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Side Hustle Apps

By September 23, 2022No Comments

Side hustles are a great way to supplement your income and help you pay those extra bills. With the price of gas and groceries on the rise, this summer more and more people are looking for ways to cut costs and earn extra money.

There is some good news, however, not only can you earn some extra money from side hustles, you can complete these side hustles from your phone! There are tons of different side hustle apps to choose from to start earning money. We will go over all the different ins and outs of side hustle apps below!

What is a Side Hustle App?

We have mentioned the term side hustle, which refers to a side job that allows a person to bring in an additional income. A side hustle app is an app on your mobile device that lets you perform said side hustle, hence the term, side hustle app.

There are quite a few different side hustle apps. Which one is right for you depends on what type of side hustle you are looking for. All of them will allow you to make money online for free on your own schedule.

How Can I Boost My Bank Account From My Phone?

The best way to boost your bank account straight from your phone is to use a side hustle app. There are a few different categories of side hustle apps to choose from, so we will break down the basics to help you decide. 

The most straightforward side hustle apps out there are online survey apps. Apps like Swagbucks and InboxDollars pay their users for taking online surveys. Surveys range anywhere from 2 minutes to 2 hours. The longer the survey generally higher the payout.

In addition to rewards for taking surveys, you can also earn money for playing games, watching videos, and even shopping online, depending on the survey app you choose. You can redeem your rewards for gift cards or as PayPal cash. As a college student and someone who works a full-time job, these are my favorite side hustle apps to make a little extra money. 

Other great side hustle apps include financial investment apps like Robinhood and Acorns. Whether you consider yourself an experienced investor or a novice, both of these apps make investing simple. If you play your cards right these could be the highest-paying side hustle apps you try. 

Service apps are probably the best side hustle apps to make cash fast. Apps like DoorDash and Uber allow you to earn money for the hours you worked, as well as receive tips from customers you help. If you enjoy shopping for other people there are other grocery delivery service apps you can check out like InstaCart. This side hustle idea will be easily sustainable in the long run, as long as you have reliable transportation and the desire to earn extra cash.

Top 5 Side Hustle Ideas

The goal of a side hustle is to choose a profitable activity that requires minimal effort with maximum profit. There are tons of different side hustle to choose from. Here are a few different ways to earn money on the side and an estimate of how profitable and sustainable they will be. 

1. Grocery Shopper

If you are someone who enjoys shopping, this side hustle idea might be for you. Now you won’t be shopping for yourself, but you will be earning some extra cash in the process. Apps like DoorDash, Shipt, and InstaCart will pay you to be an in-store shopper for their customers.

A customer will submit an order to the app, and you will pick the order. Or in the case of DoorDash, you could also be going to pick up a customer’s restaurant order. Shoppers are generally paid hourly and offered tips. 

Grocery shopping and food delivery apps are very much in demand. Working these side hustles will definitely turn a profit for you. If this is something you consistently do you are also sure to gain a stable second income. 

2. Survey Apps

This side hustle is great for those looking for a quick way to earn a little extra in their spare time. Survey sites offer numerous money-making opportunities, from taking surveys to playing games. Our favorite online survey websites are InboxDollars and Swagbucks.

This side hustle idea has the potential to be profitable but might not maximize your income. Surveys can be time-consuming and tedious at times. If you are looking for a “get rich quick scheme” surveys are not for you. However, if you are just looking to bring in an extra $100 a month, that is possible.

Consistency is key with online survey sites. Spending about 15 minutes a day completing surveys and other tasks is a good start. 

3. Dog Walking 

You might have read that header and thought to yourself “really, making money walking dogs?”, but creating and operating your dog walking service can be a great side hustle idea!

You don’t need a dog walking app to make this side hustle a reality, you could post in local Facebook groups or even hang fliers to get some local gigs. But if you want a side hustle app for dog walking, don’t worry, we got you. Rover is a pet sitting and dog walking app. 

If you want to maximize your income you could walk multiple dogs simultaneously, helping more than one customer at once. Pet sitting and dog walking sounds fun, but will take some work. This side hustle is for those who love animals and aren’t afraid of running around all day. This hustle can be sustainable, depending on the demand in your area for help with pets.

4. Uber Driver 

Uber hands down have to be one of the best side hustle apps out there. There will always be a demand for transportation. Being able to make money just from driving folks around is great for anyone over the age of 18 with reliable transportation. 

If you live in a big city, or a place where transportation is needed, driving for Uber is a great way to earn some extra cash on the side. This side hustle is 100% sustainable and will earn you more money than some of the other previous side hustle apps we have discussed. 

5. Investing 

Investing can be a great way to earn money online, but it can also be a great way to lose money online. When choosing investment apps as a side hustle, it is important to know what you are doing. Robinhood and are great apps to start with. 

Both of these apps make investing easy for experienced and novice investors. It is possible to make money on the side from investing, it just might not come as quickly as some of the other side hustles. Investing is a volatile profession and might not be that sustainable in the long run. When done right, however, it can be a great side hustle. 

What Are Some Easy Ways to Earn Extra Money?

There are a ton of different side hustle apps out there. You can get paid to do almost anything. Not everyone has access to a mobile device for these apps or wants to use their phone to make money. So here are some of the best side hustle ideas that don’t require a mobile device.

Hosting a garage sale and selling items locally is a great way to earn some extra cash. You can earn a ton of money just from cleaning out your closets and going through items you no longer use or need. 

Working in-demand jobs is another great way to earn some extra money in your spare time. An example of this would be to offer home and office cleaning for neighbors or coworkers. Or, if you have access to a mobile device, post your offered services on social media. 

Dog walking is a great side hustle to do in your free time. Offering to walk dogs for your friends and family or neighbors is a great place to start. You can set your hours and your own rates. Then if you find this is something you want to grow you can make posts on social media or consider using an app. 

Last but certainly not least is renting out a spare room. If you live in a desirable area this is a great way to earn some extra money with minimal effort. You can get paid weekly depending on how long your renters stay. 

What Are Gig Apps?

Gig apps are digital platforms that match workers’ jobs and consumers to services. A gig economy is where temporary flexible jobs are common and companies steer towards independent contractors and freelancers rather than full-time employees. 

This type of employment is popular because you can get paid whenever you complete work and get to work more on your own schedule, rather than be constrained to a full-time job working 9-5 and only getting paid every two weeks. 

Which Gig App Pays The Most?

Some popular gig apps include DoorDash, Uber, Lyft, GrubHub, and more. Any ride-sharing app and food delivery app counts as a gig app. I imagine they all pay pretty similar rates to their employees as they are all competing. 

Which app will pay the most depends on which is most popular in your area. For example the gig app Postmates isn’t popular where I live, but DoorDash is. So someone who wants to work one of those jobs where I live should choose DoorDash

It can also depend on which app you prefer. Which one is easier to navigate and which one brings in better clientele. 

Final Thoughts On Side Hustle Apps

Side hustle apps are a great way to earn some extra money to help pay your bills. You can find the perfect supplemental income stream right from your phone. The more time you put in the more money you will make. 

With the ever-increasing popularity of the gig economy, I sure recommend hopping on to this trend and start earning more money. 

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