes. The more complex the plan, the more likely you’ll be to stick to it.
  • Grab employee benefits and retirement contributions:
    Don’t ignore the monetary benefits and retirement contributions your workplace provides. For example, many companies match $.50 for every $1 you invest into your retirement plan. While there’s often a cap, it can still add $200 per month to your pension or IRA.
  • Get a raise:
    Do some research on the average earning potential for your specific job, and then ask your boss for a raise. Don’t approach them until you know the facts, however. The worst they can do is say “no.” If you’re serious and do your homework, they’ll respect your integrity and be more likely to hear you out.
  • Save more of your paycheck:
    Saving a few bucks per check won’t be enough if you want to get rich quickly. So pump up the savings to at least 20 percent.
  • Eliminate debt and stop spending:
    Put those credit cards on ice and stop the spending sprees.
  • Improve your skillset:
    Go back to school, take some night courses, or invest in your profession with specific educational tools to help improve your skillset. That will open more doors to make more money at work or in a higher-paid position.
  • Create passive income and multiple income streams:
    Create a home-based business, start a side hustle, or pick up a part-time job to create multiple income streams and make more money.
  • Walk the walk:
    If you want to be a millionaire, you need to associate with millionaires. Stop just talking and start walking. You’ll learn more and gain invaluable support by stepping up and showing you’re ready to play.

How Can I Become Super Rich?

The only difference between getting rich and super-rich is your perception. And if you want to become super-rich, you’ll need to make some bold moves and life changes.

  • Cut your expenses:
    You’ll never get ahead, let alone rich, if you keep spending more than you earn. Cut back on the expenses to get ahead and ready to become super-rich.
  • Exploit your skills as an expert in your field:
    Focus on what you’re really good at and train or practice until that skill shines. Once you’re at the top of your game, claim your worth as an expert in your field.
  • Earn $100,000 and then invest:
    Instead of focusing on a billionaire you want to emulate or lofty dreams you have no chance of reaching anytime soon, focus on a large but reachable monetary amount. This could be $100,000 or even $50,000. It may take some time to get there, but put those $5s and $10s in the bank whenever possible to see that number expand. Once you hit that chosen number, keep it there, keep saving money, and invest the rest.
  • Build your stock portfolio:
    Choose good long-term investments and reinvest wisely to grow a steady stream of wealth over time. Pay attention to market crashes for buying opportunities.
  • Dive into real estate:
    Buying and selling property has always been a solid way to build and accumulate wealth. Even in a bloated market, developing and selling property can result in getting rich quickly. Start off small if needed, but start!
  • Rotate your businesses:
    One trick of the super-rich is that they start a business, build it up, sell it, and repeat the process. This business rotation can put a lot of money in the bank quickly.

What Are the Most Common Ways to Get Rich?

There should be no misunderstandings about the process of how to get rich at this point. The most common ways are repeated in this guide because they work. So to reiterate:

  1. Inherit money.
  2. Gamble. Only bet as much money as you can afford to lose.
  3. Start your own business and then sell it. Rinse and repeat.
  4. Promote yourself as an expert in your field.
  5. Join a start-up and grab stock as soon as it’s available.
  6. Invest wisely and often. Develop a broad portfolio.
  7. Improve your education and skills, ask for a raise, or switch to a better job.
  8. Get used to saving money.
  9. Buy and sell real estate. Start small if needed and flip properties to increase your net worth and wealth.
  10. Get involved online with side hustles and become a social media influencer. That’s unpredictable, however, and takes a lot of time, patience, and effort.

Final Thoughts on How to Get Rich

Dreams of getting rich are common, but few people are ever really willing to do the work needed to reach that point. There are, of course, several shortcuts, including inheritance, gambling, and winning the lottery. But those options for how to get rich are somewhat volatile and unlikely for most. Moreover, quick wealth like that can backfire on people who are not able or ready to handle the responsibilities. Therefore, it’s always best to plan, prepare, and work for your future wealth. Of course, getting rich isn’t easy, and it probably won’t be a quick process. But it’s definitely doable if you follow the above tips and tricks.

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