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Apps That Pay You for Walking

By May 5, 2022May 11th, 2022No Comments

In the world of fitness apps, there are some that will let you earn money while you are working to lose weight, improve your mental and physical health, or whatever goals you are trying to achieve.

Not only can you get paid to walk using a free app, but you can also use the apps to earn money for charities of your choice. Now you can do good for yourself and for others at the same time.

Is the app that pays you to walk real?

Yes, you can actually make money walking through a wide range of apps. The best apps are:

  • Free of charge.
  • Do not take up a lot of your available space on your device.
  • Easy to use both in terms of setting up your account and in logging your miles.
  • Offer you more than one way to track your miles or steps every day.

Watch Out for Scams

Will most of the apps that pay you to walk are legit every now and then you will find something that seems a little bit off.

A fitness app that promises too much may not be a great app. An app that asks you to pay huge fees, asks for too much information, and promises that you will lose weight without any other changes may be a scam.

Your fitness app scam red flags are:

  • Unrealistic claims.
  • Requiring too much information. No fitness app needs your social security number or other identifying information.
  • Requires payment upfront. The exception here is the apps that pay out cash rewards after you have won a wager. You place a bet against and then work to hit a goal.
  • Zero reviews or zero negative reviews. If every review is a 5-star and they all seem to be worded identically you cannot trust them.

Which walking app pays the most?

You can earn points and earn cash for most fitness apps on your own schedule. Some limit the number of daily points that you can earn which may slow down how quickly you can earn the rewards. To increase the amount of money that you make, you can use 2 apps at the same time. For example, you can walk dogs and yourself and earn money doing both at the same time.

Some of the apps can be used purely for walking while others do count other activities including non-exercise actions like logging your meals, tracking your sleep, and sharing your fitness journey on social media.


  • Formally known as Achievement app.
  • Can be connected to 30 of the most popular fitness tracker apps.
  • Can use your phone’s GPS to track steps and distance.
  • Tracks other types of movement including running, cycling, swimming, and a number of sports.
  • Earn additional points by sharing your food diary, logging your sleep, tracking your weight, and sharing on social media.
  • App also has surveys to take for additional points.
  • A maximum of 80 points can be earned per day.


  • Track your miles to earn points.
  • Connects to health tracking stations in a number of places. Each station can allow you to track blood pressure and heart rate, body fat, weight, and other information to track your progress.
  • Does not pay in cash but you can earn rewards.

Fit Potato

  • Join challenges each week by buying in. The buy-in amount is usually $5.
  • Complete the challenge and win and you get the money. If more than one person wins, the collected amount is split among the winners.

What app pays you for steps?

The two ways to earn money for walking are by winning a cash prize for winning a challenge or reaching an achievement or by tracking your steps. For the latter, you are not competing against anyone but yourself and never have to share your rewards with other winners.

How many points you can earn per step or per mile will vary for each app. Some do set limits to what you can earn per day. A new concept is an app that will pay you in cryptocurrency. You can earn virtual coins while developing healthy habits.

Here are some of the apps that pay you to walk.

  • Charity Miles. You earn money for charities. You choose the charity, you log the miles, and the charity gets the benefit.
  • Lympo. Either walk or join challenges to earn the Lympo cryptocurrency. Exchange these virtual coins for gift cards or available sports merch on the website. You can sync this app to the Apple Watch.
  • Step Bet. You bet real money and then compete to win prize money. Can be used with other fitness apps.
  • MyWalgreens. Formerly known as Walgreens Balance Rewards. Earn points for steps and for making healthy lifestyle choices.
  • BitWalking. One of the few fitness apps that have a set requirement of how many steps you must take per day.
  • WinWalk. You will earn points for every 100 steps that you take.

What walking apps pays you to walk?

If you want to get paid for your fitness efforts but rarely use walking as your only physical activity, you might want an app that will pay points for more than just walking. Before adding an app, make sure that it will track the actual activity that you do, how it is tracked, and if there are any special requirements like syncing to other health apps or trackers.

  • Runtopia. As the name implies, this app is more focused on the world of running with an extensive community of runners that share tips for improving speed and endurance. You can earn their sports coins for walking or running. This app will only track outdoor activities through GPS so no treadmill walking and no shaking your phone to boost your step count.
  • Life Coin. Walk to earn Life Coins or LC. This app does have a weird way of tracking and rewarding points plus a very high minimum payout making it one of the hardest to earn rewards with.
  • Healthy Wage. This is another that is not only about earning money. You can compete in a health challenge that you set for yourself. At the start, you make your bet using real money. If you do not meet your goal, you lose your money. Challenges can be anything from walking more every day to reaching other fitness goals.

What is Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin is another way to earn money walking. Every 2000 steps you take earns you the Sweatcoin cryptocurrency called SC. When you have reached the minimum amount needed, you can exchange SC for rewards or for cash.

Sweatcoin does not track indoor walking/running and does not count other types of physical activity toward your step goals. It also does not sync with other fitness trackers and only relies on your phone’s GPS.

The app can be used with other apps such as a music app but may drain your battery much faster.

How can I turn my Sweatcoins into real money?

To earn Sweatcoins, you start walking. Every 2000 steps you take will earn you SC. To be able to earn Paypal cash, you must earn 20,000 SC. The Sweatcoins website and most reviews state that it will take around 18 months to earn this number of coins.

There are more rewards that you can earn with Sweatcoins in far less time. These include gift coins and sports-related items of all kinds. All rewards are shown on the website if you like to give yourself a tangible goal to work toward while you are out for a walk or run in the neighborhood.

Is Swagbucks like Sweatcoin?

Swagbucks and Sweatcoin do have some similarities.

  • Both allow you to complete simple tasks to earn rewards and earn extra cash.
  • Both do have surveys that can be used to earn more points.
  • Both are free to use and both are highly rated.
  • Both are available for mobile devices using iOS and Android phones.

But, Swagbucks does not pay you for walking and Sweatcoin can not help you save money or give you discounts at thousands of retailers. If you ever shop online for anything, you should be using Swagbucks to help you get the very best possible deal. Use the codes for free shipping, discounts off items, and earn cashback wherever available.

Install the Swagbucks Swagbutton extension and get alerted to cashback offers, find Swagcodes that can be redeemed for additional SB, and have all discounts applied no matter where you are shopping.

Another major difference is that you cannot use Sweatcoin at home. Swagbucks can be used anywhere from your computer to your mobile device. Open the app and take a few surveys, earn some SB and then go on about your day. No running shoes are needed.

Finally, you will find earning rewards with Swagbucks much faster than with Sweatcoin. How quickly you can make that extra money depends on how much time you spend, how many activities you participate in, and other factors.

Both are great apps with very different functions.

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