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Gift Cards

Scoring a Discounted Gift Card

By June 15, 2022June 22nd, 2022No Comments

Gift cards are as good as cash at merchants where you can redeem them. But did you know the ins and outs of scoring discounted gift cards? Through gift card resale apps, in-store deals, and rewards apps like Swagbucks, you can buy gift cards for 2% to 30% off of face value.

Where can I get discounted gift cards?

If you are interested in buying discount gift cards, your first step should be to check out Gift Card Granny. This website will show you a number of discounted cards including physical gift cards and e-gift cards as well as how and where to buy them.

You can also find great deals on gift cards from your favorite stores, online retailers, and restaurants on a number of websites. Here are just a few of those sites to check out:

  • Card Cash
  • Gift Cash
  • Raise
  • Clip Card
  • Card Sell

The amount you can save will vary from 5-30%.

Does anyone have discounts on gift cards?

Some merchants will offer special deals on gift cards, especially for special events and holidays. For example, you might be able to buy cards at a lower price than their face value if you spend a certain amount of money in the store that day. You might also get an offer of a free bonus gift card with the purchase of one at the regular price.

Additionally, you might find some discounted gift cards at places like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. With eBay, you do have some protection for these types of purchases especially if the card turns out to be used or has less value than it was listed for.

Groupon may also offer some discounted gift cards. You can shop for gift cards on the Groupon website or shop through the Swagbucks link and get cashback plus additional discounts on anything you may find on Groupon.

If you or a loved one is in need of a spa day (and who isn’t these days), you can find a variety of Spa and Wellness gift cards at MyGiftCardPlus. Again, shop through the Swagbucks link, and not only will you be able to find discount gift cards, but you will also be able to earn cashback in the process.

Are Costco gift cards cheaper?

Yes and no. Costco offers a variety of gift cards from travel to restaurants and dining, and more. These do have a discount, sometimes as low as 10% but sometimes higher. It may depend on the card and the value that you are buying at the time. Currently, Costco is offering 2 spa gift cards valued at $50 each for $79.99. To get discount gift cards at stores like Costco or Sam’s Club is that you usually have to be a member to buy them.

Costco also offers its own gift card called the Costco Shop card. These can only be bought at Costco warehouse store locations or on the Costco website. You must be a member to buy the Shop Card but a non-member can use it for purchases.

Can you buy Amazon gift cards at a discount?

Yes, you can. To get discount gift cards from Amazon, you can use any of the card resellers listed above or you can shop for them directly on the Amazon website. Many resellers will use Amazon to sell off unwanted gift cards and you can save money by taking advantage of bonus offers.

Another way to save money on gift cards at Amazon is to buy them in bulk. Companies may do this to give the cards as holiday bonuses or as incentive prizes but you do this for yourself. Since the cards do not have an expiration date, you can buy several when you have the extra money to do so and keep them for when you need a gift but have no clue of what to give.

What gift card has no fees?

For many gift cards, there are two types of possible fees that you might be concerned about. First, there is the purchase/activation fee. Second, there is a fee for the use of the card. Most cards do not have the second fee which makes them so convenient to buy and use. If you want to avoid the purchase or activation fee, there are some things you should look for.

Most of the physical cards you see at different retailers will only have a fee for select gift cards. For most, you will pay the face value that is printed on the card. For those that are not pre-loaded, you may have to pay for the card and then put the amount that you want on it.

Some cards will also have a small activation fee. This information should be printed on the card somewhere visible before purchase. Cards that do not have activation or other associated fees may include the prepaid gift cards from Visa and Mastercard. There are usually several versions of these cards on the gift card display you will see in any store. Read through the cards to see which ones let you get the most for your money.

Who has gift card promotions?

Some brands will offer a gift card as part of a sale. If you spend $50, you get a $25 gift card, for instance. A lot of restaurants have these types of deals because they know if you have a gift card, you will come in for a meal at some point.

Some stores may offer the gift card as a promotion for making a large purchase. For instance, you may get a gift card when you buy a major home appliance at Lowes.

Here are some additional stores that may offer a gift card promotion:

How do you get a discounted gift card from Swagbucks?

You can get discounted gift cards from Swagbucks in just a few easy steps. Your first step is to create your free Swagbucks account. You need to be at least 13 years old and have a valid email. Account set up will take five minutes or less.

Next, you will need to earn points as part of the reward program. Points are called SB and are super simple to earn. Complete daily tasks including answering a single daily poll question and bam! You have SB added to your account. There are several ways to earn more SB:

  • Answer surveys
  • Watch videos or ads
  • Play games
  • Find Swagcodes on various websites
  • Install the Swagbutton and never miss a discount on any website again. (You have to install the Swagbutton to find Swagcodes, by the way.)
  • Shop and use the discounts and coupon codes with Swagbucks
  • Set Swagbucks as your default browser and earn SB with your searches
  • Upload receipts to Magic Receipts
  • Refer friends and family. You get a unique referral code to use and you can share it on social media. When people sign up, you get the SB points but you also get a portion of SB that they collect as well.

After you earn enough SB for a gift card, you can go to the Rewards Store and you will see the available cards, the cards you can afford now, plus the discounted gift cards. Choose the one that has the best deal for the amount of SB that you have, click on it and complete your request.

You can buy gift cards and then pair them with other offers and discounts on future purchases at your favorite store to save the most money. With the right coupon code, you could double your savings and end up paying next to nothing on gifts for a loved one or something special for yourself. With Swagbucks, you may never have to pay full price ever again.

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