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What is My Starbucks Gift Card Balance

By June 27, 2022July 19th, 2022No Comments

By: Stacy Garrels

Starbucks is a popular choice for giving and receiving gift cards. Learn about how you can make money online to redeem free gift cards from Swagbucks. Check the balance of your Starbucks Gift Card and better utilize your Starbucks Rewards Account with some great tips below. You’ll never leave free cash, or coffee, on the table again.wards Account. 

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What is my Starbucks gift card balance? 

You can check your Starbucks gift card balance at any Starbucks store location, or by going online: 

  1. Visit the Starbucks card balance page on
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Enter the card number and security code. 
  3. Select “check balance.” 

You can also check your Starbucks gift card balance in your Starbucks account or Starbucks Mobile App. 

  1. Sign in your Starbucks account, navigate to “My Cards”, then select the Starbucks card you want to view the balance of.
  2. Or with the Starbucks app for Android or iPhone, select “Cards” and you can view the balances of all cards and Starbucks cards associated with your Starbucks Rewards account.

This last option is available for Starbucks Rewards Loyalty Program members. It’s free to join the Starbucks Rewards program and earn perks and free Starbucks coffee drinks. You can join by getting the free Starbucks app in the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.  

How do I check the star balance of my Starbucks Rewards?

Bonus Stars that Starbucks Rewards members earn are visible within 24 hours of your Starbucks purchase. You can view your Bonus Star balance by logging into your Starbucks account or in the Starbucks Mobile app. Find out more about Starbucks Bonus Stars

How can I earn Free Starbucks Gift Cards?

The best way to get a free Starbucks gift card is to sign up for an online rewards site that gives you free gift cards for the things you already do online.

Sites like reward you for participating in surveys, shopping online, trying new products, and more. You will earn points for every activity you complete, which you can redeem for a Starbucks gift card.

Build your earnings, or SB, for taking surveys, playing games, and cash back shopping. It’s 100 SB to $1.00. It’s easy to cash out rewards (once you reach $1 to $3 minimum in earnings), and request a Starbucks gift card as your preferred redemption option.

You can also choose free PayPal cash, a prepaid Visa credit card, or other popular gift card options.

If you do select a Starbucks gift card, it will be sent to you electronically within a few days. Just follow the prompts or links in the email. The gift card can be easily redeemed in the Starbucks app and added to your Starbucks wallet.

If you don’t have the Starbucks app yet, you can download the free app and get a free coffee drink as a new signup deal.

In addition to earning loyalty points and easier access to the Starbucks website, the app makes for super easy payment and gift card management. Register and add gift cards to your Starbucks app wallet, or other payment methods like a credit card or PayPal. Then, you can easily pay at the cash register, drive-thru window, or directly from your phone if placing a mobile owner.

This makes payment in restaurants super speedy (it takes 1 scan) and contact-free.

How can I load more funds on my Starbucks card?

There are many ways you can reload your Starbucks card: 

  1. Visit a Starbucks store location. An associate can help you at checkout.
  2. Load funds online at
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Reload”. 
  4. Load funds on the Starbucks App for iPhone or Android.  
  5. Set up auto-reload for your Starbucks card if you’re a frequent Starbucks visitor. 

Accepted payment options to reload funds include Visa, Visa Checkout, Chase Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. 

Where can I buy a Starbucks gift card or eGift card?

Starbucks gift cards and eGift cards can be purchased in a number of different locations. With over 16,000 locations in North America, a Starbucks card is a great gifting option for anyone.  

  1. You can purchase a Starbucks eGift card online at Gift any amount from $5 to $100. The recipient will receive the Starbucks card electronically via email. 
  2. You can purchase a physical, plastic Starbucks gift card at a Starbucks store location or many third-party retailers, like at eBayStaplesWalgreens, or CVS. 
  3. Save money and get cash back when you buy coffee gift cards from MyGiftCardsPlus.

What if my Starbucks card is lost or stolen? 

If your Starbucks card is lost or stolen:

  1. Sign in to your Starbucks account.
  2. Select “Cards”.
  3. Select “Report Lost or Stolen.” Your remaining balance will be transferred to a new Starbucks card and mailed to you. The balance will be unavailable until you receive your new plastic card. 

If your lost or stolen Starbucks card was not registered, visit a local Starbucks store location with a copy of the original receipt or proof of purchase. 

Where can I use my Starbucks gift card? 

Starbucks gift cards are accepted at most Starbucks stores in North America, including most airports and grocery locations. (Target is an exception.) Starbucks cards can also be used at most Starbucks stores in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

Does my Starbucks gift card balance expire? 

No, your Starbucks gift card balance does not expire. Neither the physical card nor the balance has an expiration date. Additionally, Starbucks does not charge fees for activation, dormancy, or inactivity on unused cards. 

Starbucks Gift Card Terms and Conditions

Starbucks Gift Card Terms and Conditions are subject to modification at any time. Buying or loading your Starbucks Card, or use of this card constitutes your acceptance of these terms. The dollar value that you pay or load onto your Starbucks Card is a prepayment for goods and services at participating Starbucks Coffee Company stores. Unless required by law, the dollar value of your Starbucks Card is not refundable or redeemable for cash. Starbucks Cards are not intended for use by anyone under 13 years of age. Individuals between the ages of 13 and 18 may only use a Starbucks Card under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian who agrees to be found by these Terms and Conditions. You may not have a balance or value of greater than $500 on any of your Starbucks Cards at any one time, and no more than $2,000 in transactions may be completed through anyone Starbucks Card within a single day. The combined value of all of your Starbucks Cards together may not exceed $10,000 in any single day. Images of, or references to, Starbucks, the circles design, Mastercard International Incorporated, or other designated trademarks are not affiliated. To view full Starbucks Gift Card Terms and Conditions, including common Card FAQs, please see Card Terms and Conditions on

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