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Gift Cards

Raise Gift Cards

By August 25, 2022October 24th, 2022No Comments

Every year people end up with unused gift cards. They may have wanted to use the gift card at one point but realized that they need the extra cash more. Or, the card is from a store they do not shop at so they cannot spend it. Sometimes people just give these gift cards to someone else. Sometimes they are interested in selling the card.

There are a lot of ways to go about buying and selling gift cards. The Raise Marketplace is the one-stop website that lets people buy or sell all kinds of discounted gift cards. On top of getting a discounted gift card, you can save even more with Raise promo codes.

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Is Raise gift cards legit?

Raise has been in business since 2013 and has over 500 retail partners. On Sitejabber it is ranked 4th among gift card marketplace websites. You can buy discounted gift cards with a 1-year guarantee however, reviews for Raise are mixed to say the very least.

The reviews are all very positive or very negative with few in between. Most of the negative reviews seem to be related to customer service rather than the gift cards or the purchasing experience itself.

Does Raise pay instantly for gift cards?

When you sell gift cards on Raise, you have the option of setting your own selling price or going with the preset price. The preset price is based on similar gift card sales. Once the card you have listed sells, you can request payment by going to your account and following the steps.

Your account balance can be transferred to you within 5 days of your request.

How can I give cards as a Raise?

When you buy gift cards on Raise, you are able to send them to anyone you want as a gift. After completing your purchase, you will add your payment details, and any promotion codes or discount codes that you might have and then you can direct the gift card to your recipient. You can include a message as well.

Raise lets you buy digital or physical cards from thousands of popular brands at savings of up to 20% off the face value. You can also use the discounted gift cards, and discount codes, plus earn Raise cash for future purchases for maximum savings.

How do you sell gift cards on Raise?

Once you have created a Raise account, you are ready to start selling gift cards. The general process to sell a card on the Raise website goes like this:

  • Go to the Sell a Gift Card page and enter the store name in the provided space. If the name of the store does not show up, it cannot be sold in the Raise Marketplace.
  • If the name does appear, go on to the next step which is to enter the gift card number and pin number.
  • Next, enter the actual gift card balance. You can check the exact balance by calling the number on the back of the card or by visiting the store’s website directly.
  • A selling price will now appear. You can set your own price for the card you are selling if you prefer.
  • The amount that you will earn on the sale of this card will appear and will be based on the value of the card and your current commission rate.
  • If everything is correct and you approve of the amount you can earn, select “continue listing”
  • At this time the listing will go to Trust and Safety for review. The review process is usually completed in 2-3 days for most brands.

There are some exceptions to this process that you should know about. If you are new to Raise and have never sold a gift card before, you will have to provide a valid credit card to verify your account.

Some brands have a “hold time” that goes beyond the average verification review time of 3 days. These brands can require holds of 5 days or longer. All gift cards that are related to travel brands will have hold times of 45 days.

Fees to Sell Your Gift Card in an Online Marketplace

There are no fees to list your card but there are fees that you will pay when the card is sold. First, there is the commission. Raise will take a 15% commission out of the price of the card. There is an additional fee if you have sold a physical gift card for shipping. That fee will be 1% of the total sale or $2.75 whichever is higher.

You will be able to download and then print the shipping label for physical gift cards from Raise.

How long do Raise gift cards last?

Most gift cards do not have an expiration date. If you buy a gift card of any kind on Raise, you have a guarantee of 1 year in the event that the card was incorrectly listed, does not have the stated balance, or is otherwise not being accepted in the store.

What are some alternatives to Raise?

Raise is not the only place that lets you buy and sell discounted gift cards. You can purchase discounted gift cards at many other places, some with added bonuses such as cashback and other incentives.

Here are just a few places that let you save money when buying gift cards:

Don’t forget that you can also earn free gift cards by joining sites like Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars. Both are free to join and let you earn points while shopping at your favorite stores. Both offer discount codes that let you save money plus cashback offers that put more money back in your wallet. Earn additional points with surveys, fun games, and other easy tasks and then pick the gift card you want, use points to buy it, and you are done.

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