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Side Hustle Meaning: Way for Everyday People to Hustle Money Like a Boss

By September 23, 2022No Comments

We’re seeing this term a lot more on the news and social media, “side hustle”. But what is a side hustle anyway? Can I have a side hustle even though I already work a full-time job? What exactly does a side hustle entail? Keep reading to find the answer to all those questions and more.

What Is A Side Hustle?

A side hustle is an alternative source of income used to supplement one’s full-time job, also known as a supplemental income. Side hustles come in all shapes and sizes and can practically be any money-making activity. 

It’s called a side hustle because it is done on the side of your day job and can be seen as a “get rich quick scheme”, so it is referred to as a hustle. But it just refers to extra income earned on the side. 

Other terms for side hustle include side gig, side job, passive income, etc. All of these words contain much the same meaning, they just have different connotations. “Hustle” can have a negative connotation depending on who you are talking to, so using one of the other words is acceptable.

What Are The Different Types Of Income?

There are two main types of income, active income, and passive income. Active income is the money you earn from your main job. This generally requires traveling to an office or workplace, working for 6-8 hours multiple days a week. Then getting paid on a schedule. This can include a full-time job or a part-time job. 

Passive income comes from a source other than an employer and takes minimal to no effort to earn. Side hustles fall into this category. Passive income streams, or side hustles, are generally used to supplement an active income stream from your day job. But with the ever-increasing popularity of the gig economy earning a steady income from side hustles is becoming more and more possible. 

Based on the side hustle meaning, I would say a side hustle is a job. You are putting work in, albeit less than at your day job, to earn money. A side hustle might be more enjoyable than a regular part-time job because you can set your own hours and work from home, but it is still a job.

Top 5 Side Hustle Ideas

Like we said, side hustles come in all shapes and sizes. There are a ton of different ways you can earn extra money. You can even start your side hustle if you’re up for it. Here are our top 5 side hustle ideas to help you earn extra cash. 

1. Dog Walking

Do you love pets and want to spend some time outside when you get home from your day job? Then becoming a dog walker is the perfect side hustle for you! This energetic activity is perfect for people who have open nights and weekends to earn some money.

You can postings in local Facebook groups advertising your services or you can check out and create a profile to start getting clients today!

2. Freelance Writing

If you enjoy writing and have good computer skills you can earn money online as a freelance writer. You can use any job search site like Indeed to find online writing gigs. Or in just one google search you can find tons of different sites with freelance writing opportunities. 

FreelanceWriting is a website dedicated specifically to matching writers with clients. With this site, you can start earning extra money in no time. All you need is Wi-Fi, a laptop, and a good work ethic. 

3. Music Lessons

This side hustle idea is aimed at people who can play at least one instrument or can teach voice lessons. This is a great side hustle if you live near a school with a music program. You can help kids in the band, orchestra, or choir. 

Depending on your skill level you can set a pretty decent rate. This is also a great idea for college music majors who are home for the summer and looking to make some money before heading back to school. You can advertise your service locally or by posting online. 

4. Investing

So far we’ve gone over more traditional jobs for side hustles, investing is probably the most lucrative side hustle we will mention. You can boost your bank account when you invest, depending on your skill level. Sites like Robinhood and SoFi Invest make it easy for investors of all skill sets to make some money.

There are even generous sign-up bonuses to

This might not be the right side hustle for all types of people. But if you have decent financial knowledge and are familiar with how the market works you can earn a great profit from investing. 

5. Driving 

Being a delivery driver or transportation driver in your spare time is a great side hustle. This is generally freelance through apps like DoorDash and Uber. Users will earn base pay and tips on top of that. All for delivering food and driving people all on your own time.

You set your hours worked and how frequently you want to work. This is work that can be done in your free time or you can even turn this side hustle into a full-time job. 

Easy Side Hustle Ideas

While working a full or part-time job is probably the most straightforward way to obtain money, it isn’t always the quickest or easiest. You can however find legitimate jobs that will pay you for working from home, and online I might add. What do we call these magical opportunities? Side hustles. And where can you find them? Don’t worry, we’ll share some of our favorites. 

The easiest side hustle I have ever tried is online survey sites. These sites will pay you for taking short surveys about topics curated to your interests. You would be earning money for sharing your thoughts and opinions. Not only do these sites pay you for taking surveys, but you can also make money playing games, watching videos, and shopping online. Our favorite survey sites are Swagbucks and InboxDollars

Another way to earn additional income is by selling things online. This is the perfect side hustle for those with really limited time. All you need to do is go through your closet every so often and declutter your house once in a while and you can sell any unwanted or unused items. You can do this online or by taking your items to a thrift store like Plato’s Closet, Clothes Mentor, or Once Upon A Child. 

Most Profitable Side Hustle Gigs

Any side hustle will earn you some money. But if you’re like me and don’t have the most time and energy to be putting into your side gig, you’re going to want to stick with side hustles that will be the most profitable. 

The side hustles that will be the most profitable will be the ones that involve you performing a service for someone. Think of things like dashing for DoorDash, driving for Uber, or walking dogs. These activities tend to be the most profitable because not only will you get paid hourly, but your customers will tip you. 

Final Thoughts On Side Hustles

Side hustles are awesome! They allow you more financial freedom and the space to reach your goals. It can be hard to find creative ways to make more money when you’re already working a full-time job, these side hustles allow you to use what limited time you have to make money quickly. 

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