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Gift Cards

Steam Gift Card

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Steam gift cards are gift cards that allow users to purchase content for their favorite games on both Mac, PC, Xbox, and other game services. Users can redeem a Steam gift card to purchase games, software, hardware, and any other item they wish to purchase.

Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about purchasing and using Steam gift cards.

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Where Can I Buy Steam Gift Cards?

You can purchase a Steam gift card at any major retailer like Best Buy, Target, or Walgreens. Steam gift cards are also available on Amazon. You can even purchase a Steam gift card at Walmart.

You can purchase both a physical Steam gift certificate and a digital one. Both are capable of being redeemed at the Steam store.

Steam gift cards are available at many different price points. A $20 Steam gift card is the least expensive one we could find.

A $20 Steam gift card is priced at $20 and can be redeemed for $20 on platforms that accept Steam gift cards.

Some ads out there might make it seem like you can get a sale price on Steam gift cards, however, Steam gift cards do not have Black Friday Deals. Most gift cards don’t ever go on sale or have deals on them.

What is a Steam Card Used For?

Steam cards are gift cards that can be used to purchase steam games, downloadable content, and content within games. Steam gift cards are the perfect gift for those who love video games.

Steam cards can be used at the game store to purchase content to be used within the games available.

following the terms and conditions of a Steam card, they are non-transferable and non-refundable, meaning once a card is purchased you can’t get your money back. Like most gift cards, you cannot convert a Steam gift card into cash or real money.

Steam cards are just like gift certificates and can be spent on the Steam platform to purchase software and other game content.

What is Steam Wallet?

Steam Wallet is essentially a holding place for all your Steam funds, similar to a bank.

Steam Wallet codes work just like gift cards and can be used and redeemed for credit added to your Steam Wallet. You can then use that credit to buy games and anything else you would like.

You can add funds to your Steam Wallet online, starting at $5 and going up from there.

You can also use a Steam Wallet Code to add funds to your Steam Wallet. Steam Wallet codes function like gift cards.

Can I Purchase Steam Wallet Gift Cards?

Yes, you can purchase Steam Wallet Gift cards. You can purchase a Steam Wallet Gift card anywhere that sells online gaming gift cards.

You can purchase a Steam Wallet gift card at Target, Walmart, or Amazon. Gamestop also sells a variety of Steam Wallet gift cards.

If you’re looking to get extra services within your current games you can purchase a Steam Gift Card and use that to pay for them.

Any store that sells games or gaming accessories should have Steam Wallet gift cards for purchase.

Are Steam Gift Cards Added to my Steam Account?

Yes, once you redeem a Steam gift card the funds are added to your account.

To redeem a Steam gift card to your account, you need to sign in on any browser and enter the code. Once that is done you should have the funds available.

Once the funds are there you can use them to purchase any game or new features available that you would like.

A Steam gift card is the perfect gift for a friend or family member you know who loves video games and is looking for some cool benefits.

How Can I Check the Balance of my Steam Gift Card?

Once you have added your Steam gift card to your account all of your balance information should be available there.

  1. First, sign on to the platform.
  2. Locate your balance in the top right-hand corner, next to your profile name.

When adding a Steam card to your account, you can find the value of the card located on the top right of the card.

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